SCHMUCKER MARCHESINI Mod. TUBES 02L - Stickpack filling machine used

Last availability: Aug. 30, 2021

Listing description

The stickpack filling machine TUBE-S is an intermittent-working vertical machine, suitable for shaping and filling tubular stick like packs sealed on 3 sides.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

The packaging film reel is stored on the back; the film unwinds along the path until it reaches the rotative knives which divide it in a number of lanes of the machine. Each stripe wraps around its own feeding tube, which has the purpose of shaping the stickpack and allowing it to be filled. Each feeding tube is hold by its shaping block, which overlaps and folds the stripe edges, thus shaping the backfin. The packaging machine is equipped with a dosing unit, which sends to the stickpacks the desired quantity of product at every cycle. The dosing unit configuration and working depend on the type of product to be packed (powder, granules, liquid, cream…). Just below the shaping blocks there is the vertical sealing unit, which seals the stickpack along the backfin. The packaging film is pulled downward by the horizontal sealing jaws, which make the film advance of a quantity equal to the stickpacks length at every cycle, and at the same time seal both ends of the stickpack. The stickpacks, already shaped and filled, still go down to the pre-cut unit, which purpose is to make the easy-tear notch on the upper shaped sealing. At the end the stickpacks reach the horizontal cutting unit, which separates them from the coming ones by cutting them to the set length. At this point the finished stickpacks can be put directly on a belt conveyor in order to load them in bulk, on a sector conveyor to make the hand grabbing easier, or they can be taken by a grouping/counting pick and place unit to feed an automatic cartoning line.
Currently set up for powder dosing.

Year of construction: 2004

Length mm 1530
Width mm 1510
Height mm 2570
Net weight Kg 1000
Power Kw 7.7
Frequency Hz 50/60
Voltage Volt 380
Pneumatic supply bar 7/8

Max. packaging speed 38 cicles/min
Numner of lines 3
Min. stick length 60 mm
Max. stick length 158 mm
Current format 50 x 150 mm
Stick width around 50 mm
Max. reel diameter 350 mm
Reel width 236 mm

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Last availability: Aug. 30, 2021

Listing information

Manufacturer Schmucker Marchesini
Model TUBES 02L
Year 2004
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Other Food Packaging
ID P10114025

Last availability: Aug. 30, 2021