HET-ANKE Hetfil 2000L

Year: 2012

3 suction filter systems HET-ANKE, Hetfil 2000L, 2012, 1500m³/h, lamellar filter element (5m² filter surface, 75m³/m²h filter surface load, polyester with PTFE membrane), safety filter element (18m², filter class H13, 610x610x149mm), weight 240Kg, dust type : various, dry & pourable,

FAM MOD. PFP 250 SS316 - Filter basket for liquids used

Year: 2018

DESCRIPTION: The PFP series filters with removable basket are installed upstream of the electric pumps, to prevent coarse bodies from obstructing and damaging the impellers. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The Filter Basket is built entirely in AISI 316 L for the filtration of fluids compatible with the construction material. The basket …

Hot air sterilizer Chirana (BMT) HS 121A


Type: HS 121A Producer: Chirana (BMT) Made in: Characteristic: Chamber volume: 120 l Power supply: 230 V Maximum temperature: 250 C


Year: 2002

REF-2250 EVAPCO EVAPORATIVE CONDENSER (D-11) Manufacturer: EVAPCO Model: LRC-155 Serial number: 1/24829 Year 2002 Refrigerant type: NH3 - ammonia Fan motor: 11kW; 400/630V; 50Hz Pump motor: 1.1kW; 230/400V; 50Hz Overall dimensions: width 1,550mm, length 5,100mm, height 2,200mm

Hitecsa ACHBZ-401 air-conditioning heat exchanger

Year: 2006

Hitecsa ACHBZ-401 air-conditioning heat exchanger year 2006

Used AAF Leister - Filtering unit


DESCRIPTION: The suction arm for welding fumes is a robust filtration unit built for frequent use and requires minimal maintenance. Its durable steel housing is powder coated and hermetically sealed to ensure there are no air leaks. Offers unmatched welding smoke removal performance, anytime, anywhere. Versatile portability and simple filter replacement make this unit the perfect choice for companies looking …

BOTT workshop workbench + 220 and 380 V electrical cabinet


Equipped with 9 drawers: 4 drawers interior height 30 mm 4 drawers interior height 50 mm 1 drawer interior height 190 mm Supplied with a key 1 electrical cabinet voltage 380 V and 220 V 2000 x 680 x 850mm

Aglomerador 75 KW (100 CV) 1x1 m


Agglomerator Motor: 75 KW (100 HP), tank measurements: 1 m high, 1 m diam. Distribution panel.

CFM MOD. 046XP3 - Pneumatic conveyor used

Year: 1995

DESCRIPTION: The machine has been designed and built according to the precise requirements of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The ideal use of the pneumatic conveyor is on compression machines, capsule fillers, on mixers where it is necessary to dose small and constant quantities of materials. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: …

Thermal clamp Bilz ISG 3200-WK

Year: 2017

Producer: Bilz Made in: 2017 Characteristic: In good technical condition.

Loader Svecia Harrier

Year: 1993

Producer: Svecia Made in: 1993 Characteristic: In good technical condition.

Rectangular sieving table with trays used


DESCRIPTION: This rectangular stainless-steel vibrating table uses an excellent vibrating motor as a source of energy, so that the materials can be thrown on the sieve and forward to make a straight movement. It can be equipped with one or more screens to remove impurities, remove dust, wash, select, dehydrate etc. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical …


Year: 1996

The first line is a SCHLATTER MG24 Year of construction: 1996 - (2001 year of purchase) Max system speed: 85 cycles / 1 ' Power automation: Baumuller (CMZ for longitudinal wires) - Indramat Bosch Rexroth (CLM for cross wire insertion and crossbar loader / positioner) Management of general plant logic: Siemens S7-300 (CPU313C-2DP) Power of welding transformers: 12 x 140 …

Homogenizing mixer Filamos M 50


Characteristic: Power input: 2.2 kW Machine weight: 163 kg In good technical condition.

Dumper Wacker Neuson DT05

Year: 2013

Catalog No. : 6848 Type: DT05 Producer: Wacker Neuson Made in: 2013 Characteristic: Length: 1630 mm Width: 660 mm Height: 1185 mm Shipping weight petrol: 370 kg Max. load: 500 kg Trough volume (aligned): 273 l Trough volume (stacked): 313 l Power of motive power (petrol): 4.5 kW

Wet dust collector KEMPER System 8000

Year: 2016

Made in: 2016 Characteristic: Cooling performance: 3 kW Supply voltage: 400 V Airflow: 4000 m³/h Current consumption: 6.5 A Machine weight: 590 kg



REF-293 MYCOM COLD EQUIPMENT Team brand: RAMÓN VIZCAINO S.A. Compressor brand: MYCOM Model: 200SUD-LE Serial number: 2053499 With water cooler Power: 270CV NH3 Ammonia Dimensions: length 3,000mm, width 2,000mm, height 2,060mm

VIMA IMPIANTI MOD. TWIN VALVE - Containment valve for powder dosing used

Year: 2007

DESCRIPTION: Discharging station with twin valve – a special double butterfly valve. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The charging station with TwinValve consists of: TwinValve Coupling – Container,,Prewash / wash, Product discharge. The "Twin Valve" system with high containment and integral cleaning has been studied as an alternative to so-called "split" valves, …


Year: 2005

We offer the equipment below for sale. Equipment sold as-is, without warranty, for the best offer. Pick-up costs at buyer's expense. MACHINE - MULTI-SPINDLE DRILL MODEL - FM-308 YEAR - 2005 BRAND - CCS PENDING - INVERTER AND MAIN MOTOR MISSING

Suction device ESTA NA K-3600

Year: 2012

Type: NA K-3600 Producer: ESTA Made in: Characteristic: Supply voltage: 400 V Airflow: 3125 m³/h Current consumption: 10.9 A Machine dimensions: 950x950x3510 mm Machine weight: 510 kg