At Kitmondo, we offer an extensive range of used evaporators, crucial for efficient concentration and purification processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These machines are specifically designed to remove solvents from solutions through evaporation, ensuring high-quality and pure end products. Our inventory includes evaporators priced from €10,000 for basic models to €200,000 for advanced, high-capacity units from leading brands such as Buchi, GEA, SPX Flow, and De Dietrich. Each evaporator is equipped with unique features, including evaporation capacity, type (e.g., rotary, falling film, forced circulation), temperature control, and automation level, to meet diverse production requirements.

Key considerations when selecting an evaporator include the type of materials being processed, required evaporation rate, energy efficiency, precision in temperature and vacuum control, and ease of maintenance. These factors are vital for achieving high-quality, efficient evaporation, optimizing production workflows, and ensuring product consistency. Investing in used evaporators from Kitmondo not only provides access to premium equipment at reduced prices but also promotes sustainability by extending the lifespan of durable machinery.

Browse Kitmondo’s listings today to find reliable evaporators that offer exceptional performance and value for your concentration and purification needs. Trust in Kitmondo's commitment to excellent customer service to help you select the perfect evaporator to enhance your pharmaceutical or chemical processing operations.

Spomasz Pleszew DUO CAA 18 Evaporator


Evaporator for milk-caramel masses DUO CAA 18 -working capacity of one boiler: 50 dm3, V= 0.050m3 - total capacity of one boiler: 70 dm3, V = 0.070 m3 -heated steam at pressure: 8 Bar -steam demand: 274 kg/h -power demand: 4.1 kW -top mixer speed: 74 rpm - device capacity: milk mass: 220 kg/h, water caramel: 180 kg/h - used …

Buchi "switzerland" Rotavapor R-300 System professional Evaporator

Year: 2019

Rotavapor R-300 system professional With chillers&pressure pump- vacuum chilled , loop system. Complete system , with extra flask, 1 LT&2 LT.

BUCHI P-6 Evaporator


Post-show device. Includes glass condenser, receiver, glass tee, metal clip connecting the condenser to the receiver, hose connecting the Multivapor P-6 to the condenser, set of 60 ml tubes with caps and septa. The system does not include the cooler stand and vacuum pump.

Infitek RD-400 Evaporator


Included in the evaporator: glass cooler, distillation flask and 1L receiver, electronic vacuum controller. The rotary evaporator is a device used to concentrate and evaporate samples. It allows rapid distillation of both small and large amounts of solvent. Distillation efficiency is increased by the appropriate design of the evaporator, the use of reduced pressure and the rotation of the distillation …

ECO ICE-54-D06 Evaporator

Year: 2021

Evaporator ECO ICE-54-D06 Year 2021 two cubic evaporator new , with original packaging Price per unit

Buchi R-300 Evaporator

Year: 2022

Rotavapor complete with cylinder and vacuum pump. Practically new machine, usage time 8 hours.

Buchi R-210 Evaporator

Year: 2014

Used Buchi vacuum evaporator model Rotavapor R-210. Year of construction 2014. Water bath: 20-95 degrees C Flask capacity: 50-4000 ml Equipped with: vacuum pump, vacuum controller, radiator, thermostat.

Confitrac sprl CDS-161205 Evaporator

Year: 2017

Manufacturer : Confitrac sprl Model: CDS-161205 Year : 2017 Type : Air freshener Condition : new, never used. Installation consisting of: - A shallow-bed horizontal cylindrical deodorizer divided into two horizontal compartments, supported by two supports and offering the possibility of treating either 250 kg in one compartment or 500 kg in two compartments. - Horizontal buffer tank equipped with …

Buchi Rotavapor R-210

Year: 2014

Used Buchi vacuum evaporator model Rotavapor R-210. Year of construction 2014. Water bath: 20-95 degrees C Flask capacity: 50-4000 ml Equipped with: vacuum controller, vacuum pump, cooler, thermostat.

Leybold Sputter Univex 450 B Evaporator


Dimensions: 1400 x 1200 H 2250mm Electrical cabinet: 600 x 800 H 1850 mm Controller: SIMATIC C7-634

Rotary Evaporator

Year: 2017

Lanphan Model R-1010, 110V, 10L, Solvent Pro Series. Unused, still in box. New condition.

Corning 50L Evaporator


Rotating Evaporator Corning With 50 L Flask Used rotary film evaporator by Corning (UK). Evaporator has 50 l rotating evaporating flask, driven via gearbox with adjustable rotation and el motor 0.37 kW, 1425 rpm, 380 V, 50 hz. Ex design (EExdIIBT4). Heating of flask by coil inside the bath tank – can be used on steam, oil or water. Height …

Heidolph Hei-VAP Core G3 ML Packages plus Evaporator


Heidolph Hei-VAP Core G3 ML Packages plus Heidolph Outlet instrument*. 12 months warranty. *Heidolph Outlet instrument can be overstocked item, returns, demo instrument etc. They are checked by Heidolph and in a 100% functional condition. Profit from great savings thanks to slight optical defects. Complete set with Heidolph glassware set G3 scope of delivery: Hei-VAP Core ML G3, Rotary Evaporator …

Luwa LN0200 Evaporator

Year: 1981

Physical size: 8 m high x 2.4 m x 2.8 m Luwa 2007/57 - 1981 Internal volume 280 litres Jacket volume 26 litres

TOURNAIRE Colonne de rectification ATEX Evaporator

Year: 2015

Year: 2015 - Installation ATEX 3G IIBT4, inside the installation: zone 1G Operating mode: continuous - batch - semi-batch. Pressure: Under vacuum - 3barg max Boiler size : 50 Liters (Possible 200 Liters) Flow rate: Approximately 180 Kg/hr feeding a water/ethanol mixture (90/10) at atmospheric pressure with a reflux rate of 5. Theoretical number of trays : 20 --> Possible …

PEFA Spomasz CKA22 Evaporator

Year: 1977

Cauldron for cooking fillings PEFA Spomasz CKA22 Working pressure: 8 at Steam consumption: ~ 95 kg / h Total capacity: 220L Working capacity: 150L Agitator drive: 1.5kW Agitator rotation: ~ 40 rpm Productivity: 2000-2500 kg / 8h One cycle time: 23-35 min Electric heating Factory number: 166 Year of production: 1977 CPA39 pump included Device dimensions: 1550x1150x2300 Weight: ~ 860 …

Kurt J Lesker Thin Film Dual Thermo Evaporator

Year: 1999

Model: Kurt J Lesker Thin Film Dual Thermo Evaporator Category: Evaporator equipment, Original Equipment Manufacturer: Kurt J Lesker Condition: Complete, working and Tested by seller Location: U.S.A. Installation and training: Available at extra charge.

Frimetal MRL-700-E Evaporator

Year: 2001

Mural Frimetal evaporator from 2001 in operation, with its condensing unit and its electrical panel

STEROGLASS Mod. Strike 202 - Rotating Evaporator used


DESCRIPTION: Rotating evaporator, brand Steroglass Tools, model 202. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The rotary evaporator Strike 202 combines functional features and high-level performance thanks to its ergonomic design. Strike 202 is designed to meet safety requirements in accordance with the directives on machine construction and electromagnetic compatibility. The new rotary evaporator …

Optimizing Efficiency and Purity: An In-Depth Guide to Evaporators for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

Evaporators play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, essential for concentrating solutions, purifying substances, and recovering solvents. These machines are indispensable for a broad range of applications, from producing high-purity chemicals to concentrating pharmaceutical formulations. Knowing the different types, features, and considerations for purchasing evaporators can greatly enhance your production capabilities. Kitmondo, a top online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a wide selection of evaporators, ensuring businesses access to high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Types of Evaporators

Evaporators are available in several types and configurations to meet specific industrial requirements. Here's an overview of the primary types:

Falling Film Evaporators

Falling film evaporators are ideal for concentrating low-viscosity solutions. They work by spreading the liquid over a vertical surface, where it forms a thin film and evaporates as it descends.

  • Single-Effect Falling Film Evaporators: Suitable for applications where energy efficiency is not a priority.
  • Multiple-Effect Falling Film Evaporators: Utilize several stages to reuse vapor energy, significantly enhancing energy efficiency.

Rising Film Evaporators

Rising film evaporators create a rising film of liquid on the walls of vertical tubes through heating, causing the liquid to evaporate as it ascends. They are effective for low to moderate viscosity solutions.

  • Single-Effect Rising Film Evaporators: Ideal for basic concentration tasks.
  • Multiple-Effect Rising Film Evaporators: Improve energy efficiency by using multiple stages for vapor reuse.

Forced Circulation Evaporators

Forced circulation evaporators use pumps to circulate the liquid through the heat exchanger, making them suitable for viscous solutions and materials prone to fouling.

  • Standard Forced Circulation Evaporators: Used for general-purpose applications.
  • High-Performance Forced Circulation Evaporators: Designed for highly viscous or thermally sensitive materials.

Thin Film Evaporators

Thin film evaporators are used for concentrating heat-sensitive materials by creating a thin film of liquid on a heated surface, allowing rapid evaporation with minimal thermal degradation.

  • Standard Thin Film Evaporators: Suitable for a broad range of applications, including pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
  • High-Vacuum Thin Film Evaporators: Operate under high vacuum conditions to lower the boiling point, ideal for heat-sensitive materials.

Wiped Film Evaporators

Wiped film evaporators use mechanical wipers to spread the liquid into a thin film on the heated surface, enhancing heat transfer and evaporation efficiency. They are suited for highly viscous and heat-sensitive materials.

  • Standard Wiped Film Evaporators: Used in various industrial applications, including chemical and pharmaceutical processing.
  • High-Performance Wiped Film Evaporators: Designed for demanding applications requiring precise control and high efficiency.

Key Features and Specifications

When choosing an evaporator, it is crucial to consider specific features and specifications to ensure the machine meets your operational needs. Key factors include:

Capacity and Throughput

The capacity and throughput determine how much material the evaporator can process within a given timeframe. Ensure the evaporator meets your production targets, whether for small batches or large-scale operations. Kitmondo’s listings provide detailed specifications on capacity and throughput, aiding in finding the right machine.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is vital for reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Look for evaporators with multiple-effect stages, heat recovery systems, and advanced control systems to optimize energy use.

Material Compatibility

Ensure the evaporator is compatible with the materials you process, considering their chemical properties and thermal sensitivity. Choose materials of construction like stainless steel or specialty alloys based on the corrosiveness and reactivity of the substances.

Temperature and Pressure Range

The temperature and pressure range should align with your process requirements. High-vacuum and low-temperature capabilities are essential for heat-sensitive materials, while high-pressure capabilities are needed for certain chemical reactions.

Automation and Control

Advanced automation and control systems enhance precision, consistency, and efficiency in evaporation processes. Features such as programmable settings, touch-screen interfaces, real-time monitoring, and automated adjustments can boost productivity and ensure consistent product quality.

Maintenance and Cleanability

The evaporator's design should facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning to reduce downtime and operational costs. Consider features like clean-in-place (CIP) systems and easily accessible components.

Leading Brands in Evaporators

Choosing reputable brands ensures higher quality and reliable support. Here are some top brands in the evaporator market:

  • Büchi: Known for high-precision and innovative evaporators, suitable for various pharmaceutical and chemical applications.
  • GEA: Renowned for durable and advanced technology, GEA’s evaporators are widely used in the industrial sector.
  • SPX FLOW: Provides high-performance evaporators, known for reliability and efficiency in demanding applications.
  • Pfaudler: Offers versatile evaporators characterized by efficiency and robustness, ideal for large-scale operations.
  • Luwa: Known for high-quality evaporators designed for precision and high-speed evaporation, suitable for complex and high-volume production.

Kitmondo features equipment from these and other reputable brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Evaporators

The cost of used evaporators varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices range from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. For instance, a used Büchi thin film evaporator might be priced around $20,000 to $50,000, while a high-end GEA multiple-effect evaporator could cost between $100,000 and $300,000. Kitmondo’s marketplace offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Evaporators are essential in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, offering efficient and reliable solutions for concentrating, purifying, and recovering materials. By understanding the different types of evaporators and key factors to consider when purchasing, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance their operational capabilities. Kitmondo provides a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, with detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need a falling film evaporator, a forced circulation evaporator, a thin film evaporator, or a wiped film evaporator, Kitmondo’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your evaporation needs.