Kitmondo offers an extensive selection of used biscuit or croissant production lines, bridging the gap between quality and affordability. With a price range between €25,000 and €190,000, these machines provide optimal solutions for businesses of all scales. From large-scale bakeries to specialty manufacturers, these lines cater to a plethora of industry needs.

Manufactured by globally recognized brands such as Buhler, Rondo, and Mecatherm, each production line promises high production capacity, consistent product quality, and operational efficiency. The machines' key parameters, from production capacity and age to power consumption and flexibility, are transparently listed, ensuring informed decision-making for potential buyers.

Key benefits include large-scale production, cost-efficiency, and product versatility. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established industry player, Kitmondo's collection ensures a perfect blend of performance and value, making it the go-to platform for acquiring top-tier biscuit or croissant production machinery.


Year: 1975

Capacity 10 u/h


Year: ~ 1980

Belt Width 1860 mm
Belt Length 2200 mm

Hebenstreit/Danger/Heidler/SIG Flachwaffel Complete wafer production WZ-EM

Year: ~ 1990

Capacity 3000 u/h
Belt Length 5000 mm
Belt Width 1020 mm

Swiss roll + YES plant for swiss rolls, second hand

Year: ~ 1985

Capacity 2220 u/h
Belt Length 20000 mm
Belt Width 800 mm

Padovani s.r.l. AOM 1113 Complete line for the production of biscuits and jam

Year: 2012

Capacity 400 u/h
Belt Length 30000 mm
Belt Width 1400 mm

Rheon HM Complete biscuit or croissant production line

Year: 2009

Capacity 4000 u/h
Belt Length 120 mm
Belt Width 70 mm

Gorreri sponge cake line,swiss roll

Year: 2017

Capacity 14000 u/h
Belt Length 16000 mm
Belt Width 600 mm

Seewer Rondo SCL 20 A1 croissant production line

Year: ~ 1990

Capacity 0 u/h
Belt Width 0 mm

Comas muffin line

Year: 2009

Capacity 10000 u/h

Rice Cake Production Line

Year: 2007

Capacity 2200 u/h

TEKNIPACK EA-6C 104 Cookie wrapping machine

Year: 2011

Cookie wrapping machine (round) Corrugated paper and cellophane applicator Max. package length: 155mm WIRING DIAGRAMS AVAILABLE

BECAM: BM 4 203

Year: 2008

Capacity 1000000 u/h

Tromp Swiss Biber Cake line Complete biscuit or croissant production line

Year: 2016

Pastry Lines - Machines Tromp Swiss Biber Cake line Tromp Swiss Biber Cake line years of build 2016, 1996 flour duster 3 roll extruder flour duster stamping station depositor stamping station setting device

RONDO Ecoline SEL601.A Complete biscuit or croissant production line

Year: 2016

Sale of food processing equipment Line RONDO Ecoline SEL601.A Puff pastry production line The compact Ecoline line is designed for the automated production of small-piece confectionery products that are folded and rolled. Designed and manufactured in a factory in Switzerland, it has all the advantages of RONDO machines and is attractive for its price. Year of manufacture 2016. In good …

Discover Quality Biscuit and Croissant Production Lines on Kitmondo

Explore the world of biscuit and croissant production with our state-of-the-art machinery available on Kitmondo. For professionals in the food manufacturing industry, having the right tools and equipment is crucial. Kitmondo’s extensive collection of top-quality machinery ensures you have access to dependable equipment at competitive prices.

At Kitmondo, purchasing a machine means investing in quality, trust, and an extensive network of professionals in the industrial machinery sector. Our platform provides access to a wide array of equipment from renowned manufacturers, ensuring longevity and performance.

Kitmondo's selection of used biscuit and croissant production lines offers businesses the chance to acquire high-quality equipment without a hefty price tag. Our price range ensures options for everyone, from new entrepreneurs to established manufacturers. Typically, prices for these pre-owned machines range from €25,000 to €190,000, accommodating various business scales and budgets.

For those looking to upgrade or diversify their machinery, selling on Kitmondo is as seamless as buying. Our platform attracts a vast audience of potential buyers, ensuring your equipment gains the visibility it deserves. Sellers benefit from Kitmondo's straightforward listing process and the assurance of dealing with genuine buyers.

Whether you're starting your biscuit and croissant manufacturing journey or upgrading your current setup, the complete production lines available on Kitmondo are your gateway to success. Explore Kitmondo's collection today and find the perfect blend of affordability and excellence for your production needs.

Advantages of Biscuit and Croissant Production Lines

Investing in a complete biscuit or croissant production line offers numerous advantages, including:

  • High Production Capacity: Designed for large-scale production, ensuring higher output in less time.
  • Consistency in Quality: Automated processes guarantee uniform size, shape, taste, and texture, ensuring brand reliability.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Integrated production stages reduce waste and optimize resources, leading to long-term savings.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: Modern lines can produce a variety of products, adapting quickly to market trends.
  • Reduction in Manual Labour: Automation minimizes human errors, enhances safety, and boosts efficiency.
  • Space Optimization: Compact designs maximize production while minimizing factory floor space.
  • Integrated Quality Control: Built-in mechanisms ensure product quality throughout the production process.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Automated systems reduce contamination risks, ensuring a clean production environment.
  • Scalability: Production lines can be adjusted to meet growing demands.

Main Machine Parameters of Biscuit and Croissant Production Lines

When buying or selling a complete production line on Kitmondo, consider the following machine parameters:

  • Production Capacity: Number of products produced per hour or batch.
  • Footprint and Dimensions: Physical size of the production line for factory space allocation.
  • Power and Energy Consumption: Power requirements and energy usage.
  • Types of Products Supported: Versatility in handling various dough types, fillings, and shapes.
  • Automation and Control Systems: Level of automation and control interfaces.
  • Maintenance History: Past maintenance and repair records.
  • Brand and Manufacturer: Reputation and reliability of the manufacturer.
  • Available Attachments and Accessories: Additional equipment included with the production line.

Understanding these parameters helps facilitate smoother transactions, ensuring buyers find machines that match their needs while sellers provide transparent listings.

Areas of Use

Complete biscuit or croissant production lines are essential in:

  • Large-Scale Bakeries: Meeting high demand for baked goods.
  • Food Processing Plants: Mass production and distribution.
  • Hotels & Resorts: Providing fresh baked goods for guests.
  • Cruise Ships: Serving thousands of meals daily.
  • Specialty Biscuit/Croissant Manufacturers: Unique recipes and fillings.
  • Airline Catering Services: Supplying in-flight meals.
  • Institutional Catering: Hospitals, schools, and universities.
  • Contract Manufacturers: Producing on behalf of other brands.
  • R&D and Testing Facilities: Developing new products and recipes.
  • Export-Oriented Units: Meeting international market demands.

Leading Manufacturers of Biscuit and Croissant Production Lines

Top manufacturers you might find on Kitmondo include:

  • Buhler Group: Known for high-quality food processing machinery.
  • Rondo: Specializes in dough processing for pastries.
  • Fritsch: Renowned for bakery equipment.
  • Mecatherm: Offers versatile industrial baking equipment.
  • Rademaker: Provides solutions for pastries and baked goods.
  • Reading Bakery Systems (RBS): Known for baking and snack systems.
  • Baker Perkins: Produces equipment for biscuits and cookies.
  • IMA Group: Includes machinery for biscuits and bakery products.
  • Rheon: Known for encrusting machines and pastry lines.
  • Voskhod: Provides various bakery equipment.

Choosing the right manufacturer depends on your specific needs, production scale, and budget. Kitmondo’s team is ready to assist you in making the best choice for your business. Explore our extensive collection today and discover machinery that aligns seamlessly with your production goals and financial plans!