HEINEN GERICKE - Fluid bed dryer with feeder blender and blending granulator

Last availability: Dec. 14, 2020

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Purpose of a fluid bed unit is to suspend powders or granulates by a supporting air stream, which at the same time is drying the product. The continuous fluidised bed technology offers ideal possibilities for a targeted modification or customised optimisation of the product properties of bulk goods. The engineering of our continuous fluidised bed systems combines proven expertise in process technology with practical process control and maximum flexibility in construction and functionality of the plants.

Demanding sectors such as the food, the fine chemical, the chemical and the biotechnological industries appreciate the continuous fluidised bed technology for its efficient operation. Even in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, the continuous process is becoming increasingly important as it is meanwhile exactly reproducible and can be automated.

The inlet air is sucked from the outside across prefilter. The prefilter cleans the fresh inlet air and the heating preconditions the air to the desired temperature. The forced convection in the fluidised bed leads to an optimum heat and mass transfer, which enables highly efficient drying processes. The heated air flows through the lower section of the machine across the mesh sieve of the product container and raises the product into a fluid bed. The process air flows to the fan unit whose suction causes a low pressure throughout the unit. The air is exhausted through a duct to the outside. The continuous fluidised bed technology offers ideal possibilities for a targeted modification or customised optimisation of the product properties of bulk goods.

Screw and helix feeder with weighing hopper with possible mixing of more materials. The screw feeder for applications in pharmaceutical and food industry suits all needs for continuous and batch production. The feeder is part of a mixing station for multiple components formulas. Accurate measurement of bulk materials is achieved by using a spiral helix. Typical applications are: dosing and mixing of recipes for tablet manufacturing, feeding of additives for food industries, continuous pharmaceutical production processes.

Granulator designed for the reduction from a granular product to a specific size distribution. The unit is ideal for small scale production in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. The design is compact and economical. Approximate capacity is variable depending on product and screen size.
The unit guarantees continuous granulation when adding liquids to solids. Easy operation and maintenance, achieved by splitting up the granulator into individual structural components. The unit consists of blending, granulating and conveying zone. The main parts are as follows: spur wheel back geared motor, base, blending tube, blending and granulating helix, chopper. This tube is divided into two halves, permitting easier disassembly and cleaning. The chopper supports the granulation and sees that liquid is evenly distributed. The blending helix serves to blend and convey the products to the chopper and to transport the end product to the blender outlet. This equipment can be tailored to an extremely wide range of applications and is ideal especially for resulting a uniform granular product of the desired particle size and most importantly without the risk of crushing the granules into powder. Changeover from product-to-product is simple and rapid.

Frequency Hz 50-60
Voltage Volt 230-400
Ventilator Kw 3.0
Revolutions rpm 1420/1704

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Last availability: Dec. 14, 2020

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Manufacturer Heinen Gericke
Model GRANUMIX G200 - GDU 131
Year -
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Other Pharma Machinery
ID P01214048

Last availability: Dec. 14, 2020