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Year: 1963

Max. paper length 34 cm
Min. paper length 8.5 cm
(sheets/hour) 4000
Max. paper width 46 cm
Min. paper width 12 cm

Heidelberg KS

Year: 1960

Max. paper length 38 cm
Min. paper length  cm
(sheets/hour) 5000
Max. paper width 52 cm
Min. paper width  cm

Heidelberg KSB

Year: 1967

Max. paper length 58.5 cm
Min. paper length 18 cm
(sheets/hour) 5000
Max. paper width 40 cm
Min. paper width 14 cm

Heidelberg SBG Cylinder


Max. paper length 72 cm
Min. paper length 200 cm
Max. paper width 54 cm
Min. paper width 350 cm

Heidelberg S Cylinder

Year: 1960

Max. paper length 52 cm
Max. paper width 74 cm

Heidelberg SBB Cylinder

Year: 1967

Max. paper length 77 cm
Min. paper length 28 cm
(sheets/hour) 4000
Max. paper width 56 cm
Min. paper width 21 cm

Paint coating line for BST spreader samples


Paint coating line for BST spreader samples Complete line of oven for printing paint samples. BST electronics with coil tensioner. Cutter recently serviced and adjusted.

Erba Titan 3

Year: ~ 1970

Max. paper length 120 cm
Max. paper width 80 cm

Used Heidelberg Tiegel Cylinder


Max. paper length 297 cm
Min. paper length 7 cm
(sheets/hour) 5000
Max. paper width 210 cm
Min. paper width 4 cm

Heidelberg Tiegel Cylinder


Max. paper length 26 cm
Max. paper width 36 cm

Heidelberg Tiegel Cylinder


Max. paper length 26 cm
Min. paper length 7 cm
(sheets/hour) 5000
Max. paper width 36 cm
Min. paper width 4 cm

Heidelberg Tiegel GT Cylinder


Max. paper length 32 cm
Max. paper width 46 cm

HEIDELBERG cylinder model SBD


Max. paper length 64 cm
Min. paper length 28 cm
(sheets/hour) 4000
Max. paper width 89 cm
Min. paper width 21 cm

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Year: 2024

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Unveiling the Artistry of Letterpress Printing Machines

Letterpress printing, a revered technique dating back centuries, involves pressing inked type or images onto paper to create prints with a distinct, tactile quality. In an age dominated by digital printing, the timeless appeal of letterpress lies in its ability to produce high-quality prints with depth and texture. Letterpress machines are categorized mainly into cylinder presses and platen presses, each offering unique advantages for different applications.

Exploring Types of Letterpress Printing Machines

Cylinder Letterpresses

Purpose: Employ a rotating cylinder to press paper against inked type or images. Applications: Best suited for high-volume printing like newspapers, books, and large print runs. Key Features: High-speed operation, continuous feeding mechanism, and uniform pressure for consistent quality.

Platen Letterpresses

Purpose: Utilize a flatbed to hold type or images, with a platen pressing paper against it. Applications: Ideal for short runs, fine art prints, invitations, business cards, and specialized projects. Key Features: Versatile, capable of handling various paper sizes and thicknesses, and user-friendly setup.

Key Features and Specifications to Consider

When selecting a letterpress printing machine, it's essential to weigh the following features and specifications:

Printing Speed: Cylinder presses generally offer higher speeds than platen presses, enhancing production efficiency.

Maximum Print Size: Cylinder presses can manage larger sizes, whereas platen presses are more suited to smaller formats.

Pressure Adjustment: Vital for ensuring consistent quality across different paper types and ink applications.

Feeding Mechanism: Options for manual or automatic feeding; automatic feeders boost efficiency in high-volume jobs.

Ink Distribution System: Critical for achieving uniform ink application, ensuring high-quality prints.

Ease of Use and Maintenance: User-friendly controls and straightforward maintenance procedures minimize downtime and enhance reliability.

The Distinct Advantages of Letterpress Printing Machines

Investing in top-tier letterpress printing machines offers numerous benefits:

Unique Print Quality: Delivers prints with a tactile, embossed effect that digital printing cannot replicate.

Versatility: Suitable for various paper types and thicknesses, making them perfect for specialty printing.

Longevity: Well-maintained letterpress machines can last for decades, offering long-term reliability.

Artistic Value: Highly valued in fine art and specialty printing for its unique, high-quality finish.

Considerations for Purchasing a Letterpress Printing Machine

To choose the right letterpress printing machine, take into account the following factors:

Production Needs: Assess the volume and type of printing projects to select a press with appropriate speed and capacity.

Print Size and Format: Ensure the press can handle the maximum paper size and format for your projects.

Budget: Balance the initial investment with long-term operational costs, including maintenance and consumables.

Space and Installation: Consider the available space and specific installation requirements.

Training and Support: Evaluate the availability of technical support, training programs, and maintenance services.

Future Growth: Consider the machine’s scalability to meet potential increases in production demand.

Renowned Brands and Pricing

Several reputable brands are known for their reliable and high-performance letterpress printing machines:

Cylinder Letterpresses:

  • Heidelberg: High-quality cylinder presses ideal for large print runs. Prices range from $20,000 to $150,000.
  • Vandercook: Famous for proofing presses with excellent quality and precision. Prices range from $10,000 to $60,000.
  • Asbern: Known for durable cylinder presses with reliable performance. Prices range from $15,000 to $50,000.

Platen Letterpresses:

  • Chandler & Price: Versatile and durable platen presses for various print projects. Prices range from $5,000 to $20,000.
  • Kluge: Automated platen presses suited for both short and long runs. Prices range from $10,000 to $40,000.
  • Windmill (Heidelberg): Efficient and versatile platen presses, ideal for high-quality specialty printing. Prices range from $8,000 to $30,000.


Letterpress printing machines, encompassing cylinder and platen presses, provide unique and high-quality printing solutions for various applications. Cylinder presses are ideal for high-volume production, while platen presses excel in short runs and specialty printing. When selecting a letterpress machine, consider factors like printing speed, maximum print size, pressure adjustment, feeding mechanism, ink distribution system, and ease of use. Leading brands such as Heidelberg, Vandercook, Asbern, Chandler & Price, Kluge, and Windmill (Heidelberg) offer a range of high-quality machines to meet diverse needs and budgets. By thoroughly evaluating your production requirements, print size, budget, and support needs, you can invest in the right letterpress printing machine to enhance your printing capabilities and produce distinctive, high-quality prints.