At Kitmondo, we provide a comprehensive selection of used coating, paning, and breading machines, essential for the bakery and food processing industry. These machines are specifically designed to apply coatings, breadcrumbs, or batter to a variety of food products, enhancing their flavor, texture, and appearance. They are indispensable for preparing items such as breaded chicken, fish fillets, pastries, and other coated bakery goods.

Our range of coating, paning, and breading machines is priced between €5,000 for basic models and up to €50,000 for advanced, high-capacity units from well-known brands like GEA, Marel, JBT, and Stein. Each machine comes with specific features such as conveyor width, coating type, throughput capacity, and ease of cleaning to meet your unique production requirements.

When choosing a machine, it’s important to consider the type of coating process (wet or dry), the uniformity of application, and the machine’s versatility in handling different products. These factors are critical for achieving consistent product quality and maximizing production efficiency.

Purchasing our used coating, paning, and breading machines offers access to high-quality equipment at significantly lower prices, promoting both cost-efficiency and sustainability. Rely on Kitmondo's dedication to excellent customer service to find the perfect machine to enhance your food processing operations.

Explore Kitmondo’s listings today to find reliable coating, paning, and breading machines that provide outstanding performance and value for your bakery and food processing needs.

SAK Arab Pita Production Line.

Year: 2021

Production Line for Arabian Pita by SAK. For sale used Production Line for Arabian Pita by SAK brand from the year of production 2021. The production line has been inspected by the manufacturer and all components that are to be replaced have been ordered. - Brand: SAK - Year of production: 2021 - Technical condition: used - Ready for production …

Marden - automatic baking bread line

Year: 2009

Marden - automatic baking bread line Line for automatic loading of bread into batch ovens Year: 2009

Ruhle GR50 Guillotine

Year: 2019

Ruhle GR50 Guillotine I have for sale a guillotine for frozen blocks made by Ruhle GR50

Rotary Table Stainless steel, NEW, 1250MM

Year: 2023

For sale new Rotary table. Designed to receive ready-made packages. The table is made of solid, thick materials, which guarantees durability for many years. The size of the rotary table top is 1250mm, the height can be adjusted from 700 to 850mm, the side band is 40mm above the tabletop. Speed regulation from 0 to 17 revolutions per minute, via …

Fed Drum Coater


Belt width 400 mm

Koppens VM900HS Former

Year: ~ 2001

Belt width 900 mm

Introduction to Coating, Paning, and Breading Machines in the Bakery Industry

In the bakery and food processing industry, coating, paning, and breading machines are essential tools. These machines enhance the flavor, texture, and visual appeal of various food products by applying coatings such as breading, chocolate, or batter. From breaded chicken and fish fillets to chocolate-covered pastries and evenly glazed dough products, these machines ensure efficiency, consistency, and high quality. Kitmondo, a leading online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a broad selection of these machines, providing businesses with access to top-tier equipment at competitive prices.

Types of Coating, Paning, and Breading Machines

Coating Machines

Coating machines apply liquid or powdered layers to bakery products, such as chocolate, sugar, glaze, or egg wash. Different types of coating machines cater to specific applications:

  • Drum Coaters: These machines tumble products in a rotating drum while applying the coating, perfect for evenly coating small items like nuts or candies.
  • Spray Coaters: Using spray nozzles, these machines apply a fine mist of coating material, ensuring a uniform layer without waste, ideal for chocolate or sugar glazing.
  • Enrobers: These machines coat products by passing them through a curtain of liquid coating, commonly used for chocolate coatings on pastries and confections.

Kitmondo offers a variety of coating machines, helping bakery operators find the right equipment for their specific needs.

Paning Machines

Paning, also known as panning, involves applying coatings or seasonings to products while they tumble in a rotating pan. This method is often used for confectionery items like nuts, dried fruits, or small baked goods. Paning machines ensure even distribution of coatings such as sugar, chocolate, or savory spices. Important features to consider include the pan's capacity, speed, and the types of coating materials it can handle. Kitmondo’s inventory includes both new and used paning machines, offering cost-effective solutions for businesses.

Breading Machines

Breading machines apply breadcrumbs, batter, or other particulate coatings to products such as chicken tenders, fish fillets, or vegetable patties. These machines ensure a consistent and thorough coating, crucial for taste and appearance. Breading machines generally come in two categories:

  • Flatbed Breaders: These machines use a conveyor belt to transport products through a bed of breadcrumbs, ensuring an even coating on all sides, suitable for high-volume production lines.
  • Drum Breaders: These machines tumble products in a rotating drum filled with breading material, excellent for achieving uniform coatings on irregularly shaped items.

Kitmondo’s selection includes breading machines from top manufacturers, helping bakeries enhance product quality and production efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Coating, Paning, and Breading Machines

Production Capacity

Matching the production capacity of a machine with your volume needs is crucial. Overestimating capacity can lead to unnecessary costs, while underestimating can cause bottlenecks. Kitmondo listings provide detailed specifications, including production capacity, helping buyers select machines that fit their operational requirements.


Machines that handle a range of coatings and products offer greater value. For instance, a coating machine that can switch between chocolate and glaze coatings, or a breading machine that accommodates different breadcrumb sizes, can streamline operations and reduce the need for multiple machines. Kitmondo’s platform allows you to compare machines based on their versatility and features.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Food processing equipment must meet strict hygiene standards. Machines that are easy to clean and maintain help ensure product safety and quality. Look for machines with easily removable parts and minimal crevices where food particles can accumulate. Kitmondo provides information on maintenance and cleaning requirements for listed machines.

Technology and Automation

Advanced technology and automation can significantly boost efficiency and consistency. Features like automated spray nozzles, programmable settings, and real-time monitoring systems can reduce manual labor and minimize errors. Kitmondo offers machines with various levels of technological sophistication, allowing buyers to find equipment that meets their automation needs.

Brand and Manufacturer

Choosing machines from reputable brands and manufacturers ensures higher quality and better support. Leading brands in the coating, paning, and breading machine market include:

  • GEA Group: Known for high-performance enrobing and breading machines, GEA offers robust and reliable equipment suitable for large-scale production.
  • JBT Corporation: Specializing in food processing technology, JBT provides versatile and innovative coating and breading solutions.
  • Marel: Marel's machines are renowned for precision and advanced features, making them ideal for complex coating and breading applications.
  • Nielsen: A leader in chocolate enrobing machines, Nielsen provides high-quality equipment ensuring consistent and smooth coatings.

Kitmondo features equipment from these and other reputable brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Coating, Paning, and Breading Machines

The cost of used coating, paning, and breading machines varies based on age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. For instance, a used GEA breading machine might be priced between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on its condition and capabilities. Kitmondo’s marketplace offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Coating, paning, and breading machines are vital in the bakery industry, enhancing the flavor, texture, and appearance of food products. By understanding the types of machines available and the key factors to consider when purchasing, bakery operators can make informed decisions that align with their production needs. Kitmondo offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, providing detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need a versatile coating machine, a reliable paning system, or an efficient breading machine, Kitmondo’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your bakery operations.