jsw cast film l jsw cast film l

Manufacturer Jsw Cast Film L
Model jsw cast film l
Year 2012
Country Turkey Turkey
Condition Good
Main category Plastics
Subcategory Plastics Production Lines
ID P60304004

. Survey of the Line

1) Raw Materials: LDPE/LLDPE/ HDPE/EVA/CaCo3

2) Film Net Width: 1650mm

3) Film Weight: 14-60g/ m2

4) Film Thickness: 0.015-0.150mm
5) Line Mechanical Speed: 100m-150m/min

6) Production Speed or actual speed: 80-120m/min

7) Output Capacity: 180-260kg/hour

Weight is 14gsm, gross density is 0.93, speed is 100meters/minute, width is 1650mm, output is 138 kg/h

Weight is 20gsm, gross density is 0.93, speed is 100meters/minute, width is 1650mm, output is 198 kg/h

8) Total Power: 250KW

9) Machine Dimension(L×W×H)15m*3.2m*4.0m

10) Thickness Tolerance: =±5.

11) Power Supply: 380V/50Hz/Three Phase
2. Line Configuration
1) Auto loader

1 set
2) JSW125 extruder

1 set
3) Closed-cycle pressure control system

1 set
4) Two-position screen changer

1 set
5) Sensor, pressure controller

1 set
6) T-die

1 set
7) Casting machine

1 set
8) Dual corona surface treatment unit

1 set
9) Swing System

1 set
10) Automatic film winder

1 set
11) Edge Trim recycling machine

1 set
12) Traction unit with slitter

1 set
13) Electric console

3 sets
4. Technical Parameter
1). Auto loader

? Loading Power: 1.1kw
? Loading Type: Vacuum Loading
? Loading Height: 4 M
? Loading Capacity: 500kg/h (intermittent loading, adjustable)
Material hopper - Stainless steel
2). JSW125 extruder

? Screw (L/D)

? Screw diameter

? Screw material

? Screw surface treatment

nitrification and chrome finish
? Motor power

? Screw extruding capacity
? Barrel material

SACM (nitrification)
? Barrle heating section

7 segments, 7KW/segments

? Barrel heating mode

ceramic heater
? Barrel cooling mode

blower cooling

? Heat-keeping cover:

of stainless steel
? Gear box reducer

high precision hard-grinding gear, watercooling.
? With platform design
3). Closed-cycle pressure control system

? Pressure control console
? Pressure tolerance

? Sensor

of Japan
? Pressure alarm

two-way alarm
4) Two-position screen changer

? Screen changer dia.

? Screen changer suffered pressure
5 MPa
? Hydraulic motor

3 KW
? Brand:

JC Times
? Type:

Single Slide Plate Type
? 80-90 Mesh Size
5) Sensor, pressure controller

1 pc (for filter protection)
6). T-die

? Brand:

JSW Times
? Type:

? Die width

? Product net width

? Product thickness

? Die adjusting mode
elastic lip adjusting
? Die materials

1311 steel (made in Germany )
? Heating section

11 segments × 3KW, inner heating
? Die surface treatment
rigid chrome plating treatment
? Feeding type

central feeding
? T Die fixed to the extruder by plate, no shaking.
7). Casting Machine

? Cooling roller diameter

? Roller length

? Embossed as in the given white PE film samples

? Connect with the pipe of water recycle system by metal mesh protected hose.Cooling way

Interlayer S-type cooling, with rotary joints equip the temperature meter
? Silicon rubber roller dia.
?500mm (hardness 60degree, with

33% carborundum)

? Roller length

1900mm ( 0.2mm convexity)

? Heat-disperse roller dia.

?200mm, with rotary joints

? Heat-disperse roller length 1900mm
? Expanding rollers
2 sets rubber rollers
? Motor power

3.7 KW, 380V, 50Hz

8). Dual surface corona treated unit

for double or single side of the film

? Valid length

? Power

6KW, corona value up to 38-42 Dyne.

9) Swinging system
? Swinging distance
? Swinging drived by motor

10) Automatic film winder

? Winding style

two-position automatic winding
? Max winding diameter

? Reel pneumatic shaft

2pcs, 1800mm length dia: 3 inches
? Winding motor

5.5KW × 2sets, 380V, 50HZ
? Winding length detection
length-setting alarm
11) Trim Edge Recycling Machine

? Motor power

? Work style

Press & granule
12) Traction unit with slitter

? Steel roller:

?155*1800mm, 1pc
? Silicon rubber roller

?150*1800mm, 1pc
? Guiding roller

?110*1800mm, 1pc
? Contant tension controller

Mitsubishi, Japan
? Driving Motor

AC motor, 2.2kw
? On-line film slitting system

with 4 pcs of knives

13) Electrical Console

2 sets
? 10.4” touchscreen

Mitsubishi, Japan
? PLC system

Mitsubishi, Japan
? Operation console

1 pc
5. Electric Configuration

? MISTUBISHI Frequency Inverter;
? RKC PID intelligent temperature controller;
? Solid state relay (Fotex);
? invariable pressure controller for film;

? Closed-cycle pressure control system;

? Vector control rewinding section
? Touchscreen: Mitsubishi, Japan
? PLC: Mitsubishi, Japan
? User’s Manual of cast film line

1 pc
? Inverter’s Manual

1 pc

Electric circuit Manual
7. Origin of Parts
A. Origin of Motors

JSW125 Extruder
Casting Machine Siemens
Traction Unit Siemens
Winder Siemens

B. Origin of Electric Parts
Description Brand
Mitsubishi, Japan
temperature controller
RKC, Japan
PLC system
Mitsubishi, Japan
Touchscreen Console
Mitsubishi, Japan

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