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Frequently Asked Questions

How much equipment can I list?
As much as you want. There are no limits on the amount of equipment you can list on Kitmondo.
How quickly will my equipment be visible on the site?
Immediately. Your equipment listing will be visible to buyers as soon as you create it.
What is the cost of listing on Kitmondo?
Listing on Kitmondo is free. To cover the cost of running our website, we're adding a commission on top of your price. In case of successful deal done through our platform, buyers pay you your net price + our commission, and we then collect our commission. Our commission scale is the following:
Your net priceCommission
5,000 and less500
5,001 to 50,00010%
50,001 to 100,0009%
100,001 to 150,0008%
150,001 and more7%
How will I receive inquiries?
Each new inquiry is first processed by our sales agents, to make sure it's from a qualified and genuine buyer. Once we've qualified the inquiry, we get in touch with you to collect any missing information, until the buyer confirms his purchase intention. We then put you in direct contact with the buyer so you can close the deal.
Can I list my equipment in bulk?
At this time we cannot upload listings in bulk or visit your website to extract listings.
Who buys equipment on Kitmondo?
Equipment buyers throughout the world use the marketplace including businesses, corporations, universities, public organisations and equipment dealers.