Manufacturer Tecnomaco
Model FC4
Year 2014
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Liquid Filling Equipment
ID P41105005
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The machine has following characteristics:
• Strong structure covered by stainless steel panels;
• Stainless steel cabinet for control panel with digital touch screen display;
• Electrical plant managed by PLC and encoder;
• Safety guards with stainless steel frame and glass doors with microswitchs;
• All parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel 316L, Teflon or other approved materials;
• Easy change size;
• Each part has been designed to aid cleaning;
• Production speed variation by mean of inverter (electronic variation).

The machine is composed by following working stations:
• Vibrating bowl to feed plastic vials to the infeed conveyor belt of the machine. The vials will be put manually by the operator in the vibrating bowl;
• Plastic vials infeed conveyor belt (the vials move in horizontal position);
• Intermittent motion starwheel for vials transport under filling and capping stations;
• Filling station with 2 dosing groups each one composed by stainless steel valve, glass syringe without gasket, silicon rubber pipe and stainless steel nozzle that enters the vial mouth;
• Automatic feeding and capping station for screw caps composed by vibrating bowl, conveyor belt, pre-screwing head and magnetic clutch screwing head to ensure the same closing torque for each bottle.
• Vials outfeed on descending guide in a random way.

The machine has following control devices:
? Vials infeed minimum queue;
? Screw caps infeed minimum queue;
? Screw cap presence on vial mouth with machine stop in case of no cap on vial mouth.

Esteemed production speed with liquids very similar to water and not foamy:
• Up to 50 vials per minute (depending on product to dose, volume to dose and materials characteristics)

The machine can be configured up to your production needs.

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