Filmlight Northlight 1

Manufacturer Filmlight
Model Northlight 1
Year 2003
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Broadcast, Film and Audio
Subcategory Telecine Equipment
ID P71020004

We're selling our Northlight 1 Film Scanner. It's a beauty, but we're not using it much these days and need to make room in our studio for different equipment. We purchased this scanner from a studio in LA in 2015, and used it to scan several feature films since. This is one of the finest motion picture film scanners ever made. It can be upgraded to an 8k Northlight 2, and it can also be upgraded to LED lighting.

If you're considering the purchase of a Blackmagic Design Film Scanner, you should seriously consider this instead. For the same price (but slower scan speed), you will get scans that will absolutely blow the BMD scanner out of the water.

The Northlight 1 is a 6k Trilinear RGB scanner, for 35mm film. No Bayer sensors here, just straight RGB. Rollers are there for 16mm, but it lacks the necessary gate and platters for 16mm. If you acquire or make those, you can scan 16mm as well. Similarly, if you build an appropriately sized gate, this will scan 35mm VistaVision. As it's set up now, it can scan 2, 3 or 4-perf 35mm. Includes the host PC (RedHat Linux), cables for connecting the scanner to the host PC, and a used lamp (the lamp that's in there now has relatively few hours on it - new lamps can be purchased on Amazon for about $200, so they're not hard to find).

We upgraded the host PC a bit - it's in a 4U rackmount enclosure with better cooling than the original 3U Northlight enclosure, which had a tendency to overheat. We also added newer, larger hard drives to it. I believe a support package can still be purchased from Filmlight for this scanner. It has been kept in a smoke free air-conditioned studio since we purchased it.

Scan Speeds:
4K 35mm 4.7 sec/frame
2K 35mm 2.6 sec/frame
2K S16mm 2.1 sec/frame

This scanner is 1200lbs, with a 2-inch thick marble slab on top. it must be shipped freight, on two pallets (one for the scanner and one for the host PC and cabling). We can arrange freight shipping for you if you'd like, but it would be an additional expense. Message me with your address and I can get you a shipping quote. NOTE: we will only ship to the continental united states. If you'd like it shipped internationally, you'll need to make your own arrangements.

Cosmetic issues: one of the side panels has a small dent in it, probably from when it was shipped here. It doesn't have all of the covers for the wheels, but all wheels are there and functional. There are various small dings and scratches, all normal wear and tear for a nearly 15 year old machine.

We are selling this scanner as-is, with no guarantees or technical support. You're welcome to have the printed manual and any of the notes we took on it that we can find.

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