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Grip and Electric Package

I am selling my Grip and Electric package to fund the purchase of some new equipment. This ensemble has everything you’d need for a range of productions and has been used on several feature films, shorts, music videos and commercial productions.
All the equipment is in top working order and has been obsessively maintained and cared for and cleaned whenever used.
The van is in excellent condition as well and has built in storage to accommodate this package very efficiently. A complete list of the contents of the package are listed below. There is also a lot of equipment that is being included that is photographed but not listed. These are pieces that I have that I have not brought onto many jobs but will no longer need and just want to throw in to clear some space. They may be of use to you depending on your lighting style and workflow. There are also some things not photographed that are listed below. If you can see it or read it, it’s included.
Please contact me with any questions.

2x Hollywood Triple Riser Roller Stand
1x Avenger A0035B
4x Matthews Triple Riser (Beefy Baby)
2x Avenger 40" Turtle Base C-Stand (used as C-booms on recent job and only 1 riser still opens)
6x Matthews 40" Rocky Mountain Base C-Stand
2x Matthews 20" Rocky Mountain Base C-Stand
5x Avenger A630B

Nets and Boards
2x 12"x18" Solid
2x 18"x24" Solid
2x 18"x24" Double
1x 18"x24" Single
1x 18"x24" Silk
1x 18"x24" Lavender (has a couple rips)
2x 2'x3' Solid
1x 2'x3' Single
1x 2'x3' Double
1x 2'x3' Silk
2x 4'x4' Solid (Floppy)
1x 6'x6' Solid
1x 8'x8' Bleached Muslin
2x 8'x8' Silk
1x 8'x8' Single
1x 8'x8' Double
1x 12'x12' Silk
2x 4'x4' Bounce Board
2x 4'x2' Bounce Board
2x 2'x2' Bounce Board
2x 2'x1' Bounce Board
2x 1'x1' Bounce Board
1x Crate of Duvetyn

1x 6'x7' Westcott Chroma-Key Blue Backdrop

Dollies/ Sliders
1x DIY Dana Dolly (75mm Bowl) with Pelican 1610 storage case
1x 32" Konova K2 Slider

10x 15lb Sandbag
4x 20lb Sandbag
8x 25lb Sandbag
20x 15lb Sandbags (zipper fill bags)

5x 40" C-Stand Arm
2x 20" C-Stand Arm
11x 2.5" Gobo Head
3x 2.5" Double Gobo Head
2x 4.5" Lollipop
2x Maffer Clamp
3x C-Clamp
2x Pipe Clamp
3x 9" Furniture Clamp
4x 6" Cardellini
2x 12" Cardellini
2x Duckbills
1x Gater Clamp
4x Baby Plate
3x Scissor Clamp
8x 1" Spring Clamp
22x 2" Spring Clamp
5x 3" Spring Clamp
1x Crate of Rope
15x Ratchet Straps
8x Gator Straps

4x Furniture Blanket
4x Avenger E390 Yoke to Stand Adapter
4x Yoke to Male 1/4"x20
14x Safety Chain
18x Wedges
4x Full Apple Box
4x Half Apple Box
4x Quarter Apple Box
5x Eight Apple Box
2x Speed Rail Frame Kits for 1.25” (Ears & Elbows)
2x Speed Rail Ears for 1.25”
8x Speed Rail Coupler for 1.25”
1x Menace Arm Kit
4x 2' Schedule 40 1.25" EMT Conduit
4x 6' Schedule 40 1.25" EMT Conduit
4x 8' Schedule 40 1.25" EMT Conduit
4x 10' Schedule 40 1.25" EMT Conduit
4x Matthews Matthpole
4x Matthpole Extentions

Gelly Roll (Misc. cuts)
Lee 250
Rosco .9 ND (48"x25')
Gamm 1/4 Minus Green (24"x50')
Lee 1/4 CTO
Lee ND.6+Full CTO (48"x10')
Lee Tungsten to Daylight Filter Kit (20"x24')
Rosco E Color 325 Mallard Green (20"x24')
Rosco E Color 029 Plasa Red Gel (20"x24')
Rosco Roscolux 47 Light Rose Purple Gel (20"x24')
Rosco Roscolux 49 Medium Purple Gel (20"x24')
Moroccan Frost (48"x48")
Heat Shield (96"x48")
Half Soft Frost (60"x48")

1x 575w Arri HMI, Electronic Ballast, 50’ Header Cable, Lens Set, Barn Doors, and Shared scrim set and Speed Ring and Chimera with the Arri 1K units
2x 2K Mole Richardson Zip Light and Egg Crate
1x 2K Desisti Open Face with Speed Ring and Chimera
1x 2K Arri Fresnel with Barn Doors
3x 1K Arri Fresnel With Barn Doors, Scrims, and Speed Ring and Chimera
4x 1000w Par 64 with Gel Frames
2x Par 64 Wide Bulb 1K
1x Par 64 Medium Bulb 1K
6x Par 64 NSP Bulb 1K
1x 1K Colortran Flood
2x 650W Arri Fresnel with Barn Doors and Scrims
1x 650W Colortran Open Face
2x 500W Colortran Open Face
2x 300W Arri Fresnel with Barn Doors and Scrims
2x 150W Arri Fresnel with Barn Doors and Scrims
3x 150W Dedo Light with Barn Doors and Scrims
1x 2' Single Bank Kino with Egg Crate
1x 4' Single Bank Kino with Egg Crate
1x 1'x1' CoolLights LED Flood Light with V-Mount Battery Plate and filter pack

1x Briggs and Stratton 2200w (030651)

1x Lexus HO 5600k (24" & 48")
1x Lexus HO 3200k (24" & 48")
1x Kino Flo 2900k (24" & 48")
5x Edison Sockets
40x Tungsten Practical Bulbs
2x Tri-Color Tube 36W Fluorescent Bulb
1x NEEWER Tri-Color Tube 105W Fluorescent Bulb
Spare Bulbs for all Lighting Units

1x 75' 14-3
6x 50' 12-3
1x 50’ 10-3
5x 20' 14-3

Power Adapters
13x Cube Taps
4x Pig Snouts
7x Cheaters
1x 75W Powerline Mobile AC Outlet
1x 150W Cyber Power CPS-150BI

4x 1000w Dimmer
1x 750w Dimmer

1x Weaver 10’ Aluminum Ladder
1x Weaver 6’ Fiberglass Ladder

Ford E350 Super Duty
-5.4L V8 Econoline Engine
-120K Miles
-New Ball joints
-New Brakes in rear
-New Lower Radiator Hose
-Oil Changed Regularly
-Comes with a backup camera (not installed) and exterior door hasps (not installed)
Very reliable vehicle with a lot of power to move this kind of equipment.

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Last availability: unknown - check availability

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Manufacturer G&E Truck
Model Matthews, Arri,
Year 2015
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Broadcast, Film and Audio
Subcategory Other Broadcast Equipment, Film & Audio
ID P61208004

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