Urola USP-4

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Manufacturer Urola
Model USP-4
Year 2001
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Plastics
Subcategory Blow Moulding
ID P51209003
Price on request

Blow moulder machine with 4 cavities for 5-liter bottle.
Dimensions with feeder preforms: 5695 x 4950 x 3600 mm

Weight: 10,000 kg

Installed power: 157.55 kW:
- Engine preform rotation: 0.37 kW
- Engine turning pallets chain: 7.5 kW
- Power preform tempering furnace. 128 kW
- Power tempering oven vent preform: 1.1 kW
- Motor power closing molds 1: 5.5 kW
- Motor power closing molds 2: 5.5 kW
- Engine stretching group 1: 7.5 kW
- Feeder preforms: 1 kW
- Power supply 24v DC 10th: 0.45 kW
- Transformer command: 0.63 kW

Data for cooling circuit:
- Water inlet temperature: 7 ° C - 11 ° C
- Consumption: 4 m3 / hour
- Pressure: 4 kg / cm2
- Cooling capacity: 30000 Kcal / hour

Data for the pneumatic circuit and low pressure:
- Pressure: 7 kg / cm2
- Consumption: 30 NI / min (cold)

Data corresponding to the high pressure pneumatic circuit:
- Pressure: 40 kg / cm2
- Consumption: 410NI / min (dry, without oil and cold)

Possibility of four or two cavities per mold:
- Four cavities:
Production: 4500 bottles / hour
Overall dimensions of the container: 130 mm diameter and 350 mm in height
- Two cavities
Production: 1500 bottles / hour
Overall dimensions of the container: 170 mm diameter and 350 mm in height

Maximum boost pressure: 40 Bar

The main parts of the machine are:
-the preform feeder
- the preforms introducer
-the chain pallets
-the oven
-the blowing press
-the bottle extractor

The feeder system is designed for transport, sorting and continuous supply of preforms in the correct position in the stretch blow machine
The hopper is provided with a detection system filling level. The launch of the tape lift occurs when a low level filling ramps preforms into the introducer is detected. Preforms output occurs when detecting that the guides carrying the preforms to the USP-4 reach a minimum level of preforms.
The introducer element preform is responsible for collecting the preforms slide rails and go introducing the corresponding pallets in the pallet chain.
The metering device preforms are two barriers, both controlled by a pneumatic cylinder double acting, controlled by solenoid piloted by the PLC program, synchronized with discontinuous movement of the chain of pallets, are responsible for conducting the dosage of preforms in feeder guides to make the introducer preform is properly fed.
Chain pallets is the machine element that is responsible for driving each preform from the introducer of preforms through the modules of the furnace, until the press, where it is stretched and blown to transport after packaging and manufactured and refrigerated containers to the extractor.
The oven is part of the machinery responsible for heating the preforms to the temperature specified from the command post. The oven comprise 8 modules of 8 commercial lamps each.
In the press part of the machine that are stretched PET preforms are blown. Basically it is a table on which are located all over the mold and the processes needed to manufacture packaging (opening and closing of molds, movement of funds, air discharges, movements stretch and approach are made , etc.).
The bottle extractor is the element responsible for collecting the refrigerated containers from the chain pallets and removing them from the machine.

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