Meditech Equipment Co .,Ltd (Meditech Group Meditech Itrolley Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner with Touch Screen

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Manufacturer Meditech Equipment Co .,Ltd (Meditech Group
Model Meditech Itrolley Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner with Touch Screen
Year 1998
Country China China
Condition Excellent
Main category Lab, Medical and Bioscience
Subcategory Medical Equipment
ID P90212043
Price on request

ISONIC meditech Ultrasound Scanner
iSonic Wide band multifrequency,Imaging Processing ,Imaging optimization and Compound enhance technology,touch pad and keyboard,high quality images and sensitivity

Pulse Wave Doppler & HPRF” (CW Doppler for cardiac applies optional) Function
“Color/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging”

Probes Made by NDK JAPAN
17" LCD, high brightness, high resolution, wide view angle
iSonic Wide band multi frequency ,Imaging Processing ,Imaging optimization
195 elements, ZIP260 connector
Hard Disk (500G),
Control panel (exclude touch pad)
Operating Mode: 2B, 4B, B/M, M, B/C, B/C/D, B/D, PW, velocity,
power (direction), histogram, Triplex/Duplex

Imaging Processing Technology
Imaging optimization technology
Compound enhance technology
Speckle reduction
Multi beam parallel processing technology
Color coding
Doppler frame correlation
Wall filter
Tissue Harmonic File management
Hard disk storage
Cine loop
Parallel printing port
Imaging Modes

B, Dual B, Quad B, M
Color, Dual Color
Simultaneous 2D/Color Compound
PW, Duplex/Triplex
CFM, PD, Directional PD, CD
Freehand 3D

Measurements Specifications
Obstetrical Report
Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI)
BPD/OFD, FL/AC, FL/BPD and HC/AC ratio
Estimate Weight Of Fetus
Gestational Age
Expected Date Of Confinement (LMP/BBT)
Fetal Biophysical Score
Fetus Growth Curve

Uterus, Ovary, Follicle
Gynecology Report

Kidney, Bladder, Residual Urine Volume
Urology Report

Prostate, Testis
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Prostate Specific Antigen Density (PSAD)
Andrology report

Left and Right Hip Joint

Peripheral Vascular
Area Stenosis
Vessel Diameter Stenosis
Peripheral Vascular Report

Small Parts
Thyroid, Mammary Gland, Nodule
Small Parts Report

Multiple Births
Measurement Of Multiple Births

Heart Rate
Blood Flow Rate
Left Ventricle
Mitral Valve
Ventricle (left/right)
Area Stenosis (% area Sten)
Vascular Diameter Stenosis (% Diam Sten)
Body Surface Area (BSA)

Comes with
Mobile trolley
Multi frequency convex probe
Multi frequency linear probe

Optional modules
CW Doppler and “Free Xros™ Imaging “(for cardiac applies) module
Smart3D module (for 3 dimensions with 2D standard convex probe)
“iScape View” module
DICOM 3.0 module

Optional probes
Micro-convex array Transvaginal probe
Micro-convex probe
Linear probe
Intdo rectal linear probe
Phased array probe 2P2 (for cardiac applies)

Optional Accessories
Footswitch by USB port
Biopsy guide for convex probe
Biopsy guide for micro-convex probe
Biopsy guide for linear probe
Biopsy guide for micro-convex TV probe
Biopsy guide for intrarectal linear probe

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