Introducing Valorexo, our fair pricing valuation tool for used machines

The market of used machinery has witnessed wild pricing policies over the past decades. At Kitmondo, we believe in fair market prices for machines and we joined forces with our historical partners to develop a smart pricing decision tool. Depending on time constraints and financial expectations, Valorexo provides accurate valuations with auction prices, dealer prices and marketplace prices.
Thomas Bordier - CEO

Valorexo, Fair market pricing of used machinery

Valorexo created an algorithm to pinpoint fair market prices for industrial machines exploiting 20 years of data and expertise along with the whole power of machine learning and big data processing. With a self-service website, industrial players can generate a data-rich report including the marketplace price, the auction price, an accuracy indicator guaranteeing its relevancy, the asset depreciation over time, its life expectancy, a manufacturer index and some alternative prices

The tool will soon provide a SAAS service for regular users such as Dealers, Auctioneers and financial companies. Launching with a few sectors, Valorexo is quickly adding new categories with the vision of being the reference for machinery pricing.

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We teamed up with Exapro and Data Virtuoso

Valorexo is an international joint venture with offices in the U.K., France and the Czech Republic.


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