Famar Mod. AP - Blistering machine

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Blister packs are commonly used as unit-dose packaging for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules or lozenges. Blister packs can provide barrier protection for shelf life requirements, and a degree of tamper resistance, they are created by means of a form-fill-seal process at the pharmaceutical company or designated contract packer. A form-fill-seal process means that the blister pack is created from rolls of flat sheet or film, filled with the pharmaceutical product and closed (sealed) on the same equipment. Machine suitable to automatically pack in blisters, rectangular products such as: vials, flasks etc. All thermoformable materials can be used and for the coating the material can be: aluminum, paper. PVC etc. provided it is coated with heat-sealable lacquer to the forming material.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

Designed and built in perfect harmony with the most demanding needs, provides users with a solution to all problems of packaging, environment and management. All the stations are remarkably easy to access and all the movements are fully visible so that the line is very straightforward to clean. This machine is equipped with various safety devices to protect the operator. The thermoforming material arrives from a reel to the forming station. It then proceeds on the machine receiving the product, which reaches the cavities through appropriate feeding systems and then sealing with the covering film coming from another coil. The AP can also pack confetti, tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules, etc. There is one format available with the machine and it is actually installed, it is aluminium-PVC with dimensions of the single cavity with oblong shape of length mm 16, width mm 7 and depth mm 5. One blister sheet when ready is of mm 85 length x 58 width and the installed reel is wide 140 mm.

Year of construction: 1993

Length mm 2700
Width mm 900
Height mm 1580
Net weight Kg 1500
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage Volt 380
Power installed Kw 4,5
Power absorbed Kw 9
Max reel width 230 mm
Diam max reel thermo-material 400 mm
Diam max reel cover material 200 mm
Max forming depth 35 mm
Strokes per min (format dependent) max 60
Pace 50-180 mm
Recent formats used (dimensions of the single blisters in mm) 135*148; 160*91
10.7*19.2; 58*83

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Listing information

Manufacturer Famar
Model AP
Year 1993
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Blister machine
ID P01214025