Leeman Labs Direct Reading

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Manufacturer Leeman labs
Model Direct Reading
Year 1998
Country Canada Canada
Condition Good
Main category Lab, Medical and Bioscience
Subcategory Analytical Lab
ID P40829018

Leeman Labs Said the following about this unit;
"DRE (direct reading echelle) is over three times faster than traditional sequential ICP's which means greater throughput, less sample and argon consumption, less waste disposal, and lower analytical cost-per-sample.
Because of the DRE design you always analyze the correct spectral line just like a simultaneous ICP system.
The DRE uses simple to operate macro-driven software that automates routine calibrations, runs control samples and lets you know if a sample is out of spec -- leaving you more time for other tasks at a hand."

My impression is that the Echelle optics disperse the spectrum produced in the plasma source, widely separating the wave-lengths and thereby minimizing interference and the need for inter-element corrections.
This process also improves resolution without a reduction in light intensity and thus increases sensitivity. The software/hardware combination in this unit permits you to move the detector "on peak" to a chosen wavelength when detecting a target analyte, similar to SIM scanning in a mass spectrometer.
This improves resolution and detection limits to superior levels.
An axial view of the plasma for the detector also enhances detection limits. Axial view imits are typically ten times better than for radial systems alone.
This unit, has a dual view system which combines the axial and radial views thereby permitting ultra-trace, trace, and major element detection without the need for multiple sample dilutions.

Inventory: for this Leeman Labs Echelle Direct Reading Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer
• Built at Leeman Labs, Inc, 55 Technology Drive Lowell, Massachusetts 01851, USA.
• Last Installed, as new,
in a lab March 1998.
• I, Purchased the Unit as a surplus sales item in March 2012.
The provider sold it to me as “complete and functional” although I have not tested it. Consequently, I am selling it "as is"
• ICP model # DRE D
• Install #62114
• Software Included: PS Series ICP/Echelle Spectrometer Line Library (revision 8009-1321) on 3.5” floppy, PS Series ICP/Echelle Spectrometer Master Diskettes (revision # 4.100WIN95) on two 3.5” floppy diskettes, WinICP Demonstration Software (solutions for elemental analysis) on CD. Value $4900
• Documentation: Pre-installation guide, Supplies and Accessories Catalog, Preventative and Routine Maintenance Schedule, original packing slip, original site inspection and setup verification with standards-test results, flow through cooler manual, DRE operations manual, software manual, PS-Series ICP training manual, ICP reference manual, software upgrades manual
• Original Quotation from Leeman Labs for Package ($60,500 for ICP, $1200 for water re-circulator and external filter, $2200 for short wavelength second multiplier detector, $7000 axial torch view option, $5000 computer controlled optics dual view with mirror block; total $75,900)
• Hardware: DRE-ICP, water circulator with external filter, short wavelength supplementary multiplier detector, axial torch view, dual view with computer control, Power Supply for ICP plasma source.

I am open to offers.

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