Hitachi Hitachy CLA-1™

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Manufacturer Hitachi
Model Hitachy CLA-1™
Year -
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Lab, Medical and Bioscience
Subcategory Clinical Lab Equipment
ID P81114037

Hitachi CLA-1™ Luminometer In Vitro Allergy Diagnostic System

he CLA Allergen-Specific IgE Assay by Hitachi

The system, which consists mainly of the CLA® Pette and the CLA-1TM Luminometer, simultaneously measures the severity of a patient's allergic reaction to up to 36 different allergens using a single 1.5 ml serum sample

The CLA Pette, a small plastic device, is the fundamental component of the system

Each device contains up to 36 cellulose threads, each bound with a selected allergen

Counterpart to the CLA Pette, the CLA-1 Luminometer completes the allergy testing process

This bench-top instrument reads prepared CLA Pettes, measuring the amount of chemiluminescent light emitted by the reaction to each allergen

In less than ten minutes, it can analyze up to 180 allergens

The instrument automatically prints a complete report that lists the tested allergens and the severity of the patient's response to each.

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