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Sluitingsdatum mrt 14, 2019
Locatie USA USA
Categorie PCB en halfgeleider
ID PCB0142
Status Gesloten

Wafer Processing Equipment from A World-Renowned MEMS Manufacturer

Auction Opens: Wed. March 13th @ 6:00am PST
Auction Closes: Thurs. March 14h @ 2:00pm PST (start closing / segmented closing)
Preview: March 11-12th @ 9:00am - 4:00pm PST

Auction New Lot Additions:
- EVG 620 Mask Aligner
- EVG 501 Wafer Bonder
- KLA Tencor P6 Profiler
- Nikon NEXIV Inspection System
- TPS Blue M 7780-Series Industrial Convection Oven
- Varian 938-41 Leak Detector
- RAM Optical OMIS II w/ Laser Autofocus
- Vision Stereo Dynascope TS-3
- Reichert PiolyLite 88 Microscope
- Leitz Ergolux Microscope
- Hirox 3D Microscope
- Parr Physica MCR300 Rheometer
- Thermco Ranger 3000 CVD Furnace
- MRC 822 Sputtering System

BioTech Equipment: Centrifuges, Baths, Hot Plates, Ovens, Stirrers, Analyzers, Cyclers, Balances, and etc
More lots are being Added Daily!!

Auction Featured Items:
- ADT 7200 ProDice Dicing Saw (qty 2)
- EVG 560 Automated Wafer Bonding System
- Applied Microstructures MVD-100 Molecular Vapor Deposition
- ATMI Vector Ultra 3500 Wet Scrubber
- ATMI Vector Ultra Wet Scrubber
- YES G1000 Plasma Clean Oven
- YES / Glen Tech. R3A Plasma Clean Oven
- USI UH310M Die Matrix Expander
- Dymatix / Ultracision 680 Prober w/ Positioners
- Leica Microscopes: GZ6, GZ4, S6E
- Edwards Vacuum Pumps: QDP40 & QDP80
- Keithley 2400 SourceMeter (qty 8)

Additional lots:
- Anti-Vibration Lab Tables: ThorLabs & Vere
- Test Equipment: Hewlett Packard, Keithley, Fluke, National Instruments, Tektronix, WaveTek
- Lab Equipment: Centrifuges, Desiccator Boxes, Hot Plates, Shakers, Balances, and more

Auction Featured Items:
- ADT 7200 ProDice Dicing Saw
- ADT 7200 ProDice Dicing Saw
- EVG 560 Automated Wafer Bonding System

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