At Kitmondo, we provide an extensive range of used cameras, vital for professional video production in the broadcast, film, and audio industries. Our cameras are engineered to produce high-quality footage with remarkable clarity, color accuracy, and detail, meeting diverse production needs from documentary filmmaking to live broadcasting. Our selection includes models priced from €2,000 for entry-level units to €50,000 for top-tier, professional-grade options from esteemed brands like Sony, Canon, RED, Blackmagic Design, and Panasonic. Each camera offers unique features such as sensor size, resolution (4K, 5K, and beyond), frame rate, dynamic range, and connectivity options, tailored to fulfill your specific production requirements.

When choosing a camera, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of projects (e.g., film, television, documentary, live events), desired resolution and frame rate, low-light performance, and the availability of compatible lenses and accessories. These factors are crucial for achieving superior video production, enhancing workflow efficiency, and adapting to various shooting environments. Investing in our used cameras not only grants access to high-performance equipment at significantly reduced prices but also promotes sustainability by extending the lifecycle of advanced technology. Trust in Kitmondo’s dedication to outstanding customer service to find the ideal camera for elevating your video production capabilities.

Explore Kitmondo’s listings today to discover dependable cameras that offer exceptional performance and value for your broadcast, film, and audio production needs.



1 Peli Case 1620 (Black) 1 Arri Alexa LF (with Wireless video module)| 1053 Hours Operating Time 1 Arri LPL-mount + cover 1 Arri Battery Adapter BAB-HV Bebob V-Cine 1 Arri Bridge Plate BP-12 1 Arri Levelling Block LB-1 1 Arri Camera Handle CCH-1 + extension block 1 Arri Handle Extension HEB-2 1 Arri Viewfinder Bracket VMB-1 1 Arri Viewfinder …



1 Peli Case 1620 (Black) 1 RED Epic W Hellium 8K | 1492.3 Hours Operating Time 1 PL- Mount Platinum + cover RED 1 Battery adapter IO V-lock expander RED 1 Wooden Camera Cage ( Top plate/bottom plate/side Nato rails/top rail/side plate wooden camera) 1 Sliding plate 1 15mm Lightweight rods support 1 Camera handle 1 Viewfinder support 1 A-Box …

Zoom Angenieux Optimo 19,5-94mm - T2,6 - 4,7X


Zoom Angenieux 19,5 - 94mm - very good condition - Flycase - Bridge plate - 2 rods 19mm

Red DSMC2 Epic W Helium 8K Package


The camera started my career, I'm reluctantly selling as need funds for growing family. It comes with monitor, 2x 512GB mags, 4x Hawkwood batteries, PL and EF mounts, various OLPF's and Tilta Rig. 1150 Hours In The Box: 1 x EPIC-W HELIUM 8K DSMC2 1 x DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander 1 x DSMC Titanium PL Mount 1 x DSMC S35 …



Preserving the solid foundation on which ALEXA is built, ARRI Alexa SXT PLUS Second Hand cameras also offer ProRes 4K recording, improved image quality, powerful color management, three fully independent HD-SDI outputs and support for the new SXR High speed and high Capture capacity. Since its launch, the key advantage of the ALEXA system has been its unique combination of …

Used RED MONSTRO 8K Camera


Used RED MONSTRO 8K Camera visible in Italy 1.500 Hours

Used Arri Arriflex 435 Xtreme 35mm Film Camera with Anamorphic viewfinder 3 perf


Used Arri Arriflex 435 Xtreme 35mm Film Camera with Anamorphic viewfinder 3 perf

Used Arri Alexa XT plus High speed camera kit


Used Arri Alexa XT plus High speed camera kit

Used Hitachi SK-HD1500 (3x slo-mo) HD Broadcast camera chains

Year: 2013

This Hitachi spec is a 16-bit SK-HD1500 1080/6G high speed HD production camera. Developed for super slow motion applications and capable of 3x speed 1080-line HD operation, Hitachi brought to market the first 6Gbps, fully digital optical transmission system in an HDTV production camera. The camera's use of 6Gbps data transmission contrasts with competitive systems, which all use 10Gbps transmission. …

Panasonic AK-HC3900GSJ - Pre-owned HD HDR 2/3" fiber studio camera upgradable to 4K with peripherals


The studio camera chain Panasonic AK-HC3900GSJ is available in used condition with its accessories such as the CCU, ROP, studio viewfinder. It is fully serviced by the technical lab and covered by a 3-month warranty. New reference of fiber 1080p HDR Panasonic studio cameras, it features a wide image sensor with high resolution/sensitivity. The HC3900 also supports High Dynamic Range …

Arri Alexa Mini Camera Kit


Arri Alexa Mini Camera Kit with 4:3 and Raw License, 7200hrs, used Color output Rec 709, custom look or Log C Look control Import of custom 3D LUT, ASC CDL parameter (slope, offset, power, saturation) Adjustable image parameters Knee, gamma, saturation, black gamma, saturation by hue Focus and exposure control Peaking, zebra, false color White balance Manual and auto white …

RED V-Raptor 8k VV ST Cinema Camera


V-RAPTOR™ 8K VV is the most powerful and advanced RED® cinema camera ever. As the brand’s new flagship system and sensor, as well as the first entrant into the new DSMC3™ generation of cameras, V-RAPTOR stands alone at the forefront of digital image capture technology. Featuring a groundbreaking multi-format 8K sensor- with the ability to shoot 8K large format or …

Used Panasonic AJ-PX5100 HDR-ready ENG Memory Card Camera Recorder (Body Only)


FEATURES HDR-ready ENG Memory Card Camera Recorder FHD/60p/50p Support with High-Sensitivity Low-Noise HDR Compatibility Best Standard Performance for High Picture Quality 1080/50p (60p) recording and 3G-SDI output AVC-Intra or AVC-LongG high-quality images and dual codec recording of AVC-Proxy Advanced Network Functions Support Streaming and P2 Cast Versatile Broadcast Functions for Shooting and Recording The AJ-PX5100 2/3 type B4 lens mount …

Used Sony fx9


Used Sony fx9 Good condition

Used Sony PXW-X200 - XDCAM Full HD 1/2" handheld camcorder


Handheld camcorder Full HD with XAVC - sony pxw-x200 - CMOS Full HD sensor - 17x zoom lens - With original accessories



1 x RED MX digital camera body PL-mount 1 x Port Cap RED ONE for PL-Mount 1 x RED One Top Handle 1 x RED One Front Handle 1 x RED One Bottom Plate 1 x RED Cradle 2 x Rods 19mm (length 40-45cm) 2 x Rods 19mm (length 30cm) 1 x RED Shoulder Dovetail 1 x RED MX LCD …

Used Blackmagic Studio Camera


Blackmagic Studio Camera is the most advanced broadcast camera for live production! You get a massive 10 inch viewfinder, MFT lens mount, talkback, tally indicators, phantom powered microphone connections, 3G-SDI and user upgradeable optical fiber connections that let you connect to your switcher with a single cable! Its incredibly tough, lightweight magnesium alloy body is packed with all the built …

Used SONY PMW F3 CineAlta PL Mount


Joining the F35 and SRW-9000PL in Sony’s lineup of CineAlta 24p digital cinema cameras, the PMW-F3L Super 35mm XDCAM EX Full-HD Compact camera with S-Log Gamma continues the democratization of high-end image capture. The camera’s Super 35mm-size CMOS sensor offers a variety of advantages over smaller sensors, including increased control over depth of field, higher sensitivity in low light, lower …

Used Panasonic AW-UE150K UHD/4K 59.94p Integrated PTZ Camera - Black


FEATURES First 4K 50p integrated PTZ Camera 75.1° viewing angle – the widest in its category Various 4K interfaces (12G-SDI, HDMI, Optical Fiber, IP) Optical 20x Zoom + iZoom 4K/HD Simultaneous Output HDR and BT.2020 operation UHD Cropping Function PoE++ support NDI|HX ready (optional license) and RTMP support High speed pan-tilt mode Available in Black or White The AW-UE150 is …

Sony F65 Super 35mm 8K Camera with media, OLED viewfinder and more


Sony F65 Super 35mm 8K Camera with media, OLED viewfinder and accessories, used Great condition, 3 months warranty The F65 CineAlta camera is the ultimate expression of the digital cinematographer's art. Optimised for motion picture and TV production, the flagship F65 captures uncompromising images with truly breathtaking colour, depth and detail. The F65 draws viewers deeper into your story, capturing …

Elevate Your Visual Production: The Ultimate Guide to Professional Cameras

In the ever-evolving realms of broadcast, film, and audio production, professional cameras are the bedrock of high-quality visual storytelling. These sophisticated devices are designed to meet the stringent demands of various production environments, from blockbuster movies and TV shows to live events and digital media. Understanding the diverse types, standout features, and key considerations for purchasing professional cameras can dramatically enhance your production capabilities. Kitmondo, a premier online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers an extensive selection of professional cameras, providing access to top-tier equipment at competitive prices.

Discover the Varieties: Types of Professional Cameras

Professional cameras come in an array of styles, each optimized for specific production needs and settings. The primary types include:

Cinema Cameras

Cinema cameras are the go-to for high-end film production, delivering unparalleled image quality, dynamic range, and post-production flexibility. These cameras are the backbone of feature films, commercials, and high-budget TV series.

  • Full-Frame Cinema Cameras: Equipped with large sensors, these cameras capture intricate details and offer a cinematic depth of field, perfect for high-stakes film productions.
  • Super 35 Cinema Cameras: A staple in the industry, these cameras balance quality and versatility, catering to various production scales.

Broadcast Cameras

Broadcast cameras are crafted for live TV production, sports events, and news broadcasting. They are built to handle dynamic shooting scenarios and offer robust connectivity for live streaming.

  • Studio Cameras: Designed for controlled studio settings, these cameras provide high-resolution output, extensive control options, and seamless compatibility with broadcast equipment.
  • Field Cameras: Portable and resilient, field cameras are ideal for outdoor broadcasts and live events, ensuring top-quality footage on the move.

ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Cameras

ENG cameras are indispensable for news reporting and field production. They are lightweight, portable, and designed for rapid deployment and ease of use in fast-paced environments.

  • Compact ENG Cameras: Perfect for solo journalists and quick news coverage, offering mobility and convenience.
  • Professional ENG Cameras: Feature advanced capabilities for comprehensive news reporting and live broadcasts.

Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

Mirrorless and DSLR cameras have surged in popularity in professional video production, owing to their compact size, interchangeable lenses, and high image quality. They are versatile tools suitable for indie filmmaking, corporate videos, and beyond.

  • Mirrorless Cameras: Known for their lightweight design and cutting-edge autofocus systems, these cameras excel in both video and still photography.
  • DSLR Cameras: Originally designed for photography, many DSLRs now offer exceptional video capabilities, making them versatile for multimedia creators.

Action Cameras

Action cameras are compact, durable, and engineered to capture high-quality video in extreme conditions. They are perfect for adventure sports, documentary filmmaking, and any scenario requiring portability and robustness.

  • Standard Action Cameras: Provide high-resolution video in a small, waterproof package, ideal for on-the-go filming.
  • 360-Degree Action Cameras: Capture immersive 360-degree video, offering unique perspectives and creative possibilities.

Kitmondo ensures that creators can find the perfect professional camera for their specific production needs.

Essential Features and Specifications

When selecting a professional camera, consider these key features and specifications to ensure it meets your production requirements:

Resolution and Frame Rates

The camera's resolution and frame rates are critical. Higher resolutions (like 4K and 5K) and higher frame rates (such as 60fps or 120fps) are essential for capturing detailed and smooth motion footage. Kitmondo’s listings provide comprehensive specs on resolution and frame rates, helping you find a camera that fits your creative vision.

Sensor Size and Type

The sensor size and type greatly impact image quality, depth of field, and performance in low light. Full-frame sensors offer superior image quality and low-light capabilities, while Super 35 sensors provide a balance of quality and versatility. Mirrorless and DSLR cameras typically use APS-C or Micro Four Thirds sensors, delivering excellent image quality in a smaller form factor.

Dynamic Range

A wide dynamic range allows the camera to capture more detail in highlights and shadows, offering greater flexibility in post-production. Cameras with high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities are essential for achieving professional-grade footage.

Lens Compatibility

Interchangeable lenses offer flexibility in framing and creative expression. Ensure the camera is compatible with a wide range of lenses to suit various shooting scenarios. Different brands use different mount types, so check the compatibility of lenses you may already own or plan to acquire.

Connectivity and Storage

Professional production often requires robust connectivity for monitoring, recording, and live streaming. Look for cameras with multiple input/output options like HDMI, SDI, and XLR. Additionally, consider storage options, as high-resolution footage demands substantial storage capacity and fast write speeds.

Build Quality and Ergonomics

The build quality and ergonomics affect the camera's usability and durability, especially in challenging production environments. Consider the camera’s weight, form factor, weather sealing, and control layout for ease of use.

Top Brands in Professional Cameras

Choosing from reputable brands ensures higher quality and reliable support. Leading brands in the professional camera market include:

  • RED: Known for high-end cinema cameras, RED offers unparalleled image quality and flexibility, making them a top choice for professional filmmakers.
  • ARRI: Celebrated for their color science and dynamic range, ARRI cameras are widely used in feature films and high-end productions.
  • Sony: Providing a range of professional cameras, Sony is renowned for advanced technology and reliability across cinema and broadcast models.
  • Canon: Famous for their color accuracy and lens compatibility, Canon’s professional cameras are suitable for both cinema and broadcast applications.
  • Blackmagic Design: Known for affordable, high-quality cameras with robust features, Blackmagic is popular in indie filmmaking and live production.

Kitmondo features equipment from these and other esteemed brands, ensuring access to well-supported and reliable machinery.

Pricing of Used Professional Cameras

The cost of used professional cameras varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a used Blackmagic Design camera might be priced around $2,000 to $5,000, while a high-end RED or ARRI cinema camera could range from $20,000 to $50,000. Kitmondo's marketplace offers a spectrum of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Professional cameras are vital in the broadcast, film, and audio industries, offering unmatched resolution and image quality for content creation. By understanding the different types of cameras and key factors to consider when purchasing, businesses and creators can make informed decisions that align with their production needs. Kitmondo offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, providing detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need a cinema camera, broadcast camera, ENG camera, mirrorless or DSLR camera, or action camera, Kitmondo’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your production endeavors.