Manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Berstroff, Pallmann, Smb David, Kurtz, Akkaya, Kraemer, Atlas Copco
Model ZE75, ZE60, KE250, KE150, VSD3000, VSD1400, PFV315, PFV250
Year 2008
Country Turkey Turkey
Condition Excellent
Main category Complete Plants
Subcategory Plastics Manufacturing Plant
ID P90809005

Description Brand Model Year
XPS Extrusion Line
Extruder 1, 850 kg/h capacity BERSTROFF ZE75 2005
Extruder 2, 850 kg/h capacity BERSTROFF KE250
Down-Stream Equipment , 55m long SMB DAVID N/A 2005
XPS Extrusion Line
Extruder 1, 450 kg/h capacity BERSTROFF ZE60 2008
Extruder 2, 450 kg/h capacity BERSTROFF KE150
Down-Stream Equipment SMB DAVID N/A 2008
EPS production line
EPS Expander KURTZ VSD1400 2006
Shape molding machine KURTZ K11.21 2006
Block machine KURTZ EC 2006
Scrap silos, 2 sets, 60 cbm each KURTZ Antistatic 2008
Production silos, 24 sets, 50 cbm each KURTZ Antistatic 2006
Hot Wire Cutter DINGELDEIN OS/QS-400 2006
Crusher NET ENG. 2006
EPS Expander KURTZ VSD3000 2010
Shape molding machine, thickness range: 30-70mm KURTZ K13.517 2010
EPS production line
EPS Expander AKKAYA ASM-B1200 2008
Block machine, 12-15pieces/h AKKAYA ABM-W4000 2008
Vacuum tanks and accessories AKKAYA 2008
Degassing silos, 15 sets, 37 cbm each AKKAYA 2012
Scrap silos, 6 sets, 37 cbm each AKKAYA 2012
Double Mixer; 15 cbm NET ENG. 2006
Dust Removal machine AKKAYA ATM500 2008
Crusher AKKAYA AKM 1230 2008
Crushing machine Local 2008
Wire cutting line AKKAYA AKH400 2008
XPS Recycling unit,250 kg/h
Granulating machine PALLMANN PFV 250/20 2005
Crusher PALLMANN PHK 120x700 2005
Shredding machine and chip collection silos KRAMER 2005
Filtration system, 250 kg/h capacity KRAMER AU050716 2005
XPS Recycling unit, 315 kg/h
Granulating machine PALLMANN FV315/20 2008
Crusher PALLMANN PSHG500X700 PHK120*900 2007
Shredding machine KRAMER 2008
Filtration system, 350 kg/h capacity KRAMER AU061381 2008
Ventilation system REFLEKS&PAKPEN 2009
Gas detection and alarm installation SET 2013
Automatic fire extinguishing system (foam) YANSAN 2013
Combustion tester M Zeitler 2007
Heat transfer coefficient tester LaserComp Thermoflex 900 Fox 314 2007
Various Lab devices (compression,moisture testers, sample cutter, microscope, etc.) Sartorius MA30 MIKRO VU M321 2001
Shrink packaging machine HELING CI1300 AX 2011
Shrink packaging machine ÖNERSAN DM782,T1500 2010
Wire cutting line KAYNAKLAR 2010
EPS-XPS compressed air installation KAYNAKLAR/PAKPEN
Air compressor, screw type DALGAKIRAN TIDY40B 2008
Air compressor, screw type ATLAS COPCO GA50VSD 2005
Air compressor, screw type (7,5bar) ATLAS COPCO GA37+ 2006
Air compressor, screw type (10bar) ATLAS COPCO GA37+ 2006
Compresse Air Dryer ATLAS COPCO FD110
Compresse Air Dryer ATLAS COPCO FD170 2006
Water supply and conditioning system
Water softening set, 10 cbm / h SOFTECH 2006
Reverse-osmosis unit, 10 m³ / h capacity, double membrane reservoir, front with filter 2009
Cooling towers, 2 sets 600,000 kcal/h and 270,000 kcal/h YOLYAPI SKC-5C; and S60-2C 2006
Cooling towers, 1 sets 270.000kcal/h NİBA MFK 4x4 2008
EPS-XPS production facility electrical installation
Transformer; 2000kVA capacity
"Switch unit, HV-LV panels, main control and compensation panel,electrical lines,
secondary control panels and plant technical fittings, trafos"
EPS steam system;
Steam boiler, 3 tonnes/h capacity ERENSAN HPS 3025 2006
Steam boiler, 3 tonnes/h capacity ERENSAN HDR300 2008
Burner Riello GAS9P/M
Filtering Unit for Styropore KAYMAK 2015
CO2 gas cooler FRYKA DLK 2002 2014
Various spare parts, screw/barrel, flanges, etc. 2015
Shape molding machine, incl. molds for 10 pc. KURTZ K13.517 2012

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