Solar Edge (SMRE) SM-216-SA Textile machine

Year: 2013

Welding machine for fabrics, tarpaulins Sealing machine using hot air technology - HOT AIR. The machine is dedicated to welding screen fabrics with PVC content or to fabrics without PVC with the use of specialized adhesive tape. The machine has a working length of 800 cm. We have a lot of accessories for the machine allowing to make : - …

Leather and eco GFP Italy 1500 perforating and embossing machine


Machine for perforating and embossing leather and eco. Very good condition. Top plate heating function in the machine. Comes with 5 dies. Machine connected, can be checked .

Masias PESFIBRE VAC-1 M02.05.006 Textile machine

Year: 2001

- For production of 100/120 squares/hour of 500 x 500 mm. - Fiber defibrator model AD-550-TP. Production 125 kg/h. Motor 8 hp. - Fan V-35 material conveyor of 7,5 hp with inverter. - Vacuum suction of 25 hp with inverter. - Tower model PESFIBRE VAC-1, automatic with weigher and pillow filling table. With computer. 12 hp. - Bipaso automatic stop. …

Masias 3000/4.7 Textile machine

Year: 1996

- 3.000 mm useful width. - PVC fabrics. - Metal detector. - 7 hp turbine for unloading. - Bagging pump. - Nº 1831-T. - Year 1996.

Masias 1500/4.7 Textile machine

Year: 2003

- 1.600 mm useful width. - PVC screens. - Metal detector. - 7 hp turbine for unloading. - Sieving pump. - External dimensions: 2.100 wide x 8.500 long x 3.000 mm high.

TURULL Lana Washer 120CM L017


- DIABLO opener of 1.500 mmm of useful width x 2.500 mm of length with two opening drums of nails, for fine wools. - ARPON of 2.000 mm of useful width with opening arms for thick wool. - LOADER with silo and loader cloth of 1,400 mm of useful width with a motor. - WASHER for washing dirty wool TURRULL …

Kornit Atlas Max digital printer

Year: 2022

For sale digital printer Kornit Atlas Max manufactured in 2022r. The printer is in very good condition, it was installed 07.2023r, used until 03.2024r. Currently it is turned off and prepared for sale. Technical specifications: Printing area: 90 x 60 cm Ink channels: CMYKRG + white + Q.fix + Intensifier Printing speed: up to 125 pcs/h Additional capabilities: XDi 3D …

Pillow Rolling Machine SALA MACCHINE SPECIALI SRL M02.00.032

Year: 2016

- For pillows up to 800-900 mm long. - Can make 5-6 pieces per minute. - Voltage 380 V. - Series No. 1518. - Year 2016.

OROX Flexo C600 210x210 Textile machine

Year: 2011

Conveyor cutting machine for the Textile industry OROX FLEXO Sirius C600 210x210 Very good condition. Technical features: Cutting window 210x210 – left hand machine Effective area W 2,10m x L 2,10m Overall W 3,00m x L 4,80m The main components of the cutting machine: 1. Cutting beam; 2. ROBOT FLEXO; 3. Operator panel; 4. Cutting conveyor; 5. Unloading conveyor table; …

Johannes Menschner RW24 / 59 Machine folding and rolling on flat board with measuring

Year: 1979

The machine is used, but in good condition. The machine may only be used to measure materials with a mass greater than 0,6 N/m² and an elongation of up to 8 % at 100 N/linear metre. The machine is located in Győr and can be delivered from there. It is suitable for woven and chain-linked products. The machine is factory …

MARGASA Y OMT TN-1000 L020 Textile machine

Year: 1995

MARGASA complete recycling line consisting of: - 1 pc. OMT rotary cutter of useful width 1.000 mm, with 4 blades, measures 2,5 x 5,5 m and year 1995. - 1 pc. OMT rotary cutter of useful width 1.000 mm, with 4 knives, dimensions 2,5 x 7,0 m and year 1995. - 1 pc. OMT blade sharpener to sharpen the blades …

Production line for Geosynthetic Clay Liner and Concrete Carpet Working Width 5.3 m

Year: 2019

Type of machine: Production line Manufacturer name: Changshu Chenyang Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. , China and Mlinpek Servis LLC., Serbia (Bentonite silos, Dosing unit, Vibrating screen and Elevator made in Serbia Other parts made in China) Exact model : Production line for Geosynthetic Clay Liner and Concrete Carpet Working Width 5.3 m, with a silo.(Parts of line made in China …

GOLDEN LASER JG-13070 co2 plotter

Year: 2010

GOLDEN LASER PLOTER JG-13070 co2 Machine in working order, very well maintained. It has a very large working area 1300x700

GFP Italy MM1500PLC Leather and PVC Perforation Machine

Year: 2016

GFP Italy MM1500PLC Leather and PVC Perforation Machine 1600mm width Perforation machine for Leather and PVC material including 1 tool with holes of 1,0mm diameter in immaculate condition Almost new, machine from 2016

Margasa 5 drums tearing line Textile machine

Year: 2010

Line includes following components: - 2 x Pierret CT 60 guillotine cutters - 1 x Margasa tearing line, 5 drums in total, working width 2000 mm, each drum equipped with separate inverter, year of manufacture 2010; - 1 x box room (mixing chamber), Dell'Orco Villani; - 1 x rotary filter; - complete piping installation; - Autefa, fully automatic baling press …

Stork / SPG prints Javelin (now called Magnolia) 1200dpi Textile Printing System with Dryer & Infeed

Year: 2017

The machine is regularly serviced and cleaned and works fine. Printing Method: Scanning Inkjet Printer for Fabric Print Heads: 6 Archer technology print bars, each containing 6 FujiFilmDimatix Samba 1200 dpi print heads Print Head Levels: 3-6 mm above fabric surface Printing Width: max. 1850 mm Print Resolution: 600 x 1200 dpi and 1200 x 1200 dpi Drop Size: 2-10 …

Laser engraving cutting CadCam Technology FB 1850

Year: 2014

Revised laser cutting and engraving equipment width 1850 mm 50 w laser overhauled in February 2024 conveyor with honeycomb slats Camera tracking motorized unwinder smoke extractor max. speed 1000mm/s

Stork Brabant HSIII/3600/215 Fikse Makinesi

Year: 1993

Stork Fikse makinesi - Year of production 1993 model - 3.60 fabric widths can work - Production capacity is doubled by giving two belts of fabric at the same time in standard processes - Working with hot oil and steam - Generally disperse, but reactive and all process fabrics can be passed - In addition to the processes, dry fixation …

Simet Sesal Manual Winder

Year: 2015

Simet model Sesal 18-head manual rewinder, complete with 18 peyer stripers and 3 power packs, air slide, and 3 mesdan splicers. 10-inch cone outlet. Slotted cylinders. Computer to adjust winding speed of yarn packages with possibility of setting different speeds for every 3 heads. Yarn package stop at desired metering

Simet SES/AL series 13/10" spooler

Year: 2015

Simet model SES/AL series 13/10" manual 15-head winder year 2015 complete with: PEYER 123 stripers and two power packs, air slide with 2 mesdan splicers. Slotted cylinders. Computer to adjust winding speed of yarn packages with possibility to set different speeds every 3 heads. 10" cone outlet. Yarn package stop at desired meterage.