Kitmondo, a premier marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a variety of butchery vacuum stuffers, essential tools in the meat processing industry. Sourced from renowned manufacturers like Handtmann, VEMAG, and Risco, these machines ensure superior product quality by eliminating air during the stuffing process, resulting in a fresher appearance and extended shelf life for meat products.

Priced between €10,000 and €23,000, our vacuum stuffers reflect brand reputation, machine age, and additional features. Investing in a vacuum stuffer from Kitmondo guarantees consistent product output, higher yields, and long-term economic benefits, making it an ideal choice for professionals aiming to enhance their meat processing operations.

Kitmondo ensures a seamless transaction experience, offering diverse machine options tailored to individual needs and providing buyers with utmost transparency and security. Aligning with Kitmondo means investing in quality, efficiency, and the promise of an elevated meat processing venture.

Handtmann vf300 Vacuum stuffer


Hopper capacity 300 L
Output 10000 kg/h
Power 9.5 kW

FREY Konty S200 double envelope stuffer

Year: 1999

Hopper capacity 120 L
Output 3600 kg/h
Power 6 kW

Gaser ECV- 95 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2021

Hopper capacity 95 L
Output 3000 kg/h
Power 4.2 kW

VEMAG ROBOT 500 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2013

Hopper capacity 110 L
Output 2500 kg/h
Power 4.9 kW

RISCO RS Vacuum stuffer Low working hours

Year: 2003

Hopper capacity 300 L
Output 8000 kg/h
Power 8 kW

Handtmann VF300B Vacuum stuffer


Hopper capacity 300 L
Output 10000 kg/h
Power 9.5 kW

Risco RS 3005 Food machinery Low working hours

Year: 2012

Hopper capacity 280 L
Output 4900 kg/h
Power 4.5 kW

Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2014

Hopper capacity 110 L
Output 2500 kg/h
Power 4.9 kW

INOTEC IG5 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2015

High performance automatic tying machine. GIROMATIC - IG5 INOTEC for sausages with natural and collagen casing trailing with 20 to 75 mm colibro

RISCO RS7 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2010

RISCO RS7 automatic sausage tying machine with natural casing puller with maximum gauge 70 mm

RISCO RS5003 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2001

RISCO RS5003 bagging machine ano 2001 Italy RISCO bagging machine

Veripack TFN 1E Vacuum stuffer

Year: 1998

Thermoforming machine and vacuum Fully functional,just overhauled Complete with numerous molds of considerable value In our case used for vacuum packing ribs,tripe and various processed and non-beef products

Vemag Robby 2 Type 135 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 1996

Hopper capacity 230 L
Output 3000 kg/h
Power 7.2 kW

Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2013

Hopper capacity 110 L
Output 2500 kg/h
Power 4.9 kW

CASTELLVALL EC20/120 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2004

Hopper capacity 120 L
Output 2000 kg/h
Power 3.75 kW

Karl Schnell P10 SE-P Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2010

Hopper capacity 300 L
Output 10000 kg/h
Power 15.4 kW

Handtmann VF80B Vacuum stuffer


Hopper capacity 80 L
Output 3000 kg/h
Power 4.5 kW


Year: 1999

Hopper capacity 80 L
Output 2700 kg/h
Power 5.1 kW

CATO EB1 Vacuum stuffer

Year: 2002

Hopper capacity 250 L
Output 3500 kg/h
Power 4.75 kW

Butchery Vacuum Stuffers on Kitmondo: Elevating Meat Processing Standards

In the realm of food processing, especially within the butchery sector, vacuum stuffers are crucial. These advanced machines streamline the packing and processing of meats, offering longer shelf life, improved aesthetics, and consistent high quality.

A butchery vacuum stuffer works by removing air from the meat mixture before and during the filling process. This ensures the meat retains its natural color and freshness, resulting in a uniform product free from air pockets. For butcher shops and meat processing industries, this translates to reduced waste, an enhanced brand image, and satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Kitmondo offers a distinct advantage over other marketplaces. With a vast selection of used industrial machinery, businesses can find high-quality equipment from top-tier brands at a fraction of the cost of new machines.

Benefits of Buying on Kitmondo:

  • Cost Savings: High-quality equipment at reduced prices.
  • Wide Selection: Diverse options to meet various needs.
  • Trusted Brands: Access to reputable manufacturers.
  • Detailed Listings: Comprehensive information for informed decisions.
  • Global Reach: Connect with buyers and sellers worldwide.

Selling on Kitmondo: For businesses looking to upgrade or change their machinery, Kitmondo provides a platform to recoup investment by connecting sellers with a global network of interested buyers. The platform emphasizes transparency and security, ensuring confidence in transactions.

Advantages of Butchery Vacuum Stuffers:

  1. Improved Product Quality: Prevents oxidation, maintaining natural color and freshness.
  2. Consistent Output: Ensures uniform size and weight of products.
  3. Reduced Air Pockets: Eliminates air pockets, enhancing texture and appearance.
  4. Higher Yield: Maximizes use of meat mixture, reducing waste.
  5. Extended Shelf Life: Increases product longevity by reducing bacterial growth.
  6. Economical: Offers long-term savings through reduced waste and higher quality.
  7. Versatility: Handles various meat mixtures for diverse product ranges.
  8. Speed and Efficiency: Faster processing to meet high production demands.
  9. Safety: Minimizes contamination and ensures a hygienic processing environment.
  10. User-Friendly: Intuitive controls for easy operation.

Key Parameters to Consider:

  1. Hopper Capacity: Volume of meat mixture the machine can hold.
  2. Filling Pressure: Force used to push meat into casings.
  3. Filling Speed: Rate of meat processing.
  4. Vacuum Pump Capacity: Efficiency of air evacuation.
  5. Portioning Accuracy: Precision in measuring and dispensing portions.
  6. Machine Dimensions and Weight: Physical size and space requirements.
  7. Power Consumption: Energy usage of the machine.
  8. Control Type: Manual or computerized controls.
  9. Twisting Speed: Rate of twisting sausages into links.
  10. Noise Level: Operational noise produced.
  11. Construction Material: Durability and compliance with food safety standards.
  12. Safety Features: Emergency stop buttons, overload protection.
  13. Maintenance Requirements: Frequency and ease of maintenance.

Areas of Use:

Butchery vacuum stuffers are versatile and used in various sectors:

  1. Butcheries: For producing a range of products with consistent quality.
  2. Meat Processing Plants: High-volume production of sausages and more.
  3. Poultry Industry: For chicken sausages and turkey products.
  4. Pet Food Manufacturers: Processing meat-based pet foods.
  5. Specialty Food Producers: For vegetarian or vegan sausages.
  6. Culinary Schools: Training students in meat processing.
  7. Restaurants and Hotels: Producing unique in-house products.
  8. Small-Scale Local Producers: Creating artisanal and handcrafted products.

Leading Manufacturers:

  1. Handtmann: Known for precision and durability.
  2. VEMAG: Efficient food processing equipment.
  3. Risco: Advanced technology and consistency.
  4. Karl Schnell: High performance and longevity.
  5. Freemantle: Tailored for different production needs.
  6. TREIF: Efficient and user-friendly designs.
  7. Mainca: Recognized for design and efficiency.
  8. Reiser: Comprehensive food processing solutions.
  9. Frey: Reliable meat processing equipment.
  10. Stuffer: Ideal for smaller operations or specialty producers.

When considering a vacuum stuffer, evaluate your specific needs, budget, and the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. Kitmondo connects you with machinery from these reputable brands, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. Explore our listings today and take your meat processing capabilities to the next level with Kitmondo.