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Liebherr 7-Axis "CNC" Ge

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Machine Bed W/Stationary Table Assembly, Table

Spindle W/Anti-Friction Roller Bearings
Pre-Loaded Re-Circulating Ball Screws For Axial,

Radial, & Tangential Feed/Motions
Machine Main Column W/Infinitely Variable Radial Feed
Power Swivel Hob-Head For Axial, Radial, & Tangential

Hobbing, Hob-Slide Automatically Clamped During

Work-Cycles, W/Incremental Hob-Shifting,

Pre-Selectable In Both Directions
Hob Head W/Mounted 13.1 Hp, Dc Main Motor For

Infinitely Variable Hob Speeds
"Quick-Change" Hob Change System, W/Automatic Clamping

& Unclamping Of Hob Arbor

& Outer Support Bearing, Controlled Via Push-Button
Tailstock Column W/Electrically Actuated Arm, (Cnc

Control Of Tailstock Arm)
Hydraulic Clamping Device (Double Acting) W/Infinitely

Variable Clamping Pressure (Up To 8,800 Lbs.)

Mounted Below Machine Table For Actuating Work Piece

& Fixture Clamping
Two Position Ring Loader W/Two (2) Adjustable

Workpiece Pockets, Including Pallet Conveyor, W/

Approx. Thirty (30) Pallets, Including Elevating

Station To Interface W/Ring Loader
Work Table Positioning Device Providing Work-Table

Stop In Pre-Programmed Position Enabling Pre-

Identifying Gear Tooth Alignment Prior To Cutting

Liebherr "Mpst" Continuous Path "Cnc" Controller W/Crt

For Seven (7) Axis Plus Ring Loader
- X Radial Movement - B Hob Rotation
- Z Axial Movement - V Tangential Movement
- C Table Rotation - A Hob Head Swivel
- Z1 Tailstock Arm Positioning
The Electronic Synchronization Of The Generating

Process, (I.E. Hob & Table Rotation), Is Integrated

In The Cnc-System
Helix Generation, (I.E. Linking Of The Axial Slide

Movement & Table Rotation, As Well As Tangential

Hobbing), (I.E. Linking Of Tangential Movement &

Table Rotation), Integrated In The Cnc-System
Copy System For "Crowning" & End Relief Are Part Of

The Cnc-System, (I.E. Linkage Of Radial & Axial

Motion) Linear & Circular Interpolation, Max. Radius

328 Ft. (100M)
Feeds Programmable In Mm Or Inches/Table Revolution,

Feeds, Constant W/Changes In Hob Speed
Separate Overrides For Feeds & Speed (Infinite)Between

10% & 133%, Altering Of Feed & Speeds During Hobbing

Allows Optimization Of Cutting Condition
Cnc-System, Free Programmable For Individual Cycles,

Input Via Keyboard
Parametric Programming W/90-Variable & 10-Fixed

Parametric Programs For 32 Different Fixed Cycles

Repeatedly Used For Hobbing: (One-Cut Cycle,

Cut Cycle, W/Or W/O Radial Approach, Climb Or

Conventional Hobbing, W/Or W/O Shifting, Radial 0R

Tangential Hobbing, Fixed Cycles For Crowning Or

Taper Hobbing). Programs W/Degressive Approach
Software For Calculation Of Approach, Overrun, &

Crowning Data, (Crowning Radius & Radius Location)
Software For Single-Index Milling (Programmable In Mm

Or Inches)
Cmos-Technique For Approx. 100 Part Programs

(Components), Depending On Complexity Of Programs

(32,000 Characters) W/Optional Expansion Of Cmos

Memory To 128K
Parallel Programming, (Ability To Program For

Different Work Pieces While Machine Is Running)
Data I/O Via Rsr-232C Connector To Or From A

Peripheral Device (Tape Reader/Puncher, Magnetic

Cassette, Or Data Terminal). Dnc Capable
Logic Capability W/Feasibility Checks, (I.E. Max./Min.

Machine Parameters Are Automatically Scanned When

New Programs Are Made). All Information Displayed

On Crt Screen (W/8-Lines & 32 Characters Per Line)

Input Via Keyboard
Keyboard Input For The Following Parameters:
(Smallest Increment)
- No. Of Teeth 3/3
- No. Of Hob Starts 1/1
- Helix Angle .0001 Degree/.0001 Degree
- Axial Travel .0001"/0.001Mm
- Radial Travel .0001"/0.001Mm
- Tangential Travel .0001"/0.001Mm
- Hob Shift & Step Size .0001"/0.001Mm
- Axial, Radial & Tang Feed .0001"/Rev./0.001Mm/Rev.
- Hob Rpm 1/1
- Hob Head Swivel .015 Deg/.015 Deg
Electronic Hand-Wheel For Manual Control Of Any Linear

Axis Motion, Including Table Rotation
Miscellaneous (M-Functions), Coolant On/Off, Work

Piece Clamping/Unclamping, Overhead Work Support

Diagnostic Capability W/Faults Displayed On The Crt,

While Monitored On Pc-Controller, Ac Sservo Motors,

Rotational Relationship, Emergency Stop
Controlled Emergency Shut Down (In Case Of Disturbance

Or Failure Of Main Drive Motor, Failure Of Single

Measuring Systems, Or Within The Hydraulic Area),

The Electronic Synchronization Of The Generating

Process Is Maintained Until Rotary Motions Have

Full Complement Of Electrics (Motors/Control-Cabinet)

Including Two-Hand Safety Start Button For Cycle

Start & Machine Set-Up (Presently Arranged For 235

Or 470 Volt, 3-Phase, 60-Cycles), Control Voltage

Primary 110 Ac, Secondary 24 Dc, Single Phase)
Siemens-Allis & Siemens Power Controls
Coolant Filtration & Thermostatic Controlled Oil

Chiller For Hydraulic & Cutting Fluids
Air-Conditioner For Control Cabinet
Complete Coolant Equipment Pump & Piping
Full Machine Enclosure W/Splash Guards/Covers, Safety

Interlock On Splash Guard Door
Chemaperm Magnetic Chip Conveyor W/Chip Cart & Oil

Return Hose
Minimum Of One (1) Hob Arbor & Hydraulic Lock-Nut
One Set Of Fixators (Machine Leveling Shoes)

Principal Specifications:
Max Work Piece Diameter 6"/(150Mm)
Max Pitch (Module) 86000 Psi Steel 5 Dp/(Mod-5)
Max Hob Slide Travel 10"/(250Mm)
Table Clamping Surface 4.7"/(120Mm)
Max Cable Rotation 150 Rpm
Min Dist Betw Hob Cl & Tbl Ctr .59"/(15Mm)
Max Dist Betw Bob Cl & Tbl Ctr 6.88"/(175Mm)
Min Dist Betw Hob Cl & Tbl Surf 2.00"/(50Mm)
Max Dist Tlstck Cast To Wrkpc Tbl 24.80"/(630Mm)
Min No Teeth Hobbed 3
Hob Head Swivel Range + / - 45 Degs
Max Diameter Hob 5.20"/(132Mm)
Max Hob Length 7.10"/(180Mm)
Max Tangential Travel (Shifting) 7.10"/(180Mm)
Hob Spindle Speed Ranges 120 - 1200 Rpm
Rapid Traverse:

-Axial 157.5"/Min/(4000Mm/Min)
-Radial 157.5"/Min/(4000Mm/Min)
-Tangential 118.0"/Min/(3000Mm/Min)
Feed Ranges:

Axial .004-.147"/Rev/(.1-4 Mm/Rev)
Tangential .0004-.197"/Rev/(.01-5Mm/Rev)
Total Connected Power 40 Hp/(30 Kva)
Operating Voltage 470 V, 60Hz
Control Voltage 110 V
Floor Space: Length 162"/(4100Mm)
Floor Space: Width 148"/(3770Mm)
Machine Oa Hgt W/Enclosure 102"
Machine Oa Hgt W/Enclosure 260Mm
Machine Approx Net Weight 16,060 Lbs./(7,300Kgs)

Suitable For The High Speed Hobbing Of Spur

& Helical Gears, Pinions, Splines, Worm Gears, &

Other Workpieces Of Similar Profile Up To 6" (150Mm)

Diameter. Machine Can Be Inspected Under Power.

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Listing information

Manufacturer Liebherr
Model 7-Axis "CNC" Ge
Year 1991
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Metalworking Machinery
Subcategory Gear Manufacturing
ID P81017016

Availability: listing already sold

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