MABI 3000E Sheet metal machine

Year: 2005

Working width 1140 mm
Working length 1200 mm
Working height 890 mm

Used Rofin Coherent DC045 W Sheet metal machine Low working hours

Year: 2011

The laser source was integrated into a prototype that was not ready for production. It was only switched on for initial commissioning and for test purposes. The laser was specially configured for welding and has an increased temperature feed which makes it insensitive to warmer ambient conditions. The entire equipment is in mint condition. The laser has remote software and …

Matica C410 tablet extruder Low working hours

Year: 2019

Machine practically not used like new In 2021 used 4 times Drum with font height 4mm letters small AND capital , all Polish characters

Titan factory U1 Sheet metal machine Hot deal

Year: 2017

Titan factory profiling machine for reinforcement or pole profiles with software and reel included from 2017 in very good condition model u1 15kw

FORMETK B&K Blankmaker Starter Sheet metal machine

Year: 2013

Rectangular duct line from FORMTEK International. 2 reel unwinders/5TB Max Hydraulic drive. Reel width 1000/1250/1500mm 05 to 1.2mm Mild steel (galvanized) Straightening block Z stiffening Male and female clip notching. Combined shear/folder 380V/3P/50Hz CE/EXW certified PRC factory POWER UP IN PERFECT CONDITION CHANGE OF ACTIVITY

CATTANEO SRF 120.1250 Sheet metal machine

Year: 2003

For sale a CNC cylindrical (roller) feeder for an eccentric / hydraulic press, type: srf 120.1250, manufactured by Cattaneo, Italy, 2003. The feeder is in perfect condition - like new. Maximum thickness of the supplied sheet metal: 8mm, sheet width: 1250mm, total weight approx. 4500kg. The machine is currently dismantled, all on 5 pallets.

Geka Hydrocrop 80 S iron worker

Year: 2022

Tonnage 80 T Punching capacity Ø40 in 14 mm Gap 300 mm Stroke per min. 40 Year 2022 Incl. electrical stop plus various dies and pistons Bought by mistake, never been operated, like new

Aluminium roll forming production lines for spacers for double glazing Hot deal

Year: 1996

One(1) aluminium roll forming production line for the production of spacer bars for double glazing. - Dimension of machines: 18-20m length and 4m width - Dimension of welding unit and cooler: 4m length and 2m width - Min. and max. speed: from 90m/min up to 170m/min - Energy power from 76kwatt up to 120kwatt The line consists of the following …


Year: 2020

The ITALMAC ONIX 3300 3AX aluminum profile machining center, manufactured in 2020 in Italy, is designed for drilling and milling aluminum profiles and profiles made of light steel alloys with a maximum length of 3300 mm, used in e.g. joinery. High precision and quality of machining is achieved thanks to the electro-spindle used in the machine, operating at a speed …

Tormec Segto Spiro Curvecutter Sheet metal machine Low working hours

Year: 2009

Used Tormec Curvecutter Machine for cutting segments to manufacture elbows for HVAC and industrial insulation. Diameter of elbow: 160 – 1000 mm. Angle of elbow: max. 90°. Angle range: max. 5 – 46°. Number of segments in one pass: 5 (depending on diameter). Overmeasure for seam: 1 – 20 mm. Overmeasure for seam: 1 – 20 mm. Extension for muff: …

MILLEMIGLIA DTR70 E Sheet metal machine

Year: 2013

The DTR 70 E is designed for chip-free cutting of straight or bent pipes by using a satellite wheel rotating from the inside to the outside of the pipe. Cutting diameter range Ø30-70mm. Minimum/maximum cutting length 2-90mm. Maximum wall thickness 2mm (stainless steel).

Splitting line JORNS AG R11-SA-1600 X3

Year: 1996

Catalog No. : 7265 Type: R11-SA-1600 X3 Producer: JORNS AG Made in: 1996 Characteristic: Maximum weight of the sheet metal coil: 13000 kg Maximum internal diameter of the sheet metal coil: 508/610 mm Minimum width of the strip in a coil: 100 mm Maximum width of the strip in a coil: 1500 mm Maximum thickness of the sheet metal (Stainless …

U Profile Roll Form Line

Year: 2010

12 inch, up to 3mm pull feature. It produces products in accordance with the dimensions that Afad wants. It is actively used. We have a sale plan for project change.

RAS 21.20 Flanging machine

Year: 2012

Year of manufacture: 2012 Maximum sheet thickness: 1.5 mm Fold height: 6-15 mm Variable speed: 0-9.4 m/min Very good condition The German-designed RAS Systems 21.20 flanging machine turns edges at 90 degrees to radius or straight edges, so that parts are ready to be joined by Pittsburgh or Snappock joints. It excels in round duct and sheet metal forming for …

Staple closing machine for closing inner and outer staples on tubes / Brand RAS Machine

Year: 2018

Staples closing machine for closing internal and external staples on tubes RAS 25.15 Working length 1520 mm Chuck diameter 90 mm Staple width 10 and 13 mm Speed 16 m/min Max. sheet thickness 0.88 mm based on 400 N/mm² strength Chuck and closing rollers for inner and outer staples (10 and 13 mm wide) - Pedal switch for hydraulic clamping …

SAP CO. AS-185 Wire cylindrical machine Low working hours

Year: 1991

Cylindrical machine foe round wire and flat wire. It is ideal for jewlery wire(gold,platinum,silver,bronze,etc) and have an automatic collection device on the back of the machine for the ready wire. It is very stable machine and having double working areas. It worked around 120 hours, so it is like a new one.

Schlick Wheelabrator RB 1000G shot blasting Sheet metal machine


Roller conveyor type G with Titan blastwheels For profiles, plates, rolls, tubes... max entrance width: 1100 mm max entrace height: 550 mm 4 turbines, each 11 kW working speed: 1,4 > 2,4 m/min Total power: 62kW Installed on top of floor, no foundation needed!

BLM AST80 NC Sheet metal machine

Year: 1999

Thrust force 120 kN, for pipes with diameters up to 80 mm. Possibility of mounting 5 push passages + 1 rotary one. Year 1999. Machine visible and working.

FUJI CAR sheet straightening machine, SM-8012

Year: 1976

Sheet straightening machine The maximum thickness of the sheet is 40 mm; The minimum thickness of the sheet is 8 mm; The maximum sheet width is 3200 mm; The number of working rollers is 9; Number of support rollers 2; Number of pressure rollers 2; The engine power is 300 kW Length – 12300 mm; Width – 3200 mm; Height …

Staple forming and shaping machine type Speedyseamer RAS 22.07 Brand RAS Machines

Year: 2018

Staple forming machine SpeedySeamer RAS 22.07 Production of all staples for the ventilation industry Max. profile height 20 mm Speed 16 m/min Processing stations 7 Max. sheet thickness 1.5 mm Based on strength of 400 N/mm². Lifting device for aluminum sheets Reduces pressure and prevents aluminum breakage - Straightening roller for left and right roller set with adjusting wheel - …