Vision Automati VA350 COLORVISI

Manufacturer Vision Automati
Year -
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Inspection Equipment
ID P80911076

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The Colorvision/Pacvision system is a flexible vision inspection system mainly designed for fill control of blister packs in blister packaging lines of similar thermoforming and packaging applications.
The system can inspect and verify tablets, multicoloured capsules, dragées, ampoules with colour ring codes, syringes and similar products packed in a pattern. Other similar but more complex applications are found with display cases for toys etc.
The system is designed to be very flexible and at the same time very easy and simple to use. It is operated via an interactive track-ball / screen dialog where the operator manipulates texts and graphics to adjust the system. The menu text is deliverable in several languages.
The vision functions in the system includes:
• Colour distribution verification
• Size and position verification
• Automatic learn and placement functions
• Pixel counter tools
• Shift register
By combining these tools properly it is possible to create optimum inspections on most blister machines on an unlimited range of products.
Using the inspection tools it is possible to inspect blister packs for a number of defects:
• Missing products
• Partly missing or defect products
• Wrongly placed products
• Wrong colour or discoloured products
• Products outside pockets
Defect blisters will be detected if they do not meet the specified tolerances. Empty blister packs and/or blister packs containing wrong coloured products and/or products outside pockets can be rejected separately subject to system settings.
The first ColorVision / PacVision system was delivered in 1989 and several generations of the product exist. These systems are being phased out. The more modern and powerful system VisioChrom / VisioPan with added speed and new advanced tools but also including the same basic functionality is now the preferred system for this type of applications.
VA350 COLORVISION compact, flexible and productive vision system. VA350 COLORVISION is a flexible and efficient colour quality inspection system for pharmaceutical quality inspection. With experience from machine producers with more than 2000 installations in the pharmaceutical industry and with analysis and implementation of many requirements from customers VA350 proves to be a qualified and solid vision system.
VA350 COLORVISION characteristics: ? Options for intermittant and continuous production. ? Unrestricted formats. ? Fill and breakage inspection of tablets, dragées, capsules, gelatine products in various shapes, ampoules, colour code rings, syringes and labels in different foils: transparent, opal, dyed aluminium foils ? Reliable operation through many methods of measurement. ? Comprehensive collection of statistics for each blister. ? Mountable on almost all blister machines. ? Simple display of symbols on monitor for measurement results, green = ok, red = error. Pharmaceutical security. ? Possible to validate. ? Protection of set-up and inspection data with key lock. ? Detection of serial errors. ? Possible to enter production and product data. ? Statistics for the pharmaceutical filling protocol. ? Continuously running system check routines and unbreakable output signals. ? Quality guarantee through complete inspection. ? Detection of empty blisters for separate rejection. ? CIM integration possibility. System components. A typical VA350 COLORVISION system consists of the following items: ? Vision computer. ? CCD camera. ? Colour monitor - VGA. ? Trackball. ? Light for transillumination or ? Light for overhead light. ? Read/write unit for saving on external memory card. ? Mechanical components. VA350 COLORVISION is easy to integrate. VA350 is a vision system, which can easily be adapted to different configurations. ? It can work as an independent inspection system. ? It can be integrated with different shift registers: - MSR - Lässle-SR - Integrated shift registers - Or own internal shift register (option). ? It can be integrated with existing control systems e.g. PACCONTROL. ? It can interface with a host-computer system. VA350 COLORVISION is fast. ? VA350 can inspect up to 28.000 products/minute ? Machine speed up to 70 strokes/minute. Even faster in case of smaller formats.
Technical data. ? VA350 PACVISION uses up to 2 high-resolution shuttered CCD cameras. ? 32 bit microprocessor. ? Image resolution from 512 x 256 pixels to 1024 x 1024 pixels standard. ? Up to 400 products per inspection. ? Up to 24 blisters per machine feed. ? 8 inputs - Trigger inputs. - Key input. ? 24 outputs - Result outputs for OK-blisters. - Valid synchronization signals. - Signal for empty blisters. - Consecutive errors signal. - System control signal. ? Optional up to 64 in- and outputs. ? Serial data channels RS-232 - Trackball. - Read/write unit for memory card. - Printer. - PC, PLC, Host computer.

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