HSM FA 500.3 SP 5088 shredder + KP 88.1 baler. Hot deal

Year: 2015

Highly efficient hsm powerline series shredder with baler included. The machine was used until April 2024, it is 100% operational, with a current inspection. Due to a change in the process we no longer need it. Bale width 500 x 500 x 400-600 mm. Bale weight 40-70 kg - Cuts into cuttings - DIN 32757 P-5 security level - Cutting …

3D mechanics with Mitsubishi servo actuators

Year: 2021

Complete and nearly brand new 3D mechanics for 3D modelling, milling, robotic packaging, pick&place applications. Three axis machine subassembly ready for use in larger projects, such as automated line machining, assembly lines, testing, etc. The machine has 3 independent axes. Total movement area: 600 (X) * 600 (Y) * 200 (Z). The machine frame is made of steel plates with …

GLUESTREAM SPL-9 2K 6000x2000

Year: 2021

Little used machine. Used to automatically spread two-component glue for sandwich panel production. Features in the image. Machine divided into two parts. One part with the two-component glue which mixes automatically. Then, the table part where you can spread the glue on panels up to 6000mm completely autonomously and automatically. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to …

Trotec Speedy 300 laser in Rayjet 300 housing Low working hours

Year: 2019

Only little used Trotec Speedy 300 80w with a ceramic tube in the Rayjet 300 housing. Trotec Poland had several Rayjet 300 from 2018 in stock. At the end of 2019, the company decided to convert them into Trotec Speedy 300 in the Rayjet 300 housing. Since March 2020, the laser has been in my possession. The laser is used …

Laser marking and engraving machine co2 3D dynamic Galvo Golden laser

Year: 2014

Golden Laser ZJ9045 275W CO2 RF metal laser ROFIN OEM 20 after refil(warranty to 06.2023) 3D dynamic galvanometer control system with Germany Scanlab Galvo head. Automatic up and down Z axis. Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table. Use-friendly 5 inches LCD screen CNC system. Rear exhaust suction system. High speed engraving cutting and perforating of leather, shoe uppers, fabrics, …

TruMark 5020 Laser Marker Hot deal

Year: 2019

1 TruMark Station 5000 (Class 1): Ergonomically designed for seated/standing operator. 2 Laser Integration: Integration of TruMark Series 5000 laser into TruMark Station 5000. 3 Rotary Axis: 65mm with stepping motor for circumference marking. 4 Exhaust system connected to the working area via synthetic hose. 5 200x100 mm (1064 nm) glass filter for laser beam. 6 TruMark 5020 with Ytterbium …

HORPRE NOVA 51 Mobile vibro press

Year: 2011

Mobile fully automated vibro press Horpre NOVA 51. The machine is used for the production of blocks, hollow blocks and other concrete elements. Year of production 2011. Capacity from 7000-14000 blocks/8 hours. Self-propelled machine with automatic track correction. Product height from 60 mm to 500 mm Working area: 1100 mm x 1050 mm Omron PLC control system. Hydraulic compaction and …


Year: 2019

Plate feeders manufacturer: ATRITOR LIMITED (ENGLAND) year of production: 2020 CONDITION: NEW (NOT USED) Units available:2 LOCATION: G. NOVOKUSNETSK

Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH VRA Electrical Air Pre-Heater

Year: 2022

Dear buyers, we invite you to consider the possibility of purchasing equipment and components from different European manufacturers, designed by a large German company for a nitrogen PSA unit. The priority is to sell all available equipment as a whole, but we also consider selling separately, based on your request. Preliminary list of realizable equipment: - Air Pre-Heater / Manufacturer …

Electric knife gate valve Low working hours

Year: 2022

12 inch Electric Knife Gate Valve Pz973W with Multi-Turn Electric Actuator, High temperature 425degC and 310 stainless steel

Ehinger Impianti EKD F453 High-Performance Dust Extraction Equipment

Year: 2010

We are offering advanced dust extraction equipment designed to provide a clean and safe working environment by effectively capturing and removing airborne dust particles. Ideal for various industrial applications, including woodworking, metalworking, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals, our dust extraction systems ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and improve overall air quality. consisting of: filter casing with filter bags (44). Filter …

Karcher 10/8 L2P Hot deal

Year: 2023

Dry ice blasting machine. Full setup with air compressor and air dryer. Used only 15 hours. In perfect condition.

Barmidan B3 baler

Year: 2013

Vertical baler Barmidan B3, 1.1kW, 3t press force Manufacturer: Barmidan, Model: B3 Motor power: 1.1 kW Bale size WxDxH (mm) - 770 x 500 x 600 Pressure force (t) - 3 Power supply - 1x230V 50Hz 10A Year of manufacture: 2013 Very suitable when space is limited. Small footprint (0.67 m2) and compact overall height. WxDxH (mm) - 940 x …

Cemento Cemento armato

Year: 1990

We are selling a major industrial complex in the area Three-Level Shed: Ground Floor: 510m² First Floor: 510m² Second Floor: 300m² Steel Shed: 615m² The whole is located on a total area of 5,149M² The facility has all energy services. The facility is fully accessible and viewable.

ICA ASS.MASQUE DELTINOX Automatic Ultrasonic Welder

Year: 2021

Multi-position indexed platen with Press Easy 3000 printing, clipping and welding device with SDG20-2000P generator, PLC and Siemens screen. The pneumatically controlled ultrasonic welding machines of the Easy series are suitable for welding, cutting and punching of thermoplastics, non-wovens and textiles. Even with a low investment, these machines achieve clean and reproducible welding results. Operating frequency: 20 kHz Compressed air …

Sole proprietor LiteCem ARM

Year: 2020

Composite rod production line Line performance 5 - 10 meters per minute Max power 45 KW The photos show a dismantled production line, good technical condition. The line worked until it was dismantled.

Eirich GF High-Efficiency Box Feeder

Year: 2011

We are offering a three unit robust and efficient box feeder Wall liners made from RCH 100, ideal for consistent and controlled material feeding in various industrial applications. This feeder is designed to handle high volumes and is perfect for use in industries such as brick and tile manufacturing, ceramics, and other bulk material processing. Specifications: Volume Capacity: 10 cubic …

EPS production machines

Year: 2002

- Block mould (HIRSCH monolith COMP E-4) - Vacuum system (HIRSCH PV19) - Steam container (LOOS DAS) - Cutting line.

71,000 €

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BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jelenko Engineering SPL 24 Production line for slabbing paraffin products and waxes.

Year: 2020

Production line for slabbing paraffin products and waxes. The device was designed and made to order in 2020 by the Slovenian company Jelenko - a manufacturer of equipment for the production of candles and candle inserts. The presented device automatically floods and cools paraffin sheets with dimensions of 50X300X400(mm), which, depending on the type of product, gives about 5 kg. …

Merz Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH (Германия) USA-I-800/1600 Hot deal

Year: 2020

Equipment: vibrating screening machine type: USA-I-800/1600 manufacturer: Merz Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH (Germany) APPLICATION SECTIONS:Chemical, coal, food, fertilizer production year of manufacture: 2020 CONDITION:NEW (NOT USED) pcs. in stock: 2 LOCATION: NOVOKUZNETSK