Kitmondo offers a variety of used bakery machinery, including dough dividers, moulders, and sheeters, with prices ranging from €6,000 to €37,000. These machines, known for enhancing consistency and efficiency, are widely used in bakeries, pizzerias, and pasta production facilities. They help produce high-quality output, reduce labor costs, and enable scalable operations. Key considerations when choosing these machines include weight range, output, dough consistency, and power requirements. Renowned manufacturers such as Rondo, Bongard, Sottoriva, Rheon, Rademaker, and Fritsch are known for their durable, reliable, and innovative bakery equipment. Choosing Kitmondo's pre-owned machinery offers cost-effective access to these top-tier brands. Whether you run an artisan bakery or an industrial facility, our machinery range ensures precision and reliability in your dough preparation process.

Turbo Rotary Rotary filling line

Year: 2011

Turbo Rotary Rotary filling line 2011, Stainless, rotary filling line, consists of Turbo D253P depositor, denester, lid applicator and lid sealer and outfeed conveyor, previously used for filling four pots of sauce in a multipack, tooling dimensions 100mm x 100mm, touch screen controls, 3Ph


Year: 2021

Dough weight min. 16 g
Dough weight max. 440 g

Fiamma Forni 1000 Dough divider


Fiamma Forni cylindrical roller grinder - manufacturer: Fiamma Forni -Italy - working width: 1000 mm Includes: - 5 types of dough roller - 1 fluted roller for dough

Dowson bread slicer

Year: 2016

Dowson bread slicer Model: B51C Fully automatic bread slicer, Constructed to handle a variety of loaves, up to 100 loaves per minute, comes with two different cutting heads, overall length 2800mm, 3Ph

Benier VBO 300 HDS belt rounder

Year: 2015

Output 3200 u/h
Dough weight max. 3500 g
Dough weight min. 200 g

Belshaw Mark VI Automatic donut fryer

Year: 2018

Belshaw Mark VI Automatic donut fryer 4 wide automatic fryer for donuts, 1000+ donuts per hour, adjustable speed, timer and temp controls, with infeed conveyor, 1Ph

Almost complete toast line W&P, Baker Perkins

Year: ~ 1999

Output 3000 u/h
Dough weight max. 1250 g
Dough weight min. 420 g

Bartech BAR 10 Dough Dividing Machine

Year: 2012

Output 1500 u/h
Dough weight max. 600 g
Dough weight min. 100 g

Konig Mini Rex 4000 with formstation

Year: 2005

Output 4000 u/h
Dough weight max. 140 g
Dough weight min. 25 g

PANEOTRAD EVO Dough divider

Year: 2021

PANEOTRAD EVO divider from 2021 + stainless steel chalking table + 4 dies Date 10/2021. used 6 months. Paneotrad evo 400/3/50 Comes with 4 dies. With flouring trolley and 4 bins. • Indicative cycle duration between cycle start (green button action) and end of work (green light off) – Equalization + simple cut: 48 s – Equalization + double cut: …

Rondo Compactline Dough divider

Year: 2007

Rondo Compactline confectionery line with equipment for sale. The device consists of modules * calibrator * compactline conveyor belt table * cutting guillotine * receiving conveyor * pneumatic stuffing station * instrumentation The device is used for confectionery, semi-confectionery and delicatessen products, i.e. cakes and puff pastries (with or without filling), buns, confectionery dough (poppy seed cakes), strudels, pizzas and …

Konig Mini Rex GS2000 roll moulder

Year: 2010

Output 2500 u/h
Dough weight max. 100 g

Sottoriva lyra/s Dough divider

Year: 2019

The Sottoriva LYRA automatic two-row dough divider-rounder is used in catering establishments, in bakeries and pastry shops to obtain round dough. The model is equipped with a stainless steel hopper and adjustment of the rounding speed and the volume of the resulting workpieces. The dough is processed by means of a rotary damper, compressed in measuring chambers, which, when adjusted, …

Turbo D253P depositor

Year: 2011

Turbo D253P depositor 2011, Stainless, height adjustable frame, three pistons, with 12 mini shot depositing head with rotary cut off valve, height adjustable frame, mobile

Rheon KN-171 Dough divider

Year: 2015

Output 6000 u/h
Dough weight max. 90 g
Dough weight min. 10 g

mc 40k Dough divider Low working hours

Year: 2020

bread forming machine 4 years of use, bought new from own manufacture year 2020

Sewer Rondo Dough divider Hot deal

Year: 2014

Selling automatic dough rolling machine Sewer rondo in very good and fully working condition, with little work in progress For sale in connection with the closure of production

Ekoroast Nut Roasting Machine(EKO 175G)

Year: 2024

The EKO-175G Single Belt Nut Roasting Machine perfectly roasts various types of nuts such as hazelnuts,macademia nuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, shelled hazelnuts, almonds, brazilnuts, pistachios and cashews.

New Bertuetti SV300PM Dough divider not used!

Year: 2014

Output 15000 u/h
Dough weight max. 2000 g
Dough weight min. 30 g

A Comprehensive Guide to Bakery - Dough Dividers, Moulders, and Sheeting Machines

As the baking industry evolves, so does the technology used to streamline processes and create exceptional, consistent products. At Kitmondo, we are proud to offer a wide range of used industrial machinery to meet your baking needs. Today, we will focus on essential equipment for any serious baker - dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines. These robust devices are indispensable in large-scale baking and food processing, enhancing efficiency and consistency, which are key in this industry.

Dough Dividers

Dough dividers are vital in any large-scale baking operation, providing swift and accurate dough portioning for various products. Whether producing bread, buns, or pastries, dough dividers ensure uniformity across all baked goods.

At Kitmondo, our catalog includes a variety of dough dividers, each offering different capabilities in terms of dough weight and output. From volumetric dividers for delicate doughs to hydraulic dividers for denser mixtures, these machines promise precision and efficiency. Although pre-owned, our machines are top quality, thoroughly inspected, and maintained to function like new.

Dough Moulders

To create bread with specific shapes, a dough moulder is the equipment you need. A dough moulder simplifies shaping dough into forms ranging from baguettes to tin loaves to specialty breads.

Our moulders feature adjustable moulding plates and pressure boards, allowing customization of the moulding process to your unique requirements. Additionally, they are designed for easy cleaning and low maintenance, meaning less downtime and more productivity.

Sheeting Machines

Sheeting machines are essential for producing pastries, puff pastries, and pizza bases. These machines flatten dough to a uniform thickness, creating a consistent base for further production stages.

We offer various sheeting machines capable of handling different dough consistencies and thickness settings. They are built to withstand high-capacity production demands and designed for ease of use and longevity.

Kitmondo ensures all machinery sold is in excellent working condition, despite being pre-owned, offering complete transparency. You can trust us to provide reliable, cost-effective equipment that meets your baking and food processing needs.

Investing in quality used machinery from Kitmondo not only saves significant costs but also means investing in proven, reliable equipment, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Purchasing pre-owned machinery is an economically savvy decision that many businesses worldwide are making. At Kitmondo, we offer a host of used industrial machines for baking processes, providing fantastic value for your investment. For dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines, our range falls between €6,000 and €37,000, offering various options to suit different budgets.

At Kitmondo, we pride ourselves on offering quality used machinery that balances cost and functionality. With a broad range of prices and capabilities, we have machines to cater to bakeries of all sizes. As always, investing in used machinery from Kitmondo means you're saving money while gaining access to proven, reliable equipment that stands the test of time.

No matter your requirements for dough dividers, moulders, or sheeting machines, at Kitmondo, you'll find numerous options suited to every budget, with all the features needed to streamline your baking process and produce superior baked goods. Explore our online catalog today to find the ideal machinery for your bakery's needs.

The Main Advantages of Dough Dividers, Moulders, and Sheeting Machines

Whether you're running a local bakery or a large-scale industrial operation, efficiency, consistency, and quality are paramount. Implementing dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines into your production line provides many advantages, including:

  • Improved Consistency: These machines deliver precision and uniformity in every aspect, from dough portions' weight and size in dividers to the shape in moulders and the thickness in sheeters. This ensures every baked good meets high standards.

  • Increased Production Efficiency: Automating crucial baking steps reduces preparation time, allowing larger orders and tighter deadlines, enhancing overall productivity.

  • Reduced Labor Costs: Minimizing manual input in dough preparation reduces labor costs. Less time spent dividing, moulding, and sheeting dough means more time for other business aspects.

  • Enhanced Quality: Automation reduces human error, improving the finished product's quality. Consistent dough preparation leads to better baking results and customer satisfaction.

  • Scalability: These machines enable efficient scaling of bakery operations. Whether increasing production for a seasonal rush or long-term growth, dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines handle larger volumes easily.

  • Versatility: These machines handle a wide range of dough types and products. Whether producing bread, pastries, or pizza bases, the right machinery adapts to your unique production needs.

  • Durability: Designed for heavy-duty industrial use, these machines are built to last. Despite being pre-owned, Kitmondo's machines are meticulously maintained and inspected, ensuring they withstand busy baking environments' demands.

Investing in dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines for your bakery operations is a sound business decision. These machines improve output efficiency and quality and significantly contribute to your bakery's long-term growth and success.

Main Machine Parameters of Dough Dividers, Moulders, and Sheeting Machines

Understanding key bakery equipment parameters is crucial for selecting the right machinery for your needs. Here are the main parameters to consider when assessing dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines:

Dough Dividers
  • Weight Range: Determines the smallest and largest dough weights the machine can divide, aligning with your products.
  • Output: Number of dough pieces the machine divides per hour.
  • Dough Consistency: Some dividers handle specific dough types better, from soft to dense mixtures.
  • Dimensions: Size is crucial, especially if your bakery has limited space.
  • Power Requirements: Ensure compatibility with your bakery's power supply.
Dough Moulders
  • Moulding Range: Variety of shapes and sizes the machine can mould dough into.
  • Output: Number of moulded dough pieces produced per hour.
  • Adjustability: Adjustable moulding plates and pressure boards offer flexibility in dough shaping.
  • Dimensions: Consider the machine's size for space constraints.
  • Power Requirements: Compatibility with your power supply is essential.
Sheeting Machines
  • Thickness Range: Minimum and maximum dough thickness the machine can produce.
  • Width: Indicates the width of the dough sheet. Wider machines produce larger sheets.
  • Output: Amount of dough processed per hour.
  • Dimensions: Ensure the machine fits your bakery's space.
  • Power Requirements: Must be compatible with your electrical system.

When browsing Kitmondo's used machinery catalog, consider these parameters to select equipment that delivers the best performance and value for your operations.

Areas of Use for Bakery Equipment

Bakery dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines have a wide range of applications across various food industry sectors. Here are key areas of use:

Dough Dividers
  • Bakeries: Used in small and large baking facilities to portion dough for bread, rolls, bagels, and more.
  • Pizza Production Facilities: Portion dough for pizza bases, ensuring consistency in size and weight.
  • Pastry Shops: Ensure consistency and efficiency in producing pastries, doughnuts, and similar products.
Dough Moulders
  • Bakeries: Shape dough into specific forms like loaves, baguettes, or rolls.
  • Specialty Bread Manufacturers: Produce unique, consistent shapes for specialty or artisan breads.
Sheeting Machines
  • Bakeries and Pastry Shops: Create uniform dough sheets for pastries, croissants, puff pastries, and more.
  • Pizza Production Facilities: Flatten dough for consistent pizza base thickness.
  • Pasta Production Facilities: Create sheets of pasta dough for lasagne or filled pasta.

These machines are versatile, proving useful across a broad spectrum of food production facilities. Whether producing bread, pastries, pizza, or pasta, dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines enhance consistency, efficiency, and quality.

Leading Manufacturers of Dough Dividers, Moulders, and Sheeting Machines

Several well-established manufacturers produce high-quality bakery machinery, including dough dividers, moulders, and sheeting machines. Key industry names include:

  • Rondo: Swiss company with a long history of producing innovative, robust bakery equipment.
  • Bongard: French company with over 90 years of experience, widely used in artisan and industrial bakeries.
  • Sottoriva: Italian manufacturer known for user-friendly, durable, and reliable bakery machinery.
  • Rheon: Japanese company leading in food processing machinery, known for innovative, high-quality equipment.
  • Rademaker: Dutch company with over 40 years of experience, focused on innovation and efficiency.
  • Fritsch: German company specializing in high-quality dough sheeting and processing equipment.

These manufacturers have strong reputations for quality, reliability, and innovation. When browsing Kitmondo's used machinery catalog, you can purchase with confidence, knowing you're getting equipment from trusted names.