Kitmondo, a top marketplace for used industrial machinery, presents a well-curated selection of complete packaging lines that blend innovation with cost-effectiveness. These machines, from esteemed manufacturers like Krones, Tetra Pak, and Bosch, are known for their efficiency, superior packaging quality, and robust durability. With prices ranging from €50,000 to €500,000, Kitmondo caters to businesses of all sizes, striking the right balance between affordability and high performance.

Complete packaging lines are vital for optimizing the packaging process across various industries, including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. These systems ensure uniform quality, rapid processing speeds, and efficient use of resources, making them indispensable for modern manufacturing.

At Kitmondo, customers not only benefit from competitive pricing but also have the opportunity to evaluate essential machine parameters, ensuring informed decisions tailored to their specific requirements. Discover Kitmondo’s extensive selection and enhance your production capabilities with top-tier, efficient packaging lines.

AMUT PET foil production lines

Year: 2019


Stainless steel conveyor lift

Year: 2021

Offer title: INOX cleat elevator mat Manufacturer: DSE DSE Model: DSE Year of manufacture: 2021 Technical condition: excellent Condition : visible

Bag sewing machine


The bag sewing line is designed to transport filled bags from the bag packing machine to the sewing machine and then move the sewn bags to the unloading place. - High sewing efficiency (up to 600 bags/hour); - Version with various conveyor lengths from 2m to 5m; - Industrial sewing machine; - Adjustment of the speed of the conveyor belt; …

«Big-Bag» bag packaging machine with conveyor


The SWEDA DWS-301-1000-1-P "Big-Bag" bag packing machine is designed for dosing loose materials into soft "Big-Bag" containers. The machine can be used to dose cereals, sugar, feed, mineral fertilizers, granulates and other bulk materials. - Increased efficiency (up to 35 bags per hour); - Stainless steel track (on request); - The bag inflating fan eliminates product spillage; - Automatic loop …

"Big-Bag" bag packing machine


The SWEDA DWS-301-1000-1 "Big-Bag" filling machine is designed for dosing loose materials into soft "Big-Bag" containers. The machine can be used to dose cereals, sugar, feed, mineral fertilizers, granulates and other bulk materials. - High efficiency (15 bags per hour); - Stainless steel track (on request); - The bag inflating fan eliminates product spillage; - Protection of the weighing platform …

Manual dispenser


A feature of the DWS-301-50-1R bag packing machine is the ability to manually pack loose materials and products into open bags, without the use of electro-pneumatic devices and therefore without the need to use compressed air. Thanks to this, the cost of the dispenser is reduced, which allows the customer to save on the costs of purchasing packaging equipment. The …

Open bag packaging machine


The DWS-301-50-1 loose materials packaging machine is designed for dosing various bulk materials into open bags. Using the SWEDA DWS-301-50-1 packaging machine, it is possible to pack products with good flow, including food. Many years of experience in operating the SWEDA DWS-301-50-1 filling machine for packaging sugar, cereals, seeds, grains, granulated powders, pellets and other well-flowing materials have confirmed its …

Sweda RMK "Big-Bag" bag unloading station


The "Big-Bag" bag unloading station is intended for reloading the contents of "Big-Bag" bags to a storage tank for subsequent storage, to technological devices, to open bags (option). - Foldable design for easy transportation and installation; - Unloading bags of various types and volumes; - Stable product flow from the bag - Screw performance control; - Manual or electric hoist …

Combination dispenser


The DWS-301-50-1000-PB dispenser enables packaging of all products with good flowability - sugar, cereals, seeds, cereals, granulated powders, pellets and other loose substances and materials. A feature of the combined dispenser is the ability to pack the product using one device into both open bags and soft containers ("Big-Bag" bags). - Packing in 2 types of bags (open, "Big-Bag"); - …

Sweda DWS-301-50-1PB Packaging line


The SWEDA DWS-301-50-1PB bulk materials dispenser with an intermediate tank is designed for dosing loose materials into open bags with increased efficiency. Using the SWEDA DWS-301-50-1PB weighing dispenser, it is possible to pack products with good flowability, including: and food. A special feature of the SWEDA DWS-301-50-1PB dispenser with an intermediate container is increased efficiency (up to 600 bags/hour). - …

Screw dispenser with mixer


The SWEDA DWS-301-50-3 automatic dispenser for loose materials (screw dispenser) is designed for dosing poorly flowing and dusty materials (cement, construction mixtures, powders, minerals, flour, feed mixture) into open bags. The presence of a special mixer in the dispenser allows dosing of materials susceptible to caking. When using a tedder, the material in the hopper is initially loosened before it …

Screw dispenser


The SWEDA DWS-301-50-3 automatic dispenser for loose materials (screw dispenser) is designed for dosing poorly flowing and dusty materials (cement, construction mixtures, powders, minerals, flour, feed mixture) into open bags. - High efficiency (up to 200 bags/hour); - Commercial dosing accuracy (class 0.5); - There are no special requirements for working conditions and personnel; - Installation, adjustment and commissioning during …

Dispenser with a vibrating feeder


The DWS-301-50-4 automatic weighing dispenser for loose materials is designed for dosing non-dusting loose materials of various fractions into open bags (paper, polypropylene, jute). At the same time, the dispenser ensures the maximum possible accuracy at the set capacity. - High efficiency (up to 200 bags per hour); - Commercial dosing accuracy (class 0.5); - Stainless steel track (on request); …

Dispenser with belt feeder


The SWEDA DWS-301-50-5 weighing dispenser is designed for dispensing lumpy loose materials into open bags. Using the SWEDA DWS-301-50-5 weighing dispenser, it is possible to pack coal, crushed stone, briquettes and other lumpy materials with a fraction of up to 50 mm into open bags (paper, polypropylene, jute). - High efficiency (up to 200 bags per hour); - Commercial dosing …

Used Rosens Maskin AB, Belt conveyor


Conveying Machinery Belt conveyor after sawing boards. Length: 11,50 m Width: 950 mm Electric Motor: 2,2 kW

Used Roller conveyor


Conveying Machinery Roller conveyor for lumber. Length: 6,75 m Height: 950 mm Width: 900 mm

Used Mocklen AB, Belt conveyor


Conveying Machinery Belt conveyor is in working condition. Length: 8 m, Width: 650 mm, Capacity: 50 t/h, Electric Motor: 2,2 kW.

Used Oddens Verkstad, Roller conveyor with chains


Conveying Machinery The roller conveyor is in working condition, it was used to transport boards to change directions. The roller conveyor is equipped with a chain cross conveyor. Length: 6 m Roller Width: 1700 mm Electric Motor: 1,5 kW and 2,2 kW

Used Trepko XPG-40


Capacity approx. 1.000 Kg/h Capacity (Units) up to 90 Units/min. Packaging Weight 250 gram Packaging Size 100 x 75 x 35 mm (standard) Description This is a Trepko XPG-40 packing machine used for batching and packing of products like butter, lard, margarine or cottage cheese into aluminium foil or parchment paper.This machine is general overhauled and in a as good …

Discovering the Versatility of Packaging Lines in the Kitmondo Factory Equipment Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we specialize in connecting industry professionals with top-tier industrial machinery. Among our extensive offerings, the Factory Equipment category, specifically Complete Production Units focusing on Packaging Lines, stands out. Let’s explore what these packaging lines entail, their importance, and why Kitmondo is the go-to marketplace for buying or selling them.

What Are Packaging Lines?

Packaging lines are essential systems in manufacturing facilities, automating the packaging process to ensure efficiency and consistency. These comprehensive units consist of various machines working together to package products, preparing them for distribution and sale. Packaging lines can perform tasks such as filling, sealing, labeling, and palletizing, making them indispensable in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer goods.

Components of Packaging Lines

Filling Machines: Accurately dispense liquids, powders, or solids into containers.

Sealing Machines: Securely close packages to ensure product safety and shelf life.

Labeling Machines: Attach labels for branding and information purposes.

Cartoning Machines: Form cartons around products, ideal for retail packaging.

Wrapping Machines: Encase products or product groups in protective materials.

Palletizing Systems: Organize packaged goods onto pallets for efficient transportation.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Packaging Lines

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be complex, but Kitmondo simplifies the process with several key benefits:

Acquiring new packaging lines is a substantial financial investment. Kitmondo offers access to used packaging lines at a fraction of the cost, ensuring excellent value. Prices typically range from €30,000 to €500,000, depending on factors like age, brand, and condition.

Quality Assurance:
Every listing on Kitmondo undergoes thorough evaluation to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition. This meticulous vetting process guarantees high standards of quality and reliability, even for used machinery.

Market Reach:
Packaging lines are crucial for efficient, high-quality production. Kitmondo provides a reliable platform for buying or selling these machines, ensuring convenience and value.

Key Benefits of Packaging Lines

Packaging lines offer numerous benefits, making them indispensable in the manufacturing industry:

Increased Efficiency:
Automated packaging lines significantly boost production speed, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention. This efficiency translates to higher productivity and reduced labor costs.

Consistent Quality:
Packaging lines ensure uniformity in packaging, maintaining consistent quality across all products. This consistency is crucial for brand integrity and customer satisfaction.

Modern packaging lines can handle a wide range of products and packaging types, from bottles and cans to pouches and cartons. This versatility makes them valuable assets across various industries.

Reduced Waste:
Automated packaging lines are designed to minimize material waste, optimizing the use of packaging materials and reducing overall production costs.

Improved Safety:
By automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks, packaging lines enhance workplace safety, reducing the risk of injuries associated with manual packaging processes.

Packaging lines can be scaled up or down to meet changing production demands, providing flexibility and adaptability in response to market needs.

Key Machine Parameters of Packaging Lines

When evaluating or understanding packaging lines, several key parameters ensure they meet specific requirements:

  • Production Capacity: The volume of products the line can package in a given time period, usually measured in units per hour or per minute.
  • Packaging Type: The type of packaging the line is designed for, such as bottles, cans, pouches, or cartons.
  • Automation Level: The degree of automation, ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic systems, affecting the level of manual intervention required.
  • Machine Dimensions: The physical size of the line, including its length, width, and height, crucial for determining floor space requirements.
  • Energy Consumption: The amount of energy required to operate the line, impacting operational costs and energy efficiency.
  • Control System: The type of control system used, such as manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, affecting ease of use and precision.
  • Construction Material: The materials used in the machine's construction affect durability, hygiene, and maintenance requirements.
  • Speed: The speed at which the packaging line operates, influencing production rates and throughput.
  • Flexibility: The ability to handle different product sizes, shapes, and types of packaging without significant modifications.

Areas of Use for Packaging Lines

Given their versatility and capacity for high-quality production, packaging lines are utilized across various industries:

Food and Beverage Industry:
Packaging a wide range of products, including beverages, snacks, dairy products, and ready-to-eat meals, ensuring safe and efficient packaging.

Pharmaceutical Industry:
Essential for packaging medicines, supplements, and medical devices, maintaining hygiene standards and regulatory compliance.

Cosmetics Industry:
Packaging beauty and personal care products, ensuring attractive and functional packaging.

Consumer Goods:
Packaging household products, electronics, and other consumer goods, enhancing product protection and presentation.

Chemical Industry:
Packaging chemicals, fertilizers, and other industrial products, ensuring safe and secure packaging.

Leading Manufacturers of Packaging Lines

Several renowned manufacturers in the packaging industry are known for their quality and innovation. Here are some prominent manufacturers:

Bosch Packaging Technology:
A leading provider of packaging technology, Bosch offers a wide range of high-quality packaging lines for various industries.

Tetra Pak:
Known for its advanced packaging solutions, Tetra Pak provides efficient and reliable packaging lines for the food and beverage industry.

Specializes in innovative packaging and bottling machinery, offering versatile and high-performance packaging lines.

IMA Group:
A global leader in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery, IMA Group serves the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries.

Marchesini Group:
Provides advanced packaging solutions with a focus on the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, known for their precision and reliability.

Offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions, known for their efficiency and innovation in the packaging industry.

A leading supplier of packaging solutions, Multivac specializes in vacuum packaging machines and complete packaging lines.


Packaging lines are invaluable assets in the manufacturing industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for a wide range of products. Whether for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or consumer goods, these machines ensure superior product quality and enhanced productivity. With Kitmondo, acquiring or selling a packaging line becomes a straightforward and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – producing and packaging exceptional products.