spunbond NONWOV CHTCM200102

Manufacturer Spunbond Nonwov
Model CHTCM200102
Year 2015
Country Turkey Turkey
Condition Good
Main category Complete Plants
Subcategory Plastics Manufacturing Plant
ID P60304001

This equipment is suitable for the production of spunbond nonwovens with a variety of colors and different properties using PP chips as main material mixed with master batch, antioxigen, anti-pilling agent and flame retardant.

1. Project data
Raw material: Polypropylene chips (Melt index: 30-40g/10min, with variation not more than 1% for each batch; Melt point: 166?; Ash content: <0.15-0.25%)
Annual output: 2000 tons (say 8,000hours based on 2.2denier single filament )
Extruder size: f130×32
Max. winding diameter: 1000mm
Process speed: 10-130m/min
Installed power: approx. 700kW

2. Product specifications:
Web width: 1600mm
Single filament titer: 1.8-2.2 denier
Web weight: 10-150g/m2

III. Process flow:
Feeding (suction, dosing and mixing)?melting and extruding (with recycle extruder)?filtering?metering?spinning?quenching?air drawing?forming?calendering?winding

IV. Description of unit machines
Dosing and mixing system

1.1 Function
Chips are transported by a suction system from the ground to the dosing and mixing system on the third floor. Main material and auxiliary materials can be prepared as per a certain ratio. The whole system consists of the following:
Consisting of a main material tank, two auxiliary tanks, a mixing tank, a suction device, a metal detector, complete with an alarm unit for low and high chip levels, automatic control of feeding.
The main material is suctioned automatically with the ancillary material filled manually. Dosing screws are used for filling proportionally.
1.2 Technical data
Max. feeding capacity for main material: 480kg/hr
Volume of storage hopper: 0.6m3
Max. mixed components: 3


Used to melt and extrude PP chips mixed with master batches and additives such as antioxidant, anti-pilling agent and flame retardant agent, including chip inlet, automatic temperature controls, cooling system, alarm system for all the heating zones with temperature meter, solid relay and pt100 platinum resistance.
2.2 Technical data
Max. extruding capacity: 350kg/hr
Diameter of screw: 130mm
L/D: 32
No. of heating zones: 7

3. Spinning machine,
3.1 Function
The melt coming from the extruder becomes filaments after passing through the filter, melt distribution line, metering pump and spin packs. It also includes automatic heating and insulating system, pressure indication and control system behind filtering screen.
3.2 Technical data
3.2.1 Output:
2000 tons/year
Single filament titer: 1.6-2.2denier
Web weight: 10-150 g/m2
Melt prefilter
Filtering precision: 60µm
3.2.3 Metering pump and its drive
Metering capacity: 200cm3/r
Driven by an inverter-controlled synchronous motor
3.2.4 Spinning beam
With electrical heating
No. of heating zones: 13
3.2.5 Melt distribution line
With electrical heating
3.2.6 Spin pack
No. of holes: 8782

Hole diameter:F0.5mm

L/D ratio:5
Material for spinneret and distribution plate: heat-resistance SS
3.2.7 Monomer suction device
Drag motor: 2.2kW

4 Edge recycle extruder
4.1 Function
Used for recovery of edges, including A.C. regulating motor for recovery screw and complete temperature control system composed by temperature meter for each heating zone, solid relay and pt100 platinum resistance.
4.2 Technical data
Screw size: f105 x 15

5 Quenching and drawing system
5.1 Function
Used for the cooling and drawing of filaments, including a quenching chamber, upper drawing channel, middle drawing channel, lower drawing channel, and diffusion air duct. Double-side quenching is employed.
5.2 Technical data
Nominal working width: 1600mm

6 Web former
6.1 Function
Used as carrier for the drawn fiber webs, including a drive system for web forming belt, a suction channel device, a sealing device, an automatic correcting device, belt tensioning device, a frame and a pre-pressing roller
6.2 Technical data
Max. mechanical speed: 150m/min
Process speed: 10-130m/min
Air permeating ratio of web forming belt: 7000-8000m3/h.m2

7 Calender
7.1 Function
Used for bonding formed webs by pressure and heating.
7.2 Technical data
Process speed: 10-130m/min
Working width: 2000mm
Type of rollers: engraved upper roller and plain lower roller

8 Winder
8.1 Function
Used for winding the bonded webs on rolls.
8.2 Technical data
Process speed: 10-130m/min
Working width: 2000mm
Max. winding diameter: 1000mm

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