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Frequently Asked Questions

How much equipment can I list?
As much as you want. There are no limits on the amount of equipment you can list on Kitmondo.
How quickly will my equipment be visible on the site?
Immediately. Your equipment listing will be visible to buyers as soon as you create it.
Is Kitmondo completely free?
Yes. There are no charges whatsoever to buy or sell on
How will potential buyers contact me?
Buyers will contact you using the "Contact the Seller" form on your equipment listing. You'll receive an email notification from us each time you receive an enquiry. Simply login to get the buyer's contact information or send them a message using Kitmondo's messaging system.
Can I list my equipment in bulk?
At this time we cannot upload listings in bulk or visit your website to extract listings.
Who buys equipment on Kitmondo?
Equipment buyers throughout the world use the marketplace including businesses, corporations, universities, public organisations and equipment dealers.