Supertec G32P-50CNC

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Manufacturer Supertec
Model G32P-50CNC
Year 1983
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Metalworking Machinery
Subcategory Metalworking Presses
ID P503203135

12.6'' Dia. 20'' Length Supertec G32P-50CNC OD GRINDER, Fanuc Oi-TC CNC;Reference Number: 137674;NEW SUPERTEC CNC UNIVERSAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDER;12.6" x 20" MODEL G32P-50CNC w/Straight Wheelhead;NOTE: PHOTO SHOWS G30A-50CNC MODEL;FEATURES;- FANUC Oi-TC CNC control, Fanuc AC drives and servo motors;with 2 year Fanuc warranty.;- Heavily ribbed box-type base is made of Meehanite;castings, providing excellent rigidity to ensure machine;stability.;- Table is fully supported in the full travel to avoid overhang.;- Hydraulics, coolant and lubrication systems are separated;from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat.;- Generously proportioned, the enlarged and properly sloped;drainage troughs underneath the wheelhead base provides rapid;coolant drainage needed during heavy duty grinding and prevents;thermal distortion of base.;- Sturdy rigid-designed workhead is electronically controlled;giving variable spindle speeds. Workhead swivels 90°CCW to 30°CW;for various grinding operations. A dual oil seal and cover;prevents coolant seepage into the workhead.;- The design of the tailstock is both rigid and robust. Housed;in a cast body, the hardened nitralloy steel sleeve is designed;to carry a MT4 center for G32/G38 and a MT3 Center forG20/G25.;- An Optional hydraulic tailstock with foot pedal is available;for easy loading and unloading of parts.;- A combination of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings;surrounded by a high pressure oil film, eliminates metal to metal;contact to provide high rigidity as well as high vibration;damping performance. (Except G20P/G25P);- A pressure switch interlock prevents spindle start-up until;oil pressure is established. This pressure switch interlock also;stops the spindle if oil pressure fails.;- The One V and one flat hand-scraped guideways are Turcite;coated and incorporated with an automatic lubrication system;precision ballscrew, AC servo motor and a 0.000004" linear;feedback system to ensure smooth movement of the wheelhead for;superior positioning accuracy and repeatability.;- The Rigid table with box-type structure travels on a cushion;of oil with no metal-to-metal contact.;- Z-axis positioning accuracy and repeatability is assured with;an AC servo motor and high precision, pre-tensioned ballscrews.;- A swiveling table dial indicator enables rapid cylindricity;corrections and taper grinding applications.;- Slideways, ballscrews and spindle are continuously lubricated;by an auto-lube system to ensure long service life and maintain;maximum accuracy.;- A highly-automated grinding system can be customized with a;wide selection of optional equipment...including an automatic OD;sizing device, gap control, crash control and touch probe for axial;positioning.;- The hinged, swing-down internal grinding attachment (optional);swings down into working position easily and quickly. A patented;locking device adds safety as it prevents the ID attachment from;swinging down abruptly. (Except G32A/38A Series);SPECIFICATIONS;GENERAL CAPACITY;Swing over table: 12.6";Distance between centers: 20";Max. grinding diameter: 12";Max. load between centers: 330 lbs;GRINDING WHEEL;Diameter x Width x Bore: 18"x 2"x 6";Wheel speed: 1390 rpm;Max. peripheral speed: 109 ft/sec;WHEELHEAD;Sliding angle: 90 degrees;Automatic rapid traverse: 236 in/min;Infeed travel: 9";Min. increment infeed: 0.000010";TAILSTOCK;Quill Travel 1";Center taper: MT4 (option MT5);WORKHEAD;Spindle speed (variable): 30~350 rpm;Center taper: MT4 (option MT5);Spindle type: Fixed & Rotary;Diameter of bore: 0.91";INTERNAL GRINDING SPINDLE;Spindle speed: 12000/18000 rpm (std.) or 25000 rpm (opt.);Max. grinding bore: 1.18"-3.94" or 0.79" - 1.97";Max. grinding length: 4.33" or 2.17";Max. chucking length: 8" ~ 12.4";Max. chucking diameter: 6";TABLE;Swiveling angle 9 degrees;(C.C.W);Rapid feederate: 0-393 in/min;Min. increment feed: 0.0001";MOTORS;Wheel spindle motor: 7.5 HP;Workhead motor: 2 HP;Hydraulic pump: 2 HP;Lubrication pump:.25 HP;Coolant pump:.25 HP;Wheelhead (X axis) Motor [Fanuc]: 0.8 HP;Table (Z Axis) Motor [Fanuc]: 0.8 HP;MACHINE;Net weight (Semi-enclosed): 9240 lbs;Gross weight including packing: 10120 lbs;Packing dimension: 137"x 92"x 82"(L x W x H);STANDARD ACCESSORIES;- FANUC Oi-TC CNC Controller;- Diamond dresser;- Table dial gauge;- Wheel extractor;- Halogen lamp;- Balancing stand w/ arbor;- Infinite variable workhead;- Grinding wheel w/ flange;- Semi-enclosed splash guard;- Leveling screws w/ blocks;- Operation manual with parts list;- Tool box w/ adjusting tools;- Coolant system w/ magnetic separator;- Carbide tip centers;- Lube oil temperature regulator (G32A/G38A);SPECIAL OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES (call for pricing);AUTOMATION SYSTEMS;- Hydraulic tailstock;- SBS Dynamic balance system (include factory installation);- MARPOSS Crash control;- MARPOSS Gap control;- MOVOMATIC Auto sizing device (0.4" - 2.4");- MARPOSS Auto sizing device (0.4" - 3.15");- MARPOSS Touch probe;BACK PLATES & SCROLL CHUCKS;- 3-Jaw scroll chuck (4") (must order with 4" back plate);- 3-Jaw scroll chuck (5") (must order with 5" back plate);- 3-Jaw scroll chuck (6") (must order with 6" back plate);- 3-Jaw scroll chuck (8") (must order with 8" back plate);- 4-Jaw independent chuck (8") (must order with 8" back plate);- 4-Jaw independent chuck (6") (must order with 6" back plate);- 5C Back plates;- Regular Back plates (various sizes depending on chuck);- Fixed back plates (various sizes depending on chuck);COOLANT SYSTEMS (upgrades from the std. coolant);- Coolant sys. w/mag. separator & paper filter (20L/min, 80L);- Coolant system w/paper filter (20L/min, 80L);- Coolant sys. w/mag. separator & paper filter (60L/min, 140L);- Coolant system w/paper filter (60L/min, 140L);COLLETS & COLLET CLOSERS;- Royal manual lever type 5C collet closer;- Royal air-operated 5C collet closer (must order w/air control);- Kit w/hand-operated valve for air 5C (must order with air 5C);- Kit w/foot-operated valve for air 5C (must order with air 5C);- Lyndex 5C collets (sizes from 3/64" - 1 1/8");DRESSING & GRINDING ATTACHMENT;- 2-Point diamond dresser;- 3-Point diamond dresser;- Internal grinding attachment;STEADY RESTS;- 2-Point steady rests (various sizes);- 3-Point steady rests (various sizes);OTHER ACCESSORIES;- Grinding wheels;- Spare wheel flanges;- Lube oil temperature regulator;- 460V Transformer (15KVA);- Full enclosure splash guard w/oil & mist separator

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