Wamit WMT3020-ZL waterjet cutting machine with Dynamic AC 5 axis 60 degree cutting head

Last availability: Sept. 13, 2021

Listing description

waterjet cutting machine with Dynamic AC 5 axis 60 degree cutting head
Max. Oil Discharge: 90 L/min Max. Water Discharge: 3.7 L/min
Max. Diameter Of Orifice: 0.33mm Maximum Pressure: 420 MPa
Continuous Operating Pressure: 300-390MPa
Power Requirement: 37KW,380V/50HZ ( Can Do 220V And 415V)
Intensifier: Imported From USA
Usage: Stone Water Jet Cutting
Motor And PLC: SIEMENS Drive Method: Servo Driving

1. we promise 2 years( 2000 hours) warranty always. and have got CE certificate
2. we use flow type cutting head, the cutting efficiency is at least 10% higher.
3. the abrasive sand hopper beside the cutting head is also flow design.
4. we have new technology that can make the machine moving speed is to 20-30m/min. normal speed is 6m/min as you see. if this technology used in pure water cutting, the cutting cost will reduce 50%. if using other materials cutting like glass , marble, steel, the cutting cost will also 20-30% reduced. but of course , the machine with this function price will be a little higher.
5. we use soft cover of the linear guider, can prevent dust away from the linear guider, so keep the linear guider keep precision longer.
6. we assemble an auto oil feeding to linear guider, so customer needn't maintenance the linear guider always.
7. seperated body.
8. we will send a remote control pendent.
9. we have the world most convenient abrasive sand removing system, in the video address, you can check the video. it can be used for any brand water jet cutting machine, maybe you can promote this system in your country and other countries. please check the attachment.
10. we also have one marble mosaic heat press machine, this is widely used in marble mosaic making factory, I don't know what's the situation of marble mosaic making in your country, in China , our this system sells good. please check the attachment.
11. we don't produce 300mpa and 380mpa pump, we supply 420mpa pump ,but as you see, the price of whole machine is not increased, we hope to provide better cutting feeling to customers.
12. we use variable pump, so can reduce electricity cost for customers.
13. we can do 220V and 415v also.
14. like height tracking system, positioning system , we can also provide.
15. all our components are SCHNEIDER brand
16. the motor and PLC are SIEMENS brand.
17. we can provide 5 axis with 10 degree and 3D 5 axis 60 degree.

18. use 10mm steel for water tank supporter and use 8mm steel for beam, keep the machine working more stable.

19. use JAPAN YASKAWA servo motor.

20. imported TAIWAN HIWIN ball screw and linear guider

21. imported USA intensifier and TAIWAN accumulator and high pressure assembly and low pressure assembly

Pressure Range 50-420MPA, continuous pressure is 330-380Mpa
Maximum Flow of Hydraulic Pump 90 L/min
Maximum Discharge Capacity 3.7 L/min
Maximum Diameter of Gem Nozzle 0.33 mm
Power of Master Motor 37 KW
Power Source 380V/50HZ, also work at 220V/60HZ, 415V
Cutting Table Item Parameter
3020 X axis Characteristic
use strong 10mm steel, can use longer

time. 3000mm cutting width.

The cutting table width is 3200mm

Y axis Characteristic
Cast iron is used as the foundation base ,

2000MM CUTTING LENGTH . The cutting table

length is 2200mm.

Z axis Characteristic
Z axis double linear guide and four

sliding block , 170MM, CAN DO 200MM

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Last availability: Sept. 13, 2021

Listing information

Manufacturer Wamit
Model WMT3020-ZL
Year 2020
Country China China
Condition Good
Main category Metalworking Machinery
Subcategory Flame or waterjet Cutter
ID P10913542

Last availability: Sept. 13, 2021

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