Grandseed gsd-l8

Manufacturer Grandseed
Model gsd-l8
Year 2002
Country China China
Condition Excellent
Main category Miscellaneous industrial equipment
Subcategory Electrical Equipment
ID P90308001

1.Windows user interface, two kinds of control methods are
designed: computer control and emergency manual control, with security function.
2.The leading heating method solved dead angle problem in the reflow soldering. It is suitable for the welding of electrical components of CSP, BGA, 020ICHIP etc. ,
3. The professional wind wheel design brings the stable wind speed, thus effectively guaranty the hot wind uniformity when. PCB is heating, so as to achieve the maximum repeated heating;
4.The forced independent circulation is used in each temperature zone. The independent PID control and the upper and lower independent heating method enable the accurate and uniform temperature of the furnace chamber with the large heat capacity.
5.The high quality aluminum silicate insulation materials are used in the insulation layer, thus brings the sound insulation effect and fast heating; the time it takes from room temperature to operating temperature < 20min.
6. Furnace lead-free design; all made of high quality imported stainless steel plate; High quality, high temperature and high-speed motor bring the steady wind transmission, with minor vibration and low noise;
6.The furnace uses cylinder lifting and safety rod support, which is safe and convenient.
7.The transmission mode of PCB board is step less variable-frequency variable- speed(VSVF) with the synchronized mesh chain and excellent stability.

8.The special quality aluminum guide rails and automatic refueling system ensure the accuracy of rail width adjustment and long service life.
9. Equipped with power protection UPS, so that the PCB board can be ensured with the normal output after a power failure without damage.
10. Powerful software functions can conduct the analysis, storage and printing of the data curve any time for PCB board on-line temperature measurement.
11. PC and PLC communications use PC/PP protocol, which ensures the stable operation and avoids crashes.
12. Automatic monitoring displays the working status of equipment;
13. Forced air cooling; temperature of PCB board after going out from the machine <50 ; .O Soldering flux automatic recovery system long keeps the furnace clean.

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