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Manufacturer Sac
Model F/6
Year -
Country Belgium Belgium
Condition Good
Main category Woodworking
Subcategory Moulder
ID P21208224

Window machining center: Angular window machining center with automatic return towards the operator
Min/max workpiece length: 280 mm / 2600 mm.
Min/max workpiece width: 20 mm/ 300 mm
Min/max workpiece thickness: 20 mm/ 100 mm

Feedmotor of the tenoning table: 0,75 kW
Feedspeed of the tenoning table: 3 to 20 m/min
Feedmotor in the profiling area: 0,75 kW
Feedspeed in the profiling area: 3 to 20 m/min.
Number and diameter of the feedrollers: 14 / 145 mm.
Hydraulic power pack motor 0,75 kW
Automatic return towards the operator

-Cut-off saw:
Motor 3 kW, 3000 r/min
Spindle diameter 30 mm
Sawblade diameter 400 mm
Horizontal adjustment of the sawblade over 100 mm
Revolver fences for this horizontal positioning: 16
-Tenoning by 2 spindles:
Automatic positioning of both spindles on 4 levels
Power each motor: 11 kW, 3000 r/min
Diameter and length of each spindle: 50 mm / 320 mm.
Vertical stroke of each spindle: 255 mm.
Max. tool diameter: 350 mm.
-Profiling by 4 spindles:
2 programmable profiling spindles with each 3 levels
Motor of each spindle: 7,5 kW, 6000 r/min
Spindle diameter and length: 50 mm / 270 mm.
Vertical stroke of the spindles: 170 mm.
Max. tool diameter: 240 mm.
Vertical saw to make the rebate of the glass-fixing part of the window:
Motor 2,2 kW, 6000 r/min
Sawbladediameter: 200 mm, spindle 30 mm.
Additional spindle make the groove for the hardware:
Motor 3 kW, 6000 r/min
Tooldiameter 160 mm, spindlediameter 30 mm.
Horizontal adjustment over 35 mm

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