Single screw extruders are essential in the plastic processing industry, creating everything from plastic films to intricate profiles. Their straightforward design and durability make them user-friendly and reliable. Key parameters like screw diameter, L/D ratio, and compression ratio are crucial for their optimal performance.

On Kitmondo, these machines are available in a price range from €12,000 to €55,000. This spectrum accommodates various needs, from older, cost-effective models ideal for startups to advanced versions suitable for large-scale operations.

Top manufacturers such as Davis-Standard, KraussMaffei Berstorff, and Battenfeld-Cincinnati are featured, ensuring buyers access high-quality machinery. Kitmondo offers transparent pricing, a vast range of options, and the assurance of quality, making it a prime marketplace for single screw extruders.

Cincinnati Proton 75 Extruder

Year: 2003

Screw diameter 75 mm
Output 500 kg/h

High speed monolayer blow extruder - Model: SJ-55 (new)

Year: 2024

Screw diameter 60 mm
Output 80 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 80 kg/h

3D Evo Filament Extruder - Composer 350 Low working hours

Year: 2022

Screw diameter 20 mm
Output 2 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 2 kg/h

COVEX EXTRUSORAS COVEX 60 Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: ~ 1990

Screw diameter 60 mm
Plastifying capacity 80 kg/h

IBAÑEZ EXTRUSORAS 45 Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 1992

Screw diameter 45 mm
Plastifying capacity 35 kg/h

Used Tecom E 70/30 S Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 1988

Screw diameter 60 mm
Output 60 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 60 kg/h

Coating/extrusor Machine Low working hours

Year: 2021

Screw diameter 1400 mm
Output 180 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 180 kg/h

Welex 35 30 D Extruder

Year: 1997

Welex 35 30 D Extruder It used to be originally Pet line,now it is used for PP/PS production. ABS production also possible. Capacity of PS: 350 kg per hour Head: 860 mm Thickness: Between 100 micron - 2.000 micron Barrel and screw are new New filter system

Sikoplast HKS 220/150/30-2 Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 2003

Screw diameter 220 mm
Output 720 kg/h

WW EKOCHEM WJ45 Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 2014

Single screw extruder: - practically not used - we have instructions for the extruder - type WJ45 - produced by a Polish company - WW Ekochem - a device designed for the processing of plastics, soft PVC -consists of a drive system (15kW motor and gearbox), a plasticizing system (a cylinder with a screw mounted inside), a frame, a heating …

Extraplast Machinen GmbH EBM 8-30 Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 2008

Blow molding machine for sale, fully functional. Manufacturer Extraplast Machinen GmbH Year 2008 Engine power 80kW Heating power 49kW Max. hydraulic pressure 250bar Max air pressure 10bar Working pressure 330 bar Form clamping 450 x 850mm Price negotiable - make an offer

Single Coiler GRAEWE EW 1600

Year: 2023

Screw diameter 5 mm

BANDERA Single screw extruder

Year: 1997

Screw diameter 75 mm
Output 350 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 350 kg/h

FRIUL FILIERE E 38-25D Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 2004

Screw diameter 38 mm
Plastifying capacity 20 kg/h

FRIUL FILIERE E 38-25D Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 2004

Screw diameter 38 mm
Plastifying capacity 20 kg/h

Sikoplast HKS 220/150/26 B2 Extrusion - Single screw extruder Low working hours

Year: 1992

Screw diameter 220 mm
Output 700 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 700 kg/h

Chodos Chodov ELEX 125 Single screw extruder

Year: 1975

Made in: 1975 Characteristic: Output approx 100 kg / hr Screw diameter: 125 mm Power consumption: 160 kW / 440V / 1500 rpm With Worm shaft

Colines / Weber 1-90-28 Extrusion - Single screw extruder

Year: 1987

Screw diameter 90 mm
Output 150 kg/h
Plastifying capacity 150 kg/h

Single Screw Extruders on Kitmondo

Single screw extruders are indispensable in the plastic and rubber sectors. These machines utilize a single screw mechanism to melt, mix, and mold plastic material. The rotating screw within a heated barrel efficiently transforms raw plastic pellets into molten plastic, which is then pushed through a mold to create various products.

Why Choose Kitmondo? Kitmondo simplifies connecting sellers of used industrial machinery with potential buyers worldwide. Our platform offers extensive industry-specific knowledge and a diverse range of machinery, ensuring optimal choices tailored to unique needs.

Advantages for Buyers:

  • Cost Savings: Purchasing a used single screw extruder from Kitmondo is financially prudent, often costing a fraction of a new machine.
  • Quality Assurance: Most machines listed have been maintained to high standards.
  • Price Range: Our single screw extruders are priced between €12,000 and €55,000, catering to different needs and budgets.

Advantages for Sellers:

  • Global Reach: Sellers gain access to a broad audience, ensuring their machinery finds the right buyer.
  • Smooth Transactions: Kitmondo ensures a seamless process from listing to finalizing the transaction.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a single screw extruder, Kitmondo connects your aspirations with tangible solutions.

Advantages of Single Screw Extruders:

  • Simplicity & Robustness: Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Lower initial and maintenance costs.
  • Uniform Shear & Heat Distribution: Ensures homogeneous melting and mixing.
  • Versatility: Can process a wide range of polymers.
  • Steady Feed: Consistent material feed for uniform output.
  • Energy Efficiency: Often more energy-efficient.
  • Lower Residence Time: Beneficial for heat-sensitive materials.
  • Optimal for Certain Processes: Ideal for film blowing, sheet extrusion, and more.
  • Ease of Retrofit and Upgrade: Simple design allows for easy upgrades.
  • High Output Rates: Advanced models achieve high output rates.

Main Machine Parameters of Single Screw Extruders:

  • Screw Diameter: Determines output capacity.
  • Length-to-Diameter (L/D) Ratio: Affects mixing and melting.
  • Compression Ratio: Indicates material compression level.
  • Motor Power: Determines processing capability.
  • Screw Speed (RPM): Affects output speed and material properties.
  • Barrel Heating and Cooling Zones: Impacts temperature control.
  • Barrel Temperature Profile: Crucial for consistent melt quality.
  • Die Type: Shapes the molten polymer.
  • Feed Throat Design and Temperature: Ensures consistent material feeding.
  • Screw Design and Profile: Tailored for specific processing needs.
  • Back Pressure: Influenced by screen packs, breakers, or die design.

Areas of Use:

  • Film Extrusion: Producing plastic films for various uses.
  • Sheet Extrusion: Creating plastic sheets for forming into products.
  • Pipe and Profile Extrusion: Making pipes and profiles for construction.
  • Tubing Extrusion: Producing medical tubing.
  • Blow Molding: For producing large items like drums or tanks.
  • Wire and Cable Coating: Coating wires and cables with plastic.
  • Compounding: Mixing additives, fillers, or colors with polymers.
  • Recycling: Melting and reforming recycled plastic.
  • Fibre Extrusion: Producing monofilaments for various applications.
  • Pelletizing: Making plastic pellets for other processes.
  • Specialty Extrusions: Producing composite profiles for decking or fencing.

Leading Manufacturers of Single Screw Extruders:

  • Davis-Standard: Offers a comprehensive range of extruders.
  • KraussMaffei Berstorff: Known for high-quality extrusion equipment.
  • Reifenhäuser: Provides reliable extrusion systems.
  • Battenfeld-Cincinnati: Produces a wide range of extruders.
  • Milacron: Known for dependable single screw extruders.
  • WEIER Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.: Specializes in plastic machinery.
  • Toshiba Machine: Offers various extrusion solutions.
  • NFM/Welding Engineers, Inc.: Provides single screw models.
  • PTi (Processing Technologies International, LLC): Produces single screw systems.
  • Coperion: Known for twin-screw extruders but offers single screw variants.
  • Bandera: Offers extrusion lines for various processes.
  • Amut: Produces high-quality extruders.

Selecting a machine requires considering factors like budget, operational needs, and future growth. Kitmondo's expert team is ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect machine for your requirements.