Manufacturer Imetto
Model TERA 32
Year 2010
Country China China
Condition Excellent
Main category Printing
Subcategory Minilab
ID P81214003

Tera 32 Laser Printer
Introduction tothe Tera 32 Laser Printer
Principlesof the Tera 32 Laser Printer
Advantagesof the Tera 32 Laser Printer
Thanksto the latest laser dot scan technology from America in2001, we successfully developed mid breadth laserPrinter-Tera 32, which makes us become the one of themost important supplier in the laser printer world widemarket. After long terms of effort and careful designfor customer benefit, we make the Tera 32 become theunique mid breadth laser printing machine in the daylight operation environment in the world. This is atypical product of cooperation between US and China,US technology, China made will definitely provide hightech product both in super quality and cheapprice.
Shown as the figure above, digital imaginghas more service range than the traditional dark roomoperation technology. It not only could perform thedigital image printing but also performs even excellenton the traditional task. With the computer photo imagingtechnology, it changes the traditional darkroom processto such an convenient, efficiency and powerfulelectronic darkroom process to let your creative ideasbe indited in an unlimited space. Wonderful digitalworld is performed in a moment by your hands, that themagic of digital imaging art. Tera 32 Laser Printer,make your dream more beautiful.
Our effort fordevelopment never stops and our aiming is provide allseries of product for our clients from small breadth tolarge size. For more detail information please viewother part of our website.

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