Kitmondo, a premier marketplace for used industrial machinery, features an expertly curated selection of cooking tunnels, merging innovation with cost-effectiveness. These machines, sourced from renowned manufacturers like GEA, Clextral, and CFS, offer efficient, high-quality cooking and long-lasting durability. With prices ranging from €15,000 to €150,000, Kitmondo ensures options that suit businesses of all sizes, balancing affordability and quality.

Cooking tunnels are essential in the food processing industry due to their high throughput and consistent results. These machines are perfect for cooking a diverse array of products, including baked goods, meats, and ready-to-eat meals, providing even cooking and optimal energy efficiency.

At Kitmondo, professionals benefit from competitive pricing and the ability to assess key machine parameters, ensuring well-informed purchases tailored to specific needs. Explore Kitmondo’s extensive collection and enhance your food processing operations with reliable and efficient cooking tunnels.

Automatic production line for sweet and savoury snacks Walterwerk Meteor 49X Hot deal

Year: 2015

For Sale: Automatic Snack Production LineWalterwerk Meteor 49X Model: 2015 Usage: 2,713 hours Features: Technology: Contact cooking Components: 49 waffle irons on rails, liquid dosing system Production: Healthy snacks (non-fried) Oven Type: Gas Capacity: 43,200 chips per hour 49-second cooking time 12 doses per cooking plate Specifications: Heating Capacity: 130 kW Electric Connection: 6.0 kW Dimensions: Length: 6.26m Width: 1m …

Formcook Combi 12110 TF Cooking tunnel

Year: 2002

Output 140 kg/h
Belt width 1100 mm

Laitram Cooking tunnel

Year: 2001

Belt width 1075 mm

CO.MA.CO AGW 14 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2016

Tunnel Oven For Production Of Ice Cream And Confectionery Wafers,Brand Name Mod Agw 14,Wafer Sheet Size 540mmx380mm,Baking Cycle 1'40",Production Of About 500 Sheets An Hour Machine That Worked Very Few Hours

GBT J4 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2007

Capacity: depending on product Out of production, still installed Can be seen in running condition without dough Consisting of: GBT/J4 tunnel oven – Stone plate belt – Gas fired – Weishaupt burner – 3 steam lances Baking surface: 3 x 24,5 meters, 73,5m² baking surface Baking time adjustable between 8 and 32 minutes Electrical: 3 x 400 V- 50 Hz

Haas EWB EWB Bakery machine

Year: 1992

Machine for baking wafer tubes for natural gas In good condition

Metalbud Nowicki 1PKE Cooking tunnel

Year: 2008

The Metalbud Nowicki "NOVOTHERM" single-cart oven has been designed to facilitate baking processes, the maximum temperature can reach up to 250°C, while carefully managing the humidity level. Main features: Made of durable stainless steel, ensuring the device is both durable and hygienic. Equipped with effective thermal insulation to keep heat inside, optimizing energy use. The horizontal movement of hot air …

Imaforni Cyclothermic 20x1 Cooking tunnel

Year: 2005

Output 500 kg/h
Belt width 1000 mm

WP tunnel oven Cooking tunnel

Year: 2005

Out of production, still installed Consisting of: Oven loader WP NUN Plus, 3 x 60 meters Baking surface: 180m² Gas fired, 3 burners Wire mesh belt Oven unloader The oven can be customized to various lengths, up to 60 meter. (available in sections of 6 m. each)

Laitram FC2CWF Cooking tunnel

Year: 2012

Steam cooking tunnel Manufacturer: Laitram Model: FC2CWF Year of manufacture: 03/2012 With 2 fans for forced steam circulation Excl. electric control panel

RAMALHOS TURBORAM TB.XL.M.19T8046 Electric baking oven

Year: 2015

Electric baking oven, for trays Cooking area:6.99m2; Power 41.0kw-59.0A; Voltage: 400V; Frequency: 50Hz; Weight: 650Kg

Understanding Ovens and Cooking Tunnels in the Kitmondo Food Processing Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we connect industry professionals with high-quality industrial machinery. Among our extensive selection, the Food Processing Machines category features vital equipment such as Ovens and Cooking Tunnels. Let's dive into what these machines are, their importance, and why Kitmondo is the best marketplace for buying or selling them.

What Are Ovens and Cooking Tunnels?

Ovens and cooking tunnels are essential tools in the food processing industry, designed to cook, bake, or dry food products efficiently and continuously. These machines play a critical role in the production of baked goods, snacks, meats, and ready-made meals.

Industrial ovens are large-scale cooking devices that use different heating methods to bake, roast, or dry food products. They ensure uniform cooking and can handle high volumes. Types of industrial ovens include:

  • Convection Ovens: Circulate hot air with fans for even cooking and browning.
  • Radiant Ovens: Use infrared heating for quick and efficient cooking.
  • Deck Ovens: Have multiple baking chambers, perfect for batch processing.
  • Rotary Ovens: Feature rotating racks for uniform heat distribution.

Cooking Tunnels
Cooking tunnels, or continuous ovens, use a conveyor system to move food products through a heated tunnel. These machines are designed for high-capacity production and continuous operation. Types include:

  • Steam Cooking Tunnels: Use steam to cook food while retaining moisture and flavor.
  • Infrared Cooking Tunnels: Employ infrared radiation for quick and even cooking.
  • Convection Cooking Tunnels: Use hot air circulation to ensure uniform cooking.
  • Combination Tunnels: Utilize multiple heating methods for versatile cooking options.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Ovens and Cooking Tunnels

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be complex, but Kitmondo makes it easier with several advantages for buyers and sellers:

Buying new machinery is a significant financial investment. Kitmondo offers access to used ovens and cooking tunnels at a fraction of the price, providing excellent value. Prices typically range from €10,000 to €150,000, depending on factors such as age, brand, and condition.

Quality Assurance:
Every listing on Kitmondo undergoes rigorous evaluation to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition. This meticulous vetting process guarantees high standards of quality and reliability, even for used machinery.

Market Reach:
Ovens and cooking tunnels are crucial for efficient and high-quality food production. Kitmondo provides a reliable platform for buying or selling these machines, ensuring convenience and value.

Key Benefits of Ovens and Cooking Tunnels

These machines offer numerous benefits, making them indispensable in the food processing industry:

High Throughput:
Designed for continuous operation, ovens and cooking tunnels support high-volume production and efficient resource use.

Uniform Cooking:
Ensure even heat distribution, resulting in uniformly cooked products. This consistency is essential for maintaining product quality and meeting industry standards.

Capable of handling various food products, including baked goods, meats, snacks, and prepared meals, making them valuable assets across different segments of the food industry.

Energy Efficiency:
Modern designs focus on maximizing energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Features like heat recovery systems and improved insulation help lower energy consumption.

Many ovens and cooking tunnels can be tailored to meet specific production requirements, such as size, heating method, and conveyor speed, allowing businesses to optimize their operations.

Advanced automation features reduce the need for manual intervention and increase productivity. Automation also enhances precision and repeatability in the cooking process.

Key Machine Parameters of Ovens and Cooking Tunnels

When evaluating ovens and cooking tunnels, several key parameters ensure they meet specific requirements:

  • Capacity: The volume of food the machine can process per hour, measured in kilograms or pieces.
  • Dimensions: The machine's physical size, important for floor space planning.
  • Heating Method: The type of heating (convection, infrared, steam, or a combination) used, affecting cooking speed, efficiency, and product quality.
  • Temperature Range: The range of temperatures the machine can achieve, essential for different cooking processes.
  • Conveyor Speed: For cooking tunnels, the speed at which the conveyor moves food through the tunnel, affecting cooking time and throughput.
  • Energy Consumption: The amount of energy required to operate the machine, impacting operational costs.
  • Control System: The type of control system (manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic) affects ease of use and precision.
  • Construction Material: The materials used in the machine's construction affect durability, hygiene, and maintenance requirements.

Areas of Use for Ovens and Cooking Tunnels

Given their versatility and capacity for high-quality food processing, ovens and cooking tunnels are used across various areas:

Bakery Industry:
Ideal for baking bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods, ensuring uniform cooking and high throughput.

Snack Production:
Perfect for producing snacks such as chips, crackers, and pretzels, providing consistent quality and efficient production.

Meat Processing:
Used for cooking meats, poultry, and seafood, ensuring thorough cooking while maintaining moisture and flavor.

Prepared Meals:
Essential for producing ready-to-eat meals, allowing continuous cooking of large quantities with consistent quality.

Used for baking and drying confectionery products such as cookies, biscuits, and other sweets.

Pet Food:
Employed in the production of pet food, ensuring uniform cooking and high production volumes.

Food Preservation:
Used in processes such as drying and roasting to preserve food products and extend their shelf life.

Leading Manufacturers of Ovens and Cooking Tunnels

Several renowned manufacturers in the food processing industry are known for their quality and innovation. Here are some prominent manufacturers:

GEA Group:
A leading provider of equipment and solutions for various industries, including food processing. GEA offers a wide range of high-quality ovens and cooking tunnels.

Known for its advanced technology and innovation, Bühler provides efficient and reliable ovens and cooking tunnels for the food industry.

JBT Corporation:
Specializes in food processing machinery, offering a range of ovens and cooking tunnels designed for high efficiency and quality.

Provides advanced food processing solutions, including state-of-the-art ovens and cooking tunnels for various applications.

Baker Perkins:
With a long history in the food processing industry, Baker Perkins offers robust and efficient ovens and cooking tunnels for bakery and snack production.

Heat and Control:
A global leader in food processing and packaging equipment, Heat and Control offers versatile and reliable ovens and cooking tunnels.


Ovens and cooking tunnels are invaluable assets in the food processing industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for a wide range of food products. Whether for baking, cooking, or drying, these machines ensure superior product quality and enhanced productivity. With Kitmondo, acquiring or selling an oven or cooking tunnel is a straightforward and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on producing exceptional food products.