At Kitmondo, we offer a diverse selection of used coating pans, essential for efficiently and consistently applying coatings to various food products, including confectionery, nuts, and snacks. These machines are expertly designed to coat products with sugar, chocolate, seasoning, or other substances, ensuring a uniform and high-quality finish. Our inventory includes models ranging from €5,000 for basic units to €50,000 for advanced, high-capacity machines from leading brands such as Bosch, Dumoulin, Sollich, and O'Hara. Each machine comes with unique features, including pan size, coating capacity, heating and cooling systems, and levels of automation, tailored to meet your specific production needs.

When choosing a coating pan, consider factors such as the type of coating process (e.g., sugar, chocolate, film), production volume, uniformity of coating, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. These elements are critical for achieving consistent, high-quality coatings, optimizing production efficiency, and maintaining hygiene standards. Investing in our used coating pans not only provides access to top-tier equipment at significantly reduced prices but also promotes sustainable practices by extending the life of durable machinery. Trust Kitmondo’s dedication to excellent customer service to help you find the ideal machine to enhance your food processing operations.

Explore Kitmondo’s listings today to find reliable coating pans that offer exceptional performance and value for all your coating needs in the food processing industry.

USED FUJI KIKAI PRIMEX C-450 Coating Machine with LTG Incinerator

Year: 1994

This PRIMEX Coating line consists of 1.Coater : FUJI KIKAI PRIMEX 2.Oven : LTG 3.Incinerator : LTG Technical Data (Coater) : ・Mechanical speed : 8400 sheets/h (140 sheets/min.) ・Sheet width : Max. 1145mm / Min. 680mm ・Sheet length : Max. 950mm / Min. 473mm ・Sheet thickness : Max. 0.6mm / Min. 0.12mm ・for coater line (at 140 sheets/min.) : 25KVA …

Lutetia T3 Coating pan

Year: 2005

Pan capacity 3000 L

LUTETIA 3000L Coating pan


Pan capacity 3000 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 1420 mm

Pellegrini with GS Coating sistem 300 kg Coating pan

Year: 1996

Pan capacity 300 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 520 mm

Nuts Coating Machine(EKO 1365)

Year: 2024

Eko 1365 is a product used for the coating of nuts. It is nuts, sesame seeds and caramelized nuts. It makes 50 kg of product in one hour and its boiler is made of copper material.

Glatt GC-750/500 Coating pan

Year: 1995

Pan capacity 60 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 750 mm

Angelopo 120L Bratt Pan


Stainless bratt pan, gas heated, variable temp control up to 200'C, manual tilt discharge, 1Ph

Manesty Accela-cota 150 Coating pan

Year: 1983

Pan capacity 170 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 1219 mm

Ekoroast Nuts Coating Machine EKO 1365

Year: 2024

Eko 1365 is a product used in coating nuts. These are hazelnuts, sesame and caramelized hazelnuts. It produces 50 kg of product per hour and its boiler is made of copper material.

Used Skerman coating pan 150Kg


Skerman coating pan 150Kg coating pan, stainless pan, 3Ph

Coremain Del Levante S.L.L. BMAB Coating pan

Year: 2010

COREMAIN CANDY SUGAR BOMB Candy sugaring drum Manufacturer: Coremain Del Levante S.L.L. Model: BMAB Year 2010 Power: 1.5kW Dimensions: height 1,700mm, width 1,300mm, length 2,750mm

Nuts Coating Machine(EKO 1350)

Year: 2024

Eko 1350 is a product used for the coating of nuts(chickpea,almond,peanut......)

EKO 1360

Year: 2024

Eko 1360 is a product used for the coating of nuts(almond,peanut,chickpea...)

Walter Brucks Coating pan


Diameter of Pan/Drum 900 mm

Drum for jellies


Diameter of Pan/Drum 1350 mm

BRUCKS - Coating pan

Year: ~ 2015

Pan capacity 300 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 900 mm

Elevate Your Food Processing: An In-Depth Guide to Coating Pans

Coating pans are indispensable in the food processing industry, particularly for coating, glazing, and polishing various food products such as nuts, confections, and snacks. These versatile machines enhance product appearance, texture, and flavor, ensuring uniform coating and efficient processing. Understanding the different types, features, and considerations for purchasing coating pans can significantly improve production capabilities and product quality. Kitmondo, a leading online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a diverse selection of coating pans, providing businesses with access to high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Types of Coating Pans

Coating pans come in various types and configurations to meet specific production needs and applications. The primary types include:

Conventional Coating Pans

Conventional coating pans are widely used for applying coatings, such as chocolate, sugar, or glazing agents, to a variety of food products. These pans are typically tilted and rotated to ensure even coating distribution.

  • Standard Coating Pans: Feature a rotating drum where products are tumbled and coated. Suitable for a wide range of products, including nuts, seeds, and confections.
  • Inclined Coating Pans: Positioned at an angle to enhance the tumbling action and improve coating efficiency. Ideal for applications requiring a thicker or more uniform coating.

Perforated Coating Pans

Perforated coating pans are designed with perforations in the drum, allowing for better airflow and faster drying times. These pans are particularly useful for coating products with sugar or other crystallizing agents.

  • Continuous Perforated Pans: Offer continuous operation for high-volume production, ensuring consistent coating and efficient drying.
  • Batch Perforated Pans: Suitable for small to medium-scale operations, providing flexibility and control over the coating process.

Automatic Coating Pans

Automatic coating pans incorporate advanced automation features to enhance efficiency, consistency, and ease of use. These pans are ideal for large-scale production environments.

  • Fully Automated Pans: Automate the entire coating process, including product feeding, coating application, and drying. Ideal for high-speed, high-volume production.
  • Semi-Automated Pans: Combine manual input with automated features to increase efficiency while maintaining control over specific aspects of the process.

Specialty Coating Pans

Specialty coating pans are designed for specific applications or products, offering unique features tailored to the particular needs of certain food processing tasks.

  • Chocolate Coating Pans: Specifically designed for coating products with chocolate, ensuring precise temperature control and even coating distribution.
  • Polishing Pans: Used for polishing products like candies and nuts to achieve a glossy finish.

Kitmondo offers a variety of coating pans, ensuring businesses can find equipment that meets their specific production needs.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting a coating pan, it is crucial to consider specific features and specifications to ensure the machine meets your operational requirements. Key factors include:

Capacity and Throughput

The capacity and throughput of the coating pan determine how much product can be processed within a given timeframe. High-capacity pans are essential for large-scale operations, while smaller pans may suffice for artisanal or small-scale production. Kitmondo’s listings provide detailed specifications on capacity and throughput, helping you find a machine that matches your production volume.

Material Compatibility

Ensure the coating pan is compatible with the materials you use for coating, such as chocolate, sugar, glazing agents, or polishing compounds. Machines that can handle a variety of materials offer greater flexibility and versatility in your operations.

Automation and Control

Advanced automation and control systems enhance precision and consistency in the coating process. Features such as programmable settings, touch-screen interfaces, and real-time monitoring capabilities can significantly boost productivity and ensure consistent product quality. Kitmondo’s platform includes machines with various levels of automation, allowing you to find the right balance between functionality and ease of use.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Effective heating and cooling systems are essential for controlling the temperature during the coating process, especially when working with temperature-sensitive materials like chocolate. Look for machines with precise temperature control features to ensure optimal coating conditions.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The ease of cleaning and maintenance is crucial for ensuring hygiene and operational efficiency. Machines constructed from high-quality stainless steel are more resistant to corrosion and easier to clean. Easy-to-access components simplify maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs. Kitmondo provides information on the condition and maintenance history of used machines, aiding in informed decision-making.

Leading Brands in Coating Pans

Reputable brands and manufacturers are often synonymous with higher quality and better support. Some leading brands in the coating pan market include:

  • Dumoulin: Known for their high-precision and innovative machines, Dumoulin offers robust solutions suitable for various coating applications.
  • GEA: GEA’s machines are renowned for their durability and advanced technology, making them a popular choice in the food processing industry.
  • Loynds: Loynds provides a range of high-performance coating pans, known for their reliability and precision in demanding applications.
  • Bosch: Bosch’s machines are characterized by efficiency and versatility, offering reliable performance for large-scale operations.
  • Buhler: Buhler’s coating pans are known for their quality and adaptability, providing comprehensive solutions for various coating needs.

Kitmondo features equipment from these and other reputable brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Coating Pans

The cost of used coating pans varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a used Dumoulin coating pan might be priced around $10,000 to $20,000, while a high-end GEA automatic coating pan could cost between $30,000 and $50,000. Kitmondo's marketplace offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Coating pans are essential tools in the food processing industry, offering efficient and reliable solutions for coating, glazing, and polishing a variety of products. By understanding the different types of machines and key factors to consider when purchasing, businesses can make informed decisions that align with their production needs. Kitmondo offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, providing detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need a conventional coating pan, a perforated pan, an automatic pan, or a specialty pan, Kitmondo’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your food processing operations.