Kitmondo is your trusted source for pre-owned industrial equipment, and we are excited to introduce our range of used skinning and filleting equipment. Perfect for companies in the food processing sector, our machines are available at prices ranging from €8,000 to €43,000, accommodating various operational scales and budgets. These machines are designed to boost productivity, ensure consistency, improve yield, and reduce labor costs. Key features include throughput, precision, size, power supply, material, and ease of cleaning.


Primarily used in fish, poultry, meat processing, seafood processing, pet food manufacturing, and food service industries, our inventory includes top brands such as Marel, Baader, Trio, Carnitech, Uni-Food, Grasselli, and VMK Fish Machinery. At Kitmondo, you get high-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost, thoroughly inspected to meet the highest standards of performance and safety. Discover our selection of skinning and filleting machines today and enhance your food processing operations with Kitmondo.

Foodmate Sabc Deboner L=5MTR Skinning

Year: 2018

Foodmate Sabc Deboner filleting machine L=5MTR Year of production 2018 The device is in very good technical condition and ready for immediate use. Of course, we have documentation for the device (manual, specification), which will be provided upon sale.


Year: 2007

Fish gutting machine Kroma Gutmaster 1200 Evisceradora de pescado Kroma Gutmaster 1200 Fish gutting and manual roe recovering machine Recuperación manual de hueva

Carnitech Vision slicer IPS 3000 GEBA SC 125 MA V Skinning

Year: 2012

this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Carnitech Vision Slicer IPS 3000 GEBA SC 125 MA V is a cutting-edge food processing machine designed for precision slicing and skinning of various food products. Manufactured by Carnitech, a trusted name in the food processing industry, this machine offers advanced features and …

Baader 185 Skinning

Year: 1983

Capacity 32 u/mn

Baader 208 Skinning

Year: 1998

Capacity 45 u/mn

Baader 142 Skinning

Year: 2013

Capacity 16 u/mn

Skinning and Filleting Machines: Revamping Your Food Processing Business with Second-Hand Equipment

Exploring skinning and filleting machines is crucial for any food processing business looking to improve efficiency and product quality. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a new player in the industry, investing in cost-effective solutions like used machinery from Kitmondo can transform your operations.

Why Skinning and Filleting Machines?

Skinning and filleting machines are essential in the food processing industry, automating and streamlining the preparation of various meats and fish. These machines enhance productivity, ensure high-quality product preparation, and maintain consistency. They also minimize contamination risks, improve yield, and reduce labor costs, making them indispensable for efficient operations.

The Finest Selection at Kitmondo

Kitmondo offers an impressive range of second-hand skinning and filleting machines, providing an excellent opportunity to boost your processing capabilities without substantial capital investment. Our machines undergo thorough inspections to meet high performance and safety standards.

Our selection caters to different needs, from small-scale operations to large-scale, high-throughput production. We feature trusted brands like Marel, Trio, Baader, and more, ensuring you receive reliable and efficient equipment.

At Kitmondo, we understand the financial considerations of investing in machinery. Our goal is to make these investments accessible and profitable for businesses of all sizes. Our second-hand skinning and filleting machines are priced between €8,000 and €43,000, catering to various budgets and operational requirements.

Main Advantages of Skinning and Filleting Machines

  • Increased Productivity: Handle large volumes efficiently, significantly speeding up the processing time.
  • Consistency and Quality: Achieve uniform and precise cuts, maintaining high product standards.
  • Improved Yield: Maximize product yield from each piece, reducing waste.
  • Labor Cost Savings: Minimize reliance on manual labor, reducing associated costs and human error.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of meats and fish, adding flexibility to your operations.
  • Health and Safety: Lower the risk of workplace injuries and contamination.
  • Ease of Operation: Modern machines are user-friendly and require minimal training.
  • Durability: Built to withstand rigorous industrial use, ensuring long-term reliability.

Main Machine Parameters

When selecting a skinning and filleting machine, consider the following parameters:

  • Throughput/Capacity: Volume processed per hour.
  • Cutting Precision: Level of precision in cuts.
  • Machine Size and Weight: Space requirements and weight considerations.
  • Power Supply: Compatibility with your facility’s power supply.
  • Operating Temperature: Important for temperature-sensitive products.
  • Material: Preferred materials like stainless steel for hygiene and durability.
  • Automation Level: Degree of automation needed.
  • Brand and Model: Known reliability and availability of spare parts.
  • Condition: Maintenance history and current operational status of used machines.

Areas of Use

Skinning and filleting machines are used in various sectors:

  • Fish Processing: Preparing different types of fish.
  • Poultry Processing: Skinning and filleting chickens, turkeys, and other birds.
  • Meat Processing: Handling beef, pork, lamb, and more.
  • Seafood Processing: Preparing shellfish and other seafood.
  • Pet Food Manufacturing: Preparing ingredients for pet food.
  • Food Service and Catering: Efficient preparation for large-scale operations.

Manufacturers of Skinning and Filleting Machines

Several reputable manufacturers are known for high-quality skinning and filleting machines:

  • Marel: Global provider of advanced food processing machinery.
  • Baader: German company with a long history in food processing.
  • Trio: Norwegian specialist in fish processing technology.
  • Carnitech: Robust machines for fish and meat processing.
  • Uni-Food: Danish company with high-quality fish processing machines.
  • Grasselli: Italian precision skinning and slicing equipment.
  • VMK Fish Machinery: Swedish manufacturer for fish processing equipment.


Expand and optimize your operations with Kitmondo’s range of skinning and filleting machines. Contact us today to find the perfect fit for your business and budget, and take your food processing operations to the next level.