Frigoscandia GY GC 600-08-24-14

Manufacturer Frigoscandia Gy
Model GC 600-08-24-14
Year 2005
Country Ukraine Ukraine
Condition Good
Main category Miscellaneous industrial equipment
Subcategory Pumps, Valves & Compressors
ID P61024001

Locations: Ukraine, Odessa
Contact Email:
Brand: Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 600 Classic
Model: GC 600-08-24-14 NS CCR
Stock: 1
Year: 2005
Fully New NOT USED!

The equipment is completely new and has never been used.
Because of the long-term storage, some plastic parts require replacement, as well as there is no evaporator blower motor on the camera.

Link height (mm): 80
Vertical clearance for product (mm): 65
Type: FRIGoBELT® belt, stainless steel
Mesh: M13 - 1.5 or M9 - 1.7
Width, total (mm): 660
Width, net (mm): 604
Length per tier (m): 11.2
Effective belt area per tier (m2): 5.7
Belt speed (m/min): 3.5–30 (standard speed range) 1.8–15 (optional speed range)

Electrical data
Main voltage: 3 x 400 V or 3 x 415 V, 50 Hz; or 3 x 440 V, 60 Hz
Average power consumption (kW): 24.5
Max. power requirement (kVA): 34.2
Motors more than 1 kW rating: 1 x 1.1 + 1 x 3 + 2 x 11

Refrigeration data
Standard design (size 14)
Galvanized evaporator: R717, Ammonia (pump circulation ratio is 4–6 times evaporation)
R22, Freon (pump circulation rate = 3 times the evaporation
Cu - Al evaporator: R22, Freon

Evaporator volume (litre)
Galvanized evaporator: 630
Cu - Al evaporator: 455

Base load (kW): 34
Base load (kcal/h): 29,000

Refrigeration capacity of evaporator (kW)
Galvanized evaporator: 237
Cu - Al evaporator: 223

Defrosting system
Defrosting media: Hot gas or potable water
Water consumption (litre/min) at 300 kPA
= 3 bar; min 1 bar: 145
Minimum water temperature (°C): +15

Noise emissions
According to Machinery Directive
89/392/EEC, 1.7.4(f): Maximum 78 dB (A)

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