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Manufacturer Perrier
Model TFG 24 cr
Year 1993
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Bottle, Case & Crate Packing
ID P51209009
Price on request

Rinser for PET bottle. Cleaning system by air blowing. The inside of the bottle is cleaned with sterile air.
It has 24 valves.
Inlet right-left.
Machine operation.
The bottles arriving on the conveyor and placed within reach of the machine through the endless screw input. These are conducted immediately take arms through the alveoli inlet star.
Placed between the two arms, the neck of the bottle, is gripped by the hand and finger making the following arm tightening. Finger is actuated by a fixed cam, causing the closure. Hands are notched so as to fit the profile of the bottle, and to ensure a good take.
Hands, equipped with a fork which slides on a fixed ramp, are carried by the carousel rotation. And ramp to 180 causes rotation of the hand, causing the inversion of the bottle.
Once the inverted bottle, injection cannula penetrates into the neck, while the active opening control cam tap and letting the cleaning fluid.
Throughout the treatment time bottle is inverted. Ramp the same investment will place the bottle in the normal position. A fixed cam releases the locking finger releasing the bottle to the corresponding socket of the starwheel, bottle is placed back into the output conveyor of the bottles.

Material Description
Machine Construction
Within the chassis are located:
-the height adjustment system to adjust the machine to different heights of bottles
-the set of fluid connection with solenoid valves and pressure regulator pending network connection.
On the outside of the chassis are:
-the tree carousel supporting the arms-making, injection faucets as well as all the elements necessary to the operation of the machine
-a stainless steel tray for recovery and pipeline flushing fluid

-a guiding chock bottles

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