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Uhlmann's C300(X) intermittent motion cartoner for the packaging of small and medium-sized batches of blisters promises a high standard of process reliability and a long service life. This cartoner is ideal for the packaging of blisters.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

The working stations of the cartoner are driven by the main drive. The control panel houses operating controls, signal lamps and a keyboard. The keyboard is provided for the operation of the Microcomputer control system. Stacks of carton flats are loaded onto a conveyor belt and transported to the carton magazine by the driving power provided by a pneumatic cylinder. Cartons are transported from the carton magazine to the carton chain by the carton feeder. During transport on the carton feeder, the cartons are picked off from the magazine, opened up, overbroken and finally fed in erected form into the carton chain. During transport on the carton chain, the erected cartons are filled with blister packs, provided with a leaflet, embossed with a code, glued, closed and delivered to the outfeed conveyor. The accelerator belt transports the blisters fed in over the transfer conveyor to the magazine infeed by means of a conveyor belt. Blisters fed in over the accelerator belt are accepted by the magazine infeed. Blisters are then delivered to the blister counting system via a vertical magazine. The blister counting system provides for delivery of the pre-set number of blisters into the cassettes of the runner unit. Then blisters arrive at the product loader for insertion into the erected cartons. Leaflets are introduced into the cartons in advance of the blister stack by the action of the leaflet pre-insertion unit. Leaflets are loaded only partially into the erected cartons, final loading is performed simultaneously with the blister stack. In the closing station, the cartons filled with blister packs are fully closed off then they are discharged from the machine via the outfeed conveyor. Complete with GUK leaflet folder and code control system ARGUS LAETUS.

Year of construction: 1993

Length mm 6000
Width mm 1550
Height mm 1700
Net weight Kg 4000
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage Volt 380/220
Rated current A 8
Fuse rating max A 20
Compressed air consumption 6-10 Nm3
Supply pressure 5-8 bar
Output max 300 cartons/min
Carton format range min. 30x15x65 mm
Carton format range max. 75x75x150 mm
Leaflet format min. 100x80 mm
Leaflet format max. 210x300 mm

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Listing information

Manufacturer Uhlmann
Model C300(X)
Year 1993
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Cartoner
ID P01214172

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