Kitmondo, a leading online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a variety of butchery mincers and grinders, essential tools for meat processing. These machines, from esteemed manufacturers like Hobart, BIRO, Sirman, and Kolbe, ensure consistent meat texture, enhanced efficiency, and high hygiene standards. Catering to a wide range of settings—from local butcheries to industrial processing plants—Kitmondo meets diverse needs.

Prices for these essential tools on Kitmondo range between €7,000 and €30,000, accommodating various budgetary constraints. Key parameters to consider include capacity, motor power, plate size, and machine age. Comprehensive listings with detailed parameters aid informed decision-making.

Kitmondo simplifies buying and selling butchery mincers and grinders, offering competitive prices and machinery from reputable brands. With detailed specifications and a user-friendly interface, Kitmondo is the go-to platform for quality used meat processing equipment.

LASKA WW 160 1G angle meat grinder

Year: 2007

Diameter of Mouth/opening 160 mm
Capacity 9000 kg

Wolfking SFG 850/200 Grinder


Wolfking frozen meat grinder SFG 850/200 Machine in good condition, no defects, runs smoothly, effortlessly, worked in production until the end. Screens and knives new. Includes what is shown in the photos. Width 130 cm length 170 cm Height 200 cm Weight about 1000-1200 kg Bowl 130cm by 95cm Depth at 100 cm Outlet opening 16 cm

PALMIA 400 Grinder


Diameter of Mouth/opening 412 mm

ABORGO AS80 Grinder

Year: 2014

Diameter of Mouth/opening 75 mm

Krämer + Grebe WW200 Grinder

Year: 2017

Diameter of Mouth/opening 200 mm

RISCO TR 200 Grinder

Year: 2008

Risco TR-200 Angle grinder year model 2008 Volume container 325 liters. Adjustable speed very nice condition. Dimensions 135 x 135 cm H 160 cm. this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The RISCO TR 200 Grinder, unveiled in 2008, is a state-of-the-art solution for meat processing, offering exceptional performance and versatility. …

Picadora industrial de carnes 130

Year: 2008

Vendo picadora de carne TPM modelo PA-130, en perfecto estado y completamente funcional. Con una boca de 130 y una tolva de 100 kg de capacidad. La máquina funciona a 380V con una potencia de 13 kW. Ideal para la industria alimentaria, garantizando una alta eficiencia y durabilidad.

Gea Meat Separator

Year: 2012

Gea Meat Separator from 2012. For further information please contact me via my email. Located in Hungary

Laska WW 130-2 Grinder


Diameter of Mouth/opening 130 mm
Capacity 5000 kg


Year: 2002

Krämer & Grebe / CFS WW-200 Angle grinder with associated lift. Adjustable forward feed 3x different speeds on the mill screw. Very nice condition! Dimensions 290 x 200 cm Height 280 cm.

Kilia G160 2000S Grinder

Year: 2014

Diameter of Mouth/opening 160 mm
Capacity 260 kg

Seydelmann PU 201 Grinder

Year: 2000

Capacity 6000 kg

Pneumatic casing gun Torras C 250

Year: 2021

Pneumatic casing gun Torras C 250 We are selling a high quality Torras C 250 model pneumatic cannon, ideal for industrial bulk material handling and conveying applications.

CFS Combo Grind 1500/250 Grinder

Year: 2002

Mixer Grinder Make: CFS Model: Combo Grind 1500/250 Built 2002 59 kW Full working order this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The CFS Combo Grind 1500/250 Grinder, manufactured in 2002 by CFS, is a highly efficient and versatile food processing machine designed for grinding and mincing applications in the food …

ED-POL dok Spomasz Żary W 130 BN Grinder

Year: 2024

Diameter of Mouth/opening 130 mm

KT LM 82-P Grinder


Diameter of Mouth/opening 82 mm

Talsa W114 Grinder

Year: 2013

Diameter of Mouth/opening 114 mm
Capacity 1200 kg

Exploring Butchery Mincers and Grinders at Kitmondo

In the demanding world of industrial machinery, achieving optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness is crucial. Kitmondo stands out as a leading marketplace, offering an extensive array of used industrial machinery that connects buyers and sellers worldwide. Focusing on food processing machines, particularly butchery mincers and grinders, Kitmondo facilitates the seamless acquisition and sale of these essential tools.

Butchery mincers and grinders are indispensable in the food processing industry. Designed to transform large quantities of meat into finely minced or ground portions, they are essential for butchers, restaurants, and food production companies aiming to maximize productivity and maintain high-quality standards. These machines ensure the preservation of meat texture and flavor, offering unparalleled freshness and taste.

Benefits of Using Kitmondo:

  • For Sellers: Reach a broad spectrum of potential buyers, securing competitive prices for machinery. Kitmondo’s intuitive platform ensures a smooth selling process, providing support from listing to finalizing the transaction.
  • For Buyers: Access high-quality machinery from reputable sellers, finding precisely what you need without compromising on quality or budget.

Buying used machinery, like butchery mincers and grinders, from Kitmondo is an economical choice and an investment in quality and reliability. Machines on Kitmondo are priced between €7,000 and €30,000, reflecting a range of sizes, functionalities, brands, ages, and conditions. Opting for used equipment allows companies to acquire top-notch machinery aligned with their operational needs without bearing the brunt of steep depreciation.

Advantages of Butchery Mincers and Grinders:

  1. Consistency: Achieve uniform texture and size in meat products, ensuring quality.
  2. Efficiency: Process large quantities of meat quickly, boosting production rates.
  3. Cost Savings: Reduce labor costs and time with automated machinery.
  4. Hygiene and Safety: Minimize contamination risks with automated processes.
  5. Quality Preservation: Maintain meat freshness and nutritional value.
  6. Waste Reduction: Efficient processing reduces waste, maximizing profits.
  7. Enhanced Presentation: Uniformly processed meat is visually appealing.
  8. Versatility: Many machines can process other food items, such as vegetables and nuts.
  9. Durability: Built to last, ensuring long-term use and reliability.

Main Machine Parameters of Butchery Mincers and Grinders:

  1. Capacity: Maximum meat volume processed per hour.
  2. Motor Power: Indicates strength and efficiency (HP or kW).
  3. Plate Size and Type: Determines mince fineness or coarseness.
  4. Feed Throat Diameter: Influences processing speed.
  5. Construction Material: Typically stainless steel for durability and hygiene.
  6. Safety Features: Emergency stops, no-volt release, overload protection.
  7. Ease of Cleaning: Easy disassembly for maintenance.
  8. Size and Footprint: Important for space considerations.
  9. Accessories and Attachments: Added features like sausage fillers.
  10. Warranty and Service History: Reliability indicators.

Areas of Use:

  1. Butcheries and Meat Shops: For daily fresh meat processing.
  2. Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens: Ensuring fresh preparation.
  3. Meat Processing Plants: Bulk processing for distribution.
  4. Pet Food Manufacturers: Processing meat and ingredients.
  5. Sausage Manufacturers: Achieving the right texture for sausages.
  6. Food Product R&D Laboratories: Testing new products or processes.
  7. Catering Companies: Bulk processing for large events.
  8. Farm Shops and Local Producers: Offering fresh minced or ground meat.
  9. Food Stalls and Street Food Vendors: Freshly prepared meat dishes.

Leading Manufacturers of Butchery Mincers and Grinders:

  1. Hobart: Internationally recognized for robust food equipment.
  2. BIRO: Renowned for durability and reliability.
  3. Sirman: Italian manufacturer of food processing equipment.
  4. Mainca: Specializes in meat processing machinery.
  5. Kolbe: Known for precision-engineered machinery.
  6. Laska: Trusted for industrial-scale meat processing.
  7. Mado: Offers efficient meat processing equipment.
  8. Seydelmann: High-quality industrial grinders and mixers.
  9. Thompson: Known for heavy-duty meat processing machinery.
  10. Palmia: Produces industrial-scale grinders and mixers.
  11. TREIF: Renowned for precision food cutting technology.
  12. Weiler: Specializes in heavy-duty grinders.

Whether you are a buyer seeking strategic acquisitions or a seller aiming to liquidate assets, Kitmondo provides a seamless, efficient, and transparent process. The selection of butchery mincers and grinders on Kitmondo reflects high standards and diverse needs in the food processing industry.

Kitmondo is a marketplace of reliability, value, and variety, offering a fruitful ground for buying or selling used butchery mincers and grinders, fostering sustainable growth and operational excellence in the food processing industry.