Inspection machines are crucial for ensuring product quality and consistency across various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, electronics, automotive, agriculture, printing, and textiles. These machines provide numerous advantages such as enhanced quality control, increased operational efficiency, superior accuracy, cost savings, adherence to regulatory standards, flexibility, and advanced data collection features.

At Kitmondo, prices for used inspection machines range from €10,000 for basic models to €79,000 for premium units. Regardless of the price, each machine is guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance and dependability.

When buying an inspection machine, it's essential to evaluate factors such as inspection speed, accuracy, type of inspection, product compatibility, machine dimensions, suitability for the operational environment, energy consumption, level of automation, maintenance requirements, and integration capability with existing systems.

Top manufacturers like Mettler Toledo, Bosch, Loma Systems, Anritsu Infivis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cognex, and Sartorius dominate the market, offering a wide range of equipment to meet various industry demands.

Kitmondo is dedicated to helping you find the perfect inspection machine to maximize your investment and fulfill your specific operational requirements.

Brevetti CEA A35 Inspection machine

Year: 2011

The Brevetti A35 is a compact and advanced inspection machine that can examine products at a maximum speed of 300 pieces per minute. It is capable of inspecting liquids and freeze-dried pharmaceuticals in various containers (Container type: Vials, Ampoules & Cartridges). The machine's high-speed cameras, dedicated motors, and LED lighting ensure top-notch inspection with a broad container range starting from …

DOSS - Automatic Inspection Machine

Year: 2017

This trusted, used automatic inspection machine is currently setting the industry standard for sealant inspection. From identifying surface defects such as pores and cuts to pinpointing irregular dimensions, the dsort 3 excels where others fall short. Powered by cutting-edge inspection cameras sourced from reliable industry leaders, this machine delivers unparalleled clarity and accuracy. With its swift yet meticulous examination, you …

Krones Linatronic 712 empty bottle inspection machine

Year: 2000

Overview The empty bottle inspector was built in 2000 by the German manufacturer Krones. Since 2015, many of the machine's components, such as the computer, touch screen, cameras, back panel, drive and vacuum blower, have been replaced. The machine is still running until mid-March 2024 and can be inspected. Technical details Output: 50,000 bph Last used for: 0.33l Steinie, Gourmet, …

Eagle Pro Bulk415 X-ray machine

Year: 2020

Defect Detection Capability no

Miho David 2 Empty Bottle Inspection Machine

Year: 2016

The inspector “David 2” was manufactured in 2016 by the German manufacturer Miho. The machine was regularly maintained by OEM and is still in operation till autumn 2024. As the selling brewery is receiving a completely new bottling line, they are selling the used machines of their current line, which are still in good shape. Tech. Details Running direction: left-right …

INTRAVIS Capwatcher 6432 Inspection machine

Year: 2018

This INTRAVIS Capwatcher 6432 Inspection System was manufactured in the year 2018. Machine weight: 280 kg Reduced equipment for simple applications

Kelch KALI-tec A Inspection machine

Year: 2004

The KELCH KALI-tec A tool setter, manufactured in 2004 in Germany, allows you to perform accurate measurement, initial setting and simultaneous shrinking of tools in one device. The setting and measuring device determines the tool length using setting adapters before the holder warm-up phase. For complex measuring tasks or tools made of high-speed steel, the KELCH i-tech heat shrink system …

SEIDENADER DAR 150 Inspection machine

Year: 1995

The Seidenader DAR Vial Washing Machine from 1995 is an exterior cleaning and drying machine for ampules, vials, syringes and cartridges for containers from 0.5ml - 250 ml. The modular system allows a compact interface of the DAR with inspection lines and leak detectors, labelling and ampule/vial printing machines both in-line and stand alone.

Seidenader V90-AVSB/60-LR Inspection machine

Year: 2002

• Semi-automatic inspection machine for the visual inspection of vials/ampoules from 10-100 ml depending on the format set • Inspection criteria: Fine dust, glass and cosmetic defects, closure quality • Output 60-80 objects/min • Running direction from left to right • Tyndall illumination bottom, top back, top (particles light up like dust particles in front of a film projector and …

Krones Linatronic Empty bottle inspection machine

Year: 2011

Empty bottle inspection machine Overview The empty bottle inspector Linatronic was manufactured 2011 by German company Krones. The machine is already dismantled. Techn. Details Running direction: left-right Detections: Ground inspection Camera Sealing surface inspection camera Thread inspection camera with cone optics Sidewall inspection camera Residual liquid and residual caustic detection By high frequency By infrared Design of muzzle illumination DualFlash …

ANTARES VISION Mod. SEMIAUTOMATIC STATION 125 - Visual inspection machine used

Year: 2013

DESCRIPTION: The inspection machine allows control directly on the line. It is particularly useful in the case of pharmaceutical products, as it allows accurate inspection with the possible immediate expulsion from the production line through an appropriate rejection system, when the machine detect itself anomalies on the product. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN …

HSG ENGINEERING IMA Mod. VISIONE - Visual inspection machine used

Year: 2014

DESCRIPTION: The inspection machine allows control directly on the line. It is particularly useful in the case of pharmaceutical products, as it allows accurate inspection with the possible immediate expulsion from the production line through an appropriate rejection system, when the machine detect itself anomalies on the product. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN …

BOSCH EISAI AIM 296 Inspection machine

Year: 2002

Bosch AIM 296 inspection machine for ampoule Automatic machine for vial inspection. Year 2002

GF MOD. LYNX 2G - Inspection machine used

Year: 2008

DESCRIPTION: Automatic visual inspection machine for vials and bottles. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The Lynx optical inspection machines are specially designed for particles and cosmetic inspections of LVPs (Large Volume Parenterals) in both glass and plastic containers. An LVP is a single-dose injection that is intended for intravenous use and is …

Candling station


Candling station 3 stations Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 3800 x 1600 x 1800 mm Weight: 400 kg Incoterm : EXW

Heuft Systemtechnik GMBH Examiner Inspection machine

Year: 2015

Heuft Examiner X-Ray machine for sale Year of manufacture: February 2015 It has been running in line inspecting bars of chocolate. Comes complete with Reflexx Image Processing system. Electrical Supply: 230V /50Hz / Single Phase Excellent running condition and available immediately. Complete with Operating Manual.

Ceia THS Metal detector checkweigher


Ceia THS Metal detector checkweigher Stainless metal detector checkweigher, aperture 340mm x 100mm, checkweigher platform 420mm x 290mm, with blow off reject into reject bins, with printer, mobile, 1Ph

Seidenader PI-20 Inspection machine

Year: 2008

Power supply: 3*400V 50Hz 4kW this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Seidenader PI-20 Inspection Machine, introduced in 2008, is an advanced solution for the comprehensive inspection of pharmaceutical products, ensuring compliance with stringent quality standards. This state-of-the-art machine combines cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to deliver reliable and accurate …

Krempien + Petersen - Inspection machine

Year: 2018

Offer Title: Krempien + Petersen - Inspection Machine Manufacturer: Krempien + Petersen Model: - Year of Manufacture: 2018 Technical Condition: Good Features: - Automated rejection system - Variable speed through conveyor - 55mm x 2500mm Pressure roller - Internally mounted Brother printer - Beckhoff HMI - 2 x Cognex cameras - Wiring diagrams

Eisai AIM 587-2 Inspection machine

Year: 2001

Eisai Visual Inspection Machine for particles: AIM 587-2, from 2001. Dual sided machine capable of inspecting vial level and for foreign matter at speeds up to 300 vials per minute. this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Eisai AIM 587-2 Inspection Machine, introduced in 2001, is a cutting-edge solution for …

Discover the Power of Inspection Machines on Kitmondo

In the world of packaging and conditioning, maintaining precision and quality assurance is essential. Inspection machines are pivotal in this context, ensuring that every item leaving the production line adheres to necessary standards and requirements. These machines meticulously examine the physical attributes of products, such as dimensions, weight, and overall quality, thus promoting consistency, safety, and consumer satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Quality with Used Inspection Machines

Choosing a used inspection machine can substantially reduce capital expenses without sacrificing quality. Our thoroughly vetted machines are meticulously maintained, ensuring they perform on par with new units but at a fraction of the cost.

Our extensive catalog caters to a variety of needs, from pharmaceutical packaging to food & beverage production and electronics manufacturing. We feature machines from globally recognized manufacturers like Bosch, Mettler Toledo, and Loma Systems, each offering different functionalities, sizes, and capabilities to suit diverse production volumes and packaging types.

Why Choose Kitmondo?

At Kitmondo, we pride ourselves on transparency. Each listing includes detailed specifications, images, and pricing information. Our dedicated team is always available to answer inquiries, ensuring you make an informed purchasing decision.

Understanding the importance of investment planning, we offer a wide range of used inspection machines to fit various budgets. Our prices range from €10,000 to €79,000, providing excellent value compared to brand-new machinery.

Advantages of Inspection Machines

Improved Quality Control

Inspection machines are essential for maintaining product quality. They accurately inspect the physical characteristics of packaged goods, identifying anomalies or defects that could compromise quality, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With automated capabilities, inspection machines significantly outpace manual inspections in terms of speed and efficiency. They can handle large volumes in shorter timeframes, reducing production lead times and boosting overall productivity.

Enhanced Accuracy

Inspection machines provide consistent, precise measurements, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring a higher degree of reliability, which is crucial in industries where minor defects can have significant consequences.


Although the initial investment may be substantial, the long-term savings are significant. These machines reduce the need for manual labor and prevent the waste of resources on faulty products, leading to considerable savings.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Inspection machines help ensure products meet industry and legal standards, particularly in highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and food & beverage. This includes checking package integrity, label accuracy, and product weight, helping businesses avoid legal issues.


Modern inspection machines come with a range of features and settings, allowing them to adapt to different product types, sizes, and packaging materials, making them versatile assets for varied production requirements.

Data Collection and Analysis

Many inspection machines are equipped with advanced data collection features, tracking and analyzing product and performance data over time, providing valuable insights for decision-making and continuous improvement.

Key Machine Parameters to Consider

When selecting an inspection machine, several parameters can influence performance and suitability:

  • Inspection Speed: Refers to the number of units inspected per minute/hour. High-speed machines are essential for large-scale operations.
  • Precision: Measures the machine's ability to detect defects or variations. High precision is critical in industries with strict quality standards.
  • Type of Inspection: Includes dimensional checks, weight checks, surface checks, or label inspections. Some machines can perform multiple inspections simultaneously.
  • Product Size and Type Compatibility: Ensure the machine can handle your specific product's dimensions, weight, and material.
  • Machine Size and Footprint: Consider the physical dimensions and space requirements for installation, operation, and maintenance.
  • Environment Suitability: Ensure the machine is designed for your operational environment, whether it’s dry, cool, humid, or hot.
  • Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient machines are more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Automation Level: Some machines are fully automated, requiring minimal human intervention, while others may need some manual operation.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Evaluate the frequency and ease of maintenance to minimize downtime and costs.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Ensure compatibility with your existing production line and systems.

Applications Across Industries

Inspection machines have a wide range of applications across various industries:

  • Food and Beverage: Ensuring packaging integrity, maintaining product consistency, and compliance with safety regulations.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Verifying product quantity, checking packaging defects, confirming label information, and detecting foreign particles.
  • Consumer Goods: Ensuring quality, safety, and correct labeling of products.
  • Electronics: Checking components and finished products for defects and ensuring size accuracy.
  • Agriculture: Quality control of packaged products like seeds, grains, and processed foods.
  • Print and Packaging: Checking print quality, barcode placement, and label clarity.
  • Textiles: Verifying material quality, checking for defects, and ensuring color consistency.

Leading Manufacturers

Several renowned manufacturers produce high-quality inspection machines:

  • Mettler Toledo: Specializes in precision instruments, offering vision inspection systems, metal detectors, checkweighers, and X-ray systems.
  • Bosch: Provides machinery for the pharmaceutical, food, and confectionery industries, known for precision and reliability.
  • Loma Systems: Offers metal detectors, checkweighers, and X-ray systems for the food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries.
  • Anritsu Infivis: Specializes in high-speed, high-accuracy X-ray systems, checkweighers, and metal detectors.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific: Offers checkweighers, X-ray inspection systems, and metal detectors for various industrial applications.
  • Cognex: Produces machine vision systems, software, and sensors for automated manufacturing.
  • Sartorius: Provides top-notch inspection equipment for diverse industries, known for their quality and reliability.

By investing in the right inspection machine, businesses can enhance product quality, increase efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance, making these machines invaluable assets in any production line. Explore Kitmondo’s extensive range of used inspection machines to find the perfect solution for your operational needs.