Koda Machinę x Plastic machine Low working hours

Year: 2020

Machines for the production of gloves I will sell a complete technological line for the production of foil gloves, 2x sealing line, 2x entertainment, 2x press for perforating the hole and a tape packing machine.

Flyingman China FMHZ-400A Cutting machine from roll to sheet.

Year: 2023

Cutting machine from roll to sheet. Technical details Model: FMHZ-400A Power voltage: 220V / 1.2 kw Cutting length: 0.1----- 9999.9mm Cutting width: 0.1 -----400mm Cutting speed: 36m/minute max. Cutter material: SKD11 Bearing: Imported SOO6Z Panel material: Stainless steel Feed roller: PUR, 48mm diameter, plastic hardness upper 35° and lower 75° Cutter motor: Reducer motor 250W Feeding motor: Stepping closed loop …

Hegler Hp200/4.2 Corrugator plastic machine

Year: 2010

Corrugator plastic machine With mold 110 mm Just turned on 3 times Hegler company (Germany)

C.M.S 36/18 PX5 ATOM 5-axis machining center for soft materials Low working hours

Year: 2016

C.M.S ATOM 5-axis machining center The model is the 36/18 PX5 ATOM 5 axes 16-tool loader Year 2016 This is a machine for machining soft materials (machinable board, foam....) 7426h More information on request

SUMMIT PLASTIC MACHINERY SSD - 750A bag making machine

Year: 2010

Side weld bag making machine SUMMIT PLASTIC MACHINERY. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ________________________________________ • Welding Width: 700 mm • Bag Length (Max): 750 mm • Bag Length (Min): 75 mm • Cycles Per Minute: 200 U/min • Drive: Servo • Number Of Lanes: 1 OTHER SPECIFICATIONS: ________________________________________ Materials: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE; LLDPE and recycled Welding width min.-max. (mm): 75 - 700 Material …

ROLL O MATIC Delta 1100 production of T-shirt bags Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2016

Machine manufacturer: ROLL O MATIC Machine model: DELTA 1100 Year of manufacturing: 2016 Materials: HDPE – LDPE - BIO Condition: in production Working hours: 812 Hours Complete line: YES Machine dimension: (length 17.5m /width 3.5m /height (2.5m to 3.3m) Welding width: 900 (3 X 300) Plastic type bag: T-shirt bag / bottom seal bag Final positioning of the bags: roll …

3d printer Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Low working hours

Year: 2023

3d printer Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle (Bundle = S5 + Air Manager + Material Station), Ultimaker Tough PLA Noir, Ultimaker PLA Bleu, PETG Ultimaker Gris, TPU 95A Bleu Ultimaker You can find more information inhere : https://www.makershop.fr/packs-imprimante-3d/2862-ultimaker-s5-pro-bundle.html We paid 9500 euros, options included, in January 2023. It is fully working and all original parts, spares and manuals included. Accessories and …

S-600 Shrink bag making machine

Year: 2008

Entry level or backup machine for production of thermoshrinkable bags out of shrink tubing. Web width 500 mm. Seal types: straight bottom seal, side seal, round bottom seal. Machine is dismantled and moved to storage to make room.

Meyer Tyre Clamp 5-3722G-16 tire clamp

Year: 2018

almost new tire grabber and inexpensive loader can be sold separately, possibly together loader + tire gripper machine

Stainless steel heating and stirring tank - 1000 kg mixter (new)

Year: 2024

Manufactured in 2024. Mixer and heater for plastic pellets. Perfect for recycled raw material or pigments mix. Totaly new. Sold due to failed factory opening project. - Motor power: 3 kw/h - Heating power: 15 kw/h - Revolving speed: 280r/min - Thickness of shell: 1,5 mm - Weight: 800 kg - Size: U1300 * 2500 mm Excellent condition, only superficial …

NEW OMAP WDS250.E-600 Plastic machine

Year: 2024

The Wheel Dehumidifier, WDS.E series, capable of operating at constant dew point (dew point) has the following technical features: * Microprocessor control panel with touch screen display, with integrated NEBULA interface card that allows if connected, access to 4.0 ready, remote management and data collection and be able to access the 36-month warranty when combined with scheduled coupons. * 400V±10%/3 …

BRT Hartner Schilz-O-Mat plastic bag ripper

Year: 2016

Plastic bag ripper An operational BRT Hartner (Schilz-O-Mat) brand device for tearing, emptying plastic bags and transferring their contents by conveyor belt. The design makes it possible to tear and empty waste bags of different sizes without disturbing their contents. The machine underwent a major overhaul in 2016 (year of manufacture 1998).

Used NIG Granulation Machine BF 150/25 - granulator for PE and PP

Year: 2018

100kw wire single screw granulator for PE and PP Machine visible under power in South of Italy

Autoclave IREA TECH IR-PC-750-960L

Year: 2022

We are selling Autoclave that has been used in period of April 2023 - October 2023, therefore the condition is perfect. For any more information, don´t hesitate to contact me. 1. Precise PID Temperature Control 2. Convenient Usage & Operation (Main Control Panel installed right next to the chamber) 3. Outstanding insulation and sealing to prevent from any leakage 4. …

AEM AEM-SMT-N 10 KW Plastic machine Low working hours

Year: 1998

The SMT- Rotary high frequency welding machine is made up of 3 modules: 1- PRESS. It is operated by a hydraulic cylinder (SH) or by a pneumatic cylinder (SN). 2-OSCILLATOR. It provides stabilized frequency 27,12 +- 0,6 % Mhz. with its corresponding power supply and rectification. 3- CONTROL CABINET. It gives access, by means of an external panel, to the …

Schüchl UHG – 500 Easy vacuum chamber Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2018

I would like to offer the UHG 500 Easy vacuum chamber. It was purchased in 2018 at a price of €24,980, has been in operation for a total of 510 hours and is in very good condition. In addition to two Memmert ovens (see attachment), the vacuum chamber also includes a handling table with a load capacity of 1,000 kg, …

Two machines FAS BWU 1100 garbage bag production Hot deal

Year: 2017

BWU 1100 (2015) BWU 1100(2017) Max air pressure: 600 kPa Euroline – optimized for in- or off-line garbage bag production • Basic converting line for garbage bag production including a non driven C-folder • In- or Offline configuration – with or without surface unwind • Flexible unit, easy to operate and maintain • Servo driven • A combination of well …

MAMAMTA WIN 305 foil bag sealing machine

Year: 2018

MAMAMTA WIN 305 foil bag sealing machine Technical condition (on a scale of 1-10): 10 Year of manufacture 2018. 0 production mileage. Status - after startup. Possibility of testing.

ELWA ELB 1300 bag machine +Dietrich electronik perforator Hot deal

Year: 1988

Elwa bag machine +Dietrich electronik perforator , max. whidth sealing 1250mm , min. 300mm . Thickness from 2x0,02 -0.2 . Speed 110cycles/minute when was new . Needles collection for the bags.

Class Engineering PSF PRE STRETCH 250 Plastic machine Low working hours

Year: 2015

Mechanical speed 1200 m/min Maximum pre-stretch 400% (1m = 5m) Thickness of the film 5....30 mm Film width 300....550 mm Finished roll diameter, at most 250 mm Jumbo (mother) roll diameter, at most 500 mm