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* Model:


* Function:

High-speed, Automatic Bag In Box Bag Making Machine;

Tap & Nozzle Automatic Put Online

* Feature:

1. Bag have 4pcs film;

2. Punch on film, then welding nozzle, make bag;

3. Two units main unwinding;

4. Inverter motor control unwinding continuously, loop control system control tension steadily and reasonably;

5. Triple AC servo motor infeed film, ensure system tension reasonably and steadily, faster and correct, film non deformation; compare with normal machine, main drive is AC servo motor, ensure high production ratio and enough sealing time;

6. Vertical & horizontal use heating and cooling finalize the design, make sure good sealing;

7. Automatic nozzle structure is consist of nozzle stock bin, lifter, vibrating disk, belt, nozzle;

8. High degree of automation, nozzle reliability, ensure bag cleaning;

9. PLC control whole machine, HMI parameter setting and fault display, more simple operation, more reliable system; normal machine single chip microcomputer (SCM) control, enhance capacity of resisting disturbance,

10. Cover, nozzle stock bin, vibrating disk are stainless steel, meet the requirement of food production;

* Technical process:

1. Put film in pneumatic shaft, then install on correct position, pull film through whole machine parts arrive to last infeed roller, adjust, push start button, machine working;

2. Film unwinding, magnetic powder brake, dancing roll adjust tension, cutting, EPC system, 2 layers together, punch, send nozzle, welding nozzle, 4 layers together, servo pull film, vertical sealing, vertical cooling, servo pull film, horizontal sealing, horizontal sealing, horizontal cooling, edge trim rewinding, cover by servo mechanical arm, make bag, servo infeed, cut, collect bags;

3. reasonable technical process, whole process is fully automated

* Remark:

The machine price only include one shape tap and nozzle, include the number “LQ015”, not include the number “LQ001”

* Machine type:

Bag in box

* Film:

Laminated film, co-extrusion film

* Roll film size:

Maximum width: 1300 mm, Maximum diameter: 800mm
2 Unwind for 4pcs film, inner hole 3 ”(76.2mm)

* Bag making size:

Bag width: 78-650mm , Bag length: 50-700mm

(multiple infeed 6 times)

* Bag making capacity:

Three side seal: 35-180 pcs / min.
max. 180 × 3 = 540pcs / min Bag in box: max. 30pcs / min

Bag making capacity depends on length of bag, film character and film thickness, nozzle etc.

* Roll film unwinding unit:

Horizontal shaft, K plate system,
Definitive tension control system, powder brake equipment Unwinding tension: Magnetic power brake

Unwinding shaft: pneumatic shaft

* Main motor control:

Main motor: 5KW Japanese Servo Motor (Panasonic)

Main Motor Speed ​​Reducer: Taiwan Planetary Speed ​​Reducer

* Infeed motor:

2kw Japanese Servo motor X 2pcs (Panasonic)

* Unwinding Drive & Motor:

Unwinding motor: 0.37KW × 2 = 0.74KW

Unwinding inverter: 0.75kw × 2 = 1.5kw (Panasonic)

* Unwinding EPC system:

2units, Photocell Sensor X 4pcs (KONTEC, Taiwan)

* Temperature control:

PC Control 13sets. + -2 ℃

* Horizontal heat-sealing plates:

2 Groups, heater length 700mm,

Upper / Lower heater power 3kw × 4 = 12kw

(2Groups for 20mm horizontal sealing bar)

* Horizontal cooling :

1 Group, length 700mm

* Vertical heat-sealing plates:

4 Groups, Length 700mm,
Upper / lower heater power 3kw (4 Groups for 10mm sealing bar, split type)

* Vertical cooling :

4 Groups, length 700mm

* Hole puncher:

1 unit. Size as nozzle “LQ015”,
the tolerance is 1mm when punch hole in the bag

* Nozzle sealing:

1unit, Size as nozzle “LQ015”

* Nozzle height:

Working height (sealing mold): 970mm
Operation height (handle): 765mm

* Tap automatic put online:

1set, Size as nozzle “LQ015”, tap can cover on the gland accurately

* Tolerance remarks:

The tolerance is to the nozzle place on bag, it's 1mm; to the nozzle and tap automatic put online, it's accurately, tap cover on the correct place

* Edge trim winder:

1 set, with inverter control

* Power supply:

Voltage: 220V (three-phase), 60HZ.

Total Capacitance: 50.5kw, sealing power: 37kw

* Air pressure:

0.6Mpa (6kgf / cm2), Air supply 0.5-0.7Mpa

* Control system:

PLC control system, Touch screen (Panasonic)

* Overall of machine:

Approx 15200mmx4200mmx1900mm (LxWxH)

Goss weight: Approx.8000kg

* Machine color:

Wallboard is black, machine cover is stainless steel

* Spare parts:

Sealing bar: 700mm length 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm (horizontal seal) each3pcs

700mm 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm

Cutting Knife (upper & down) 1set

This equipment is located in LT

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Listing information

Manufacturer Juding
Model JDM650-BIB
Year 2015
Country Lithuania Lithuania
Condition Good
Main category Plastics
Subcategory Plastic Bag Making Machine
ID P91111014

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