At Kitmondo, we provide a wide selection of high-quality, pre-owned medical laboratory equipment, ideal for various applications within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our inventory features an extensive range of machines, including microscopes, centrifuges, chromatography systems, mass spectrometers, and autoclaves. Each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure its reliability and performance.

Our offerings include equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Beckman Coulter, and Siemens Healthineers, ensuring you have access to some of the best brands in the industry. This diverse catalogue serves clinical labs, research institutes, the pharmaceutical industry, and more. Even though the equipment is pre-owned, it delivers exceptional accuracy, speed, automation, and advanced data management capabilities.

With prices ranging from €2,000 to €16,000, Kitmondo is an excellent choice for laboratories looking for cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality or functionality. Opt for Kitmondo to support your operations with affordable, top-tier laboratory equipment.

Rosler DLyte 10 Laboratory equipment Low working hours

Year: 2021

DLyte 10 is a metal surface finishing equipment using dry electropolishing technology, It is suitable for companies with medium production volume. It is designed for high value, very small, fragile and delicate parts that require high finishing requirements, as well as for research and development purposes. and for research and development purposes. Its automatic, one-step process reduces the complexity of …

AIR C2 Méga Sorbonne sur mesure

Year: 2022

Job composition: -A-Stand Dimensions Width 2240 mm Depth 1000 mm Height 900 mm -B-This equipment is supported by a structure resting on this bench. Dimensions Width 2240 mm Depth 1000 mm Height 1200 mm Front panel 2 sets of 2 Plexiglas doors on hinges and guides This system allows separate access to each piece of equipment, providing greater protection for …

I-Optics Cassini topographer

Year: 2015

The Cassini device is an excellent tool for measuring posterior corneal astigmatism. When implanting toric and premium IOLs having a direct measurement of PCA enhances outcomes. - Cassini, software version 2.5.1 - This includes the device, Mac Pro, keyboard, mouse and calibration tool. We will also consider selling the table if it helps with transportation.

Sony FX500 cell sorter

Year: 2020

New machine in its original box - price offered 30% off. Description : The FX500 is a microfluidics chip based cell sorter. Its fully replaceable fluidics system lets researchers easily replace the entire fluidics path to control sample-to-sample carryover. The FX500 features comprehensive fluidics controls, advanced automation and easy to use software. Patented CoreFinder™ technology automates instrument setup and …

Hamilton STAR M Laboratory equipment Hot deal

Year: 2020

Hamilton STAR AUTOLOAD 96 MPH 8ML + Accessories Includes full coverage and Venus software. Automatic loading with bar code reader. 1664x903x1006mm (AnchoxAltoxProfundo) CO-RE 96 MPH TADM 1000 μl "MPH96 head with TADM function, compatible with 10, 50, 300 and 1000ul tips.To activate the TADM function there is TADM VENUS PN 911099 software required." Modular arm for 4/8/12 Ch. / MPH …

LIFE TECHNOLOGIES EVOS FL Laboratory equipment

Year: 2018

Color EVOS™ FL Imaging System The Invitrogen™ EVOS™ FL color imaging system (catalog no. AMEFC4300) is a Fully integrated, digital, inverted imaging system for four-color fluorescence and Transmitted Light applications. It combines precision optics, a 15-inch high-resolution LCD display, and a Sensitive Sony ICX285AQ color CCD camera (1360 × 1024 pixel resolution, 1.4 megapixels) for trouble-free color image acquisition via …

Jasco Modular (ver modelos de cada módulo en descripción) Laboratory equipment

Year: 2016

HPLC JASCO Componentes: - Autosampler – AS-4150 - Pump – PU-4180 (Quaternary Pump, up to 70 MPa) - Column oven – CO-4065 (can accommodate up to 10 colums) - Detector – MD-4010 (Diodo Array Detector) - Interface - LC-NetII_ADC - Bottle stand – BS-4000-1 Se vende con: - Software ChromNAV v.02 - Lampara de deuterio a estrenar - Manuales

Flexible dust measurement HEUBACH DUSTMETER

Year: 2011

Flexible dust measurement HEUBACH DUSTMETER Dust analyzer N°399G3 Year of manufacture: 2011 Material not tested

Buchi V-100 vacuum pump with I-100 controller

Year: 2015

Buchi V-100 vacuum pump with I-100 controller The V-100 vacuum pump is a chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump with a space-saving design. It covers essential vacuum generation needs. With Woulff flask (without secondary condenser) Flow rate: 1.5 m³/h With Interface I-100 vacuum controller for domestic vacuum cleaners. With power supply W×D×H = 160×120×105 mm measurement range 1400 - 1 …

Incubator / Oven BINDER BF 400 with forced convection 100 °C

Year: 2010

Incubator / Oven BINDER BF 400 with forced convection 100 °C Model: BF400 Capacity: 400 liters Temperature range: +5°C (above ambient) to +100°C Double interior glass doors Integrated digital temperature display 1 stainless steel grid Power supply: 230V Frequency: 50-60 Hz Power rating: 850W Interior dimensions: 100 x 80 x 50 cm (W x H x D) Overall dimensions: 123.5 …

System multipleksowania Luminex MAGPIX


The MAGPIX system is a versatile multiplexing platform capable of performing qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins and nucleic acids in various sample matrices. This low-cost system requires less sample volume than many other current technologies and can perform up to 50 tests in one reaction volume, significantly reducing sample collection, reagents and labor while improving productivity. The innovative MAGPIX …

HPLC Waters Alliance 2695 + Micromass Quattro Premier

Year: 2006

HPLC Waters Alliance 2695 + Micromass Quattro Premier Waters Alliance 2695 Liquid Chromatography Modules Oven 186000306 Micromass Quattro Premier With accessories and software Year of installation 2006

Rigaku LIBS KT-100S handheld analyzer


The KT-100S hand-held metal analyzer will easily identify the most difficult alloy grades in a few seconds. The KT-100S uses Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), enabling permanent and accurate alloy identification for use in: Scrap sorting Quality assurance in metalworking Positive Materials Identification (PMI) in mission-critical operations such as aerospace and petrochemicals Advanced identification of light elements LIBS is more …

HEWLETT PACKARD MOD. 5890 SERIES II - Gas chromatography system used

Year: 2008

DESCRIPTION: Gas chromatography is an analysis technique that allows the different components of a mixture to be separated one by one. It can be applied to both gas samples, liquids and solids as long as they can be traced back to the vapor state within certain temperature ranges. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN …

BUCHI Syncore Q-101 platform

Year: 2014

BUCHI Syncore Q-101 platform Model: Büchi Analyst Q-101 Vibration frequency: 0 - 300 min-¹ Heating power: 1500 W Temperature range: Up to 100°C W×D : 480×487 mm Includes: Rack R-12 Polyvap (120ml) One condensing unit and bottle In very good condition Tested equipment

Heraeus Kendro Megafuge 2.0 R refrigerated centrifuge

Year: 2000

Heraeus Kendro Megafuge 2.0 R refrigerated centrifuge Operating temperature 0 ° C + 40 ° C. maximum speed 15000 rpm Height x width x depth: 41x71x58 cm Net weight: 240 lb (109 kg) 230 V. 50/60 Hz. 1100 W. With pendulum bucket rotor No. 8155. Maximum swinging rotor 4000 rpm. Max. capacity: with swivel rotor 4 x 500 ml 2 …

Micro-evaporator, glass oven, BUCHI B-585 Kugelrohr

Year: 2012

Micro-evaporator, glass oven, BUCHI B-585 Kugelrohr For drying, distillation, freeze-drying and sublimation of small quantities. Ideal for fractional distillation of small quantities of solvents up to 300°C. Model: B-585 Kugelrohr Temperature range: +40...+300 °C Max. capacity 10 - 60 ml Rotation speed: 0 - 50 min-¹ W×D×H : 650×300×300 mm Weight: 11.5 kg Includes : cooling unit NEW Glass ventilation …

Erlab CAPTAIR SMART 392 2C1P filtration chemical hood without filters

Year: 2017

Erlab CAPTAIR SMART 392 2C1P filtration chemical hood without filters Air flow: 440 m3/h Air speed on the facade: From 0.4 to 0.6 m/s Voltage/Frequency: 220 V / 50-60 Hz Power consumption: 105 W Number of filtration column and fans (IP44): 2 External dimensions (WxHxD): 1005 x (1340 min/ 1515 max) x 749 mm. Opening type: total On wheeled cart …

STERIL MOD. DISPENSING - Biosafety cabinet used

Year: 2002

DESCRIPTION: Vertical laminar flow and microbiological safety (biohazard) cabin mainly used for cytostatics. The safety cabins are defined as Class II as they are equipped with a partial frontal working opening capable of allowing the extraction of 30% of the air and a recirculation system for the remaining 70%. which is sent to the work area in laminar flow. SECTORS …

STERIL MOD. DISPENSING - Biosafety cabinet used

Year: 2002

DESCRIPTION: Vertical laminar flow and microbiological safety (biohazard) cabin mainly used for cytostatics. The safety cabins are defined as Class II as they are equipped with a partial frontal working opening capable of allowing the extraction of 30% of the air and a recirculation system for the remaining 70%. which is sent to the work area in laminar flow. SECTORS …

If you're in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, you understand the crucial role that a reliable and efficient laboratory setup plays in your operations. The quality and capabilities of your equipment can directly influence your productivity and results. This is where Kitmondo comes in.

At Kitmondo, we specialize in the trade of used industrial machinery, making it easy for you to acquire high-quality, pre-owned medical laboratory equipment. This approach not only provides significant cost savings but also offers an environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing new equipment.

In the Pharmaceutical-Chemical category, we offer a wide variety of used laboratory equipment suitable for medical labs. Here's an overview of the types of machinery we have available:


An essential tool in any medical lab, our range of used microscopes includes standard, electron, and confocal microscopes from respected manufacturers like Olympus, Leica, and Zeiss. You can trust in their quality and precision, despite being pre-owned.


Our selection of centrifuges is extensive, ranging from small benchtop models to high-capacity floor-standing machines. These include machines from industry-leading brands like Beckman Coulter and Thermo Fisher Scientific, ensuring that you always get a reliable, high-performance machine.

Chromatography Systems

We offer various used HPLC, GC, and LC-MS systems, including machines from manufacturers like Agilent and Waters. These chromatography systems provide efficient and accurate methods for separating, identifying, and quantifying components in a mixture.

Mass Spectrometers

From basic single quad machines to high-end Q-TOF and Orbitrap systems, our range of used mass spectrometers caters to all types of labs. Brands like AB Sciex and Thermo Fisher Scientific are well-represented in our catalogue.


Every lab needs a reliable autoclave to ensure sterility. Our range includes tabletop models to large free-standing machines from leading manufacturers such as Getinge and Tuttnauer. You can count on our autoclaves for consistent and dependable performance.

And More

From incubators to freezers, spectrophotometers to bioreactors, you'll find a complete range of used medical laboratory equipment on Kitmondo. Each item we sell is thoroughly inspected for quality and performance, ensuring that it meets the high standards our customers expect. Our team of experts is always available to provide advice, helping you choose the right machine for your specific needs.

Whether you're just starting your operations or you're an established lab looking to enhance your capabilities, you'll find an assortment of high-quality machines within a price range of €2,000 to €16,000. At Kitmondo, we've got your needs covered. Our catalogue offers a diverse range of used medical laboratory equipment, making lab setup or upgrade a cost-effective venture.

Contact us today to discover how we can support your operations with high-quality, pre-owned laboratory equipment. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to greater productivity and innovation in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. At Kitmondo, we're here to make industrial machinery work for you.

Advantages of Used Medical Laboratory Equipment

Investing in used medical laboratory equipment can provide numerous advantages to both startups and well-established laboratories. Here are some of the main benefits:


Used medical laboratory equipment is significantly less expensive than new equipment. This cost reduction allows laboratories to allocate funds to other areas, such as research and development, or to invest in a broader range or higher quality of equipment.


High-quality used equipment, especially from reputable vendors like Kitmondo, undergoes rigorous inspection and refurbishment before sale. This ensures that even though the equipment is pre-owned, it still offers excellent performance and reliability.

Enhanced Productivity

Medical laboratory equipment significantly speeds up the testing process, thereby improving productivity. Many types of equipment can process multiple samples simultaneously, which is essential in high-throughput settings like large hospitals or research institutions.


Many pieces of medical laboratory equipment are automated, reducing manual errors, enhancing consistency, and freeing up personnel to focus on other critical tasks. Automated machines can run tests overnight or over weekends, further boosting productivity.

Advanced Testing Capabilities

Complex equipment such as mass spectrometers, chromatography systems, and next-generation sequencers offer advanced testing capabilities. These tools allow for the analysis of complex biological molecules, gene sequencing, and more, contributing to advancements in fields such as personalized medicine and genomics.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing used equipment over new helps reduce waste and the consumption of resources used in manufacturing new devices, contributing to more sustainable business practices.

Access to Discontinued Models

Sometimes, older models of equipment may be more compatible with existing systems or preferred for specific processes. Buying used equipment often provides access to these discontinued or hard-to-find models.

Quick Availability

When buying new equipment, there can often be a long wait period between order and delivery as the item may need to be manufactured or imported. Used equipment is typically available for immediate delivery, reducing downtime and speeding up workflow.

Main Machine Parameters of Medical Laboratory Equipment

Medical laboratory equipment varies widely in function and design, depending on its intended use. However, several common parameters should be considered when purchasing such equipment:


This refers to the maximum volume or number of samples the equipment can handle at once. For example, a centrifuge may be described in terms of the number of tubes it can accommodate, while an incubator would be described by its interior volume.


This indicates how quickly the equipment can process samples. For a centrifuge, this is usually measured in rotations per minute (RPM); for an automated analyzer, it might be the number of samples processed per hour.


In the context of microscopes or imaging equipment, the resolution refers to the level of detail that can be observed.


This refers to how closely the equipment's measurements align with the actual value. Greater accuracy means smaller measurement error.

Precision or Repeatability

Precision indicates how consistent the results are when the same sample is tested multiple times. High precision is crucial for reproducible research and reliable diagnostic results.


This is the smallest change in the quantity being measured that the equipment can detect. In a mass spectrometer, for instance, this could be the smallest mass difference it can detect.

Temperature Range

For equipment like incubators, freezers, and some types of analyzers, the operational temperature range is a crucial parameter.

Pressure Range

In equipment such as autoclaves, the pressure range is an important factor, indicating the range of pressure values the machine can safely operate under.

Physical Dimensions

The size and weight of the machine are critical factors to consider, especially if space is limited in the laboratory.

Power Requirements

The electrical requirements (voltage, current, frequency) of the equipment must be compatible with the laboratory's power supply.

Maintenance Requirements

This includes the ease of cleaning, part replacement, and any specific maintenance procedures required.

Certifications and Standards

Medical laboratory equipment should meet certain standards (e.g., ISO, CE, FDA) to ensure quality, safety, and reliability.

Understanding these parameters will ensure you select the right equipment for your laboratory needs.

Areas of Use

Medical laboratory equipment is used in a wide range of areas within healthcare and scientific research:

Clinical Laboratories

Present in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, clinical laboratories use medical laboratory equipment to perform tests on patient samples, aiding in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases. Common tests include blood counts, cholesterol levels, liver function tests, and tests for various pathogens.

Pathology Labs

These labs specialize in the study of disease, using microscopes to examine tissue samples, biopsy specimens, and bodily fluids to identify abnormalities or disease markers.

Microbiology Labs

Microbiology labs use medical laboratory equipment to culture and identify bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms, aiding in diagnosing infectious diseases and epidemiological studies.

Biochemistry Labs

Biochemistry labs utilize equipment like spectrophotometers, chromatographs, and mass spectrometers to analyze the chemical and biochemical components of bodily fluids.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In drug development labs, medical laboratory equipment is used for drug testing, quality control, and research and development.

Forensic Laboratories

Forensic laboratories use medical laboratory equipment to examine biological samples, carry out DNA profiling, and produce scientific evidence for legal proceedings.

Public Health Laboratories

These labs monitor and control the spread of infectious diseases and other health threats, conducting tests to track outbreaks and guide public health actions.

Educational Institutions

Universities and colleges use medical lab equipment for both teaching and research purposes.

Veterinary Labs

Veterinary medicine also utilizes medical lab equipment to diagnose and treat illnesses in animals.

Leading Manufacturers of Medical Laboratory Equipment

The medical laboratory equipment industry includes numerous manufacturers known for their high-quality and innovative products. Here are some notable ones, available through Kitmondo:

Thermo Fisher Scientific

A leading manufacturer of analytical instruments, reagents, consumables, software, and services. They provide a wide range of lab equipment, including microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and mass spectrometers.

Beckman Coulter

A division of Danaher Corporation, Beckman Coulter produces a variety of lab instruments focusing on clinical diagnostics, including centrifuges, flow cytometers, and blood analyzers.

Roche Diagnostics

Part of the Roche Group, they offer a broad range of diagnostic solutions, instruments, and tests for laboratories.

Agilent Technologies

Providing a wide variety of laboratory solutions, including mass spectrometers, microarrays, gas and liquid chromatography systems, and lab automation systems.

Siemens Healthineers

Offering clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzers, molecular diagnostics systems, and lab automation systems.

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Known for their research and clinical diagnostic products, they make chromatography systems, imaging systems, PCR machines, and spectrophotometers.

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)

Providing a variety of lab tools and supplies, focusing on sample collection