takaya APT-8400cj

Manufacturer Takaya
Model APT-8400cj
Year 1996
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category PCB and Semiconductor
Subcategory PCB Inspection
ID P80829007
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DOM: March 1996

Windows XP computer
APT-8400 for Windows CE/CJ version 4.1-8c operating system
Optical Test System replaced by Colorado Video 620 X-Y Indicator for camera alignment.

Four Independently moving topside probers
Test Speeds up to 0.04 seconds

Repeatability of +/- 50 microns
Positioning resolution of 20 microns
Minimum pitch of 0.20 microns between probe pins
Fixtureless tester APT-8400CJ are In-circuit Board Testers (MDA) which use a revolutionary new moving probe system where 3 or 4 probes are moved to the various test points. Since no conventional Bed-of-Nails (so-called Pin board) is required and the creation of test data is all that is required, it reduces running costs to practically zero. With this great advantage they also offer easy inspection of SMT boards and are ideally suited for small quantities, large production lots, or prototypes. Takaya offers the APT-8400CJ boasting the world's No. 1 installed base of Fixtureless testers.

Flying Prober, Fixtureless Tester with AOI Vision
?4 Probe Highspeed In-Circuit system
?Bottom side 2 adjustable probes
?Automatic Correction Function for X,Y co-ordinates
?Programming methods of X,Y co-ordinates: CAD data, Digitizer & Teaching System
?Micro-Camera system using board reference points
?High Speed Stepping Motor (Torque type)
?IC Open Test System (optional) underside test unit, VXI frame and power unit
?Vision System (option) Micro-CDD-Camera optical test with full auto X,Y co-ordinates correction
?In-Line Version, Includes automatic loading unit inside the tester
?Printer (Ticket)
PC board size

L x W:
Max.500X380mm / Min.80X70mm


Top side parts:
20mm or less

Bottom side parts:
90mm or less
PC board non-mountable area:
Each 3mm at front and rear side (top and bottom)
PC board shape:
Rectangle or square
PC board weight:
Less than 3Kgf
Conveyor direction:
Left to right, or left to right (optional designation at order)
Adjustment of conveyor width:
Front: reference / Rear: adjustable (manual)
Conveyor belt:
Timing belt (anti-static type)
Conveyor speed:
About 10m/minute
Conveyor height:
FL900mm (.5 / +15mm)
Reform of PC board warp:
Reform by automatic clamp mechanism and up/down support bars
PC board set:
Stopper and guide pins
Signal tower:
2 colors type (red/ green) with buzzer
Control system:
Air supply:
5-6Kgf/ cm² (dry clean air)
Air Consumption:
max. 62N l/minute, average: about 7N l/minute
Power supply:
Same as the standard stand·alone model

APT- 8400CJ
Contact probes:
Test speed:

Combination test method:

0.04-0.065/ step maximum

Single test method:

0.11 -0.15S/step maximum
Positioning repeatability accuracy:

± 50microns
Min. positioning resolution:
Min. probe contact pitch:
0.2mm, approx.
Probe mounting angle:

Probe 1:
X= -16°
Y= -10°

Probe 2:
x= -5°
Y= +5°

Probe 3: X= +5°
Y= -5°

Probe 4:
X= +l6°
Y= +10°
Internal measurement sources

DC constant voltage:

DC constant current 1:
500nA ~ 50mA

DC constant current 2: 100µA ~ 10mA

AC constant voltage: 70mVrms (f= 1.6 KHz, 16 KHz, 160 KHz)
Measuring ranges [minimum resolution]

0.4O ~ 40MO [ 1 mO ]

4pF ~ 40mF [ 0.01pF ]

4µH ~ 40H [ 0.01µH ]

Diode/ transistor junctions:
0.1V ~ 2.5V [ 1 mV ]

Zener diodes:
0.4V ~ 40V [ 10mV ]

DC voltage measurement:
40mV ~ 40V [0.1mV ]

Short/ open measurement:
1.0O ~ 400O (Programmable threshold level)

Transistors containing resistors:
ON check between C-E
Test steps (maximum):
It is different by RAM capacity of PC. (Max.32,000 steps)
Two points/ step
Pass/ Fail judgment data:
From good sample board
Judgment tolerance set:
+1 ~ 999% - 1 ~ 99% or over/ less than ref. value, absolute value
Dimension of testable board (maximum):
W 500mm x D 400mm

Top side parts:
20mm or less (including board thickness)

Bottom side parts:
100mm or less
Positioning method of testable board:
Guide pins and guide rails
Programming method of X-Y co-ordinates:
1 - CAD data, 2 - Digitizer,
3 - Teaching
Stepping motor, high speed and high torque type
Power supply:
AC 200, 220, 240V ± 5% 50/ 60Hz 2KV A
Environmental requirements:
10°C ~ 30°C / Humidity:
35 - 70%
Dimensions / weight:
W1290mm x D1080mm x H1250m @ 1,100Kgs

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