Kitmondo, a leading online marketplace, presents an extensive selection of used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens tailored to diverse needs within the food processing sector. These machines, sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Bongard, Rational, and MIWE, offer exceptional performance and reliability. Priced competitively between €6,000 and €19,000, they represent a cost-effective alternative to new equipment, delivering significant savings for businesses.

Found in bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and industrial food production settings, these machines demonstrate versatility and efficiency. Purchasing a used machine from Kitmondo ensures quick installation, proven reliability, and often includes benefits such as upgrades or refurbishments. Detailed machine specifications provided on the platform empower prospective buyers to make informed decisions, ensuring the equipment aligns precisely with their operational needs.

Whether you're a startup bakery in need of a multi-deck oven, a restaurant seeking a robust stove, or a large-scale producer considering a rotary oven, Kitmondo offers a reliable platform that combines quality and value. Explore Kitmondo's listings today to find the perfect solution for your culinary operations!


Year: 2004

Type Gas
Power 174.4 kW


Year: 2006

Type Gas
Power 162.8 kW


Year: 2000

Tray width 400 mm
Power 390 kW
Type Electric

Zucchelli Top rotor c1 120//80 Rotary oven

Year: 2009

Tray width 120 mm
Power 3.5 kW
Type Fuel

Gashor Tornado Rotary oven

Year: 2009

Tray width 400 mm
Power 9 kW

Bongard 4m2 Rotary oven


Tray width 80 mm
Power 35 kW
Type Gas

GUYON BVT 180 Rotary oven

Year: 2008

Tray width 900 mm
Power 61 kW
Type Electric

Agif forni 60/8 Rotary oven

Year: 2016

Tray width 6080 mm
Type Gas

Used HEIN Universal Rotary oven

Year: 2003

Tray width 190 mm
Type Gas

Bongard Omega2 Rotary oven

Year: ~ 2003

Type Electric
Power 33 kW

Nut Roasting Machine - Stainless Steel - 24kg/h

Year: 2023

It is an electric heated batch oven capable of roasting 6kg/Batch. (Measured in peanut volume) Brand: Pisto Maschinenbau Made in Germany The guided airflow combined with the stirrers shape and speed gives a uniform roasting in all kind of nuts. Its unique way of roasting brings out all the flavor of the nuts and preserves it long after roasting. Thanks …

Hein Shopstone Rotary oven

Year: 2019

Tray width 800 mm
Type Electric

Explore Used Multi-Deck Ovens, Stoves, and Rotary Ovens on Kitmondo

In the complex landscape of industrial machinery acquisition, Kitmondo stands out as a trusted facilitator, particularly for businesses in the food processing sector. Here, we delve into the world of used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens available on Kitmondo, highlighting their pivotal role in culinary enterprises.

Essential Tools for Culinary Excellence

Multi-deck Ovens: Foundational in bakeries and food production facilities, multi-deck ovens enable simultaneous baking across different temperature zones. Each deck operates independently, offering unmatched versatility for varied product lines.

Stoves: Designed for durability and precision, industrial stoves ensure consistent heat distribution essential for large-scale cooking operations. They are indispensable in kitchens demanding reliability under high-volume conditions.

Rotary Ovens: Celebrated for their uniform baking results, rotary ovens feature rotating baking platforms that guarantee even heat distribution. This makes them ideal for baking breads, pastries, and other delicate goods requiring consistent quality.

The Kitmondo Advantage

Choosing Kitmondo for buying or selling used industrial equipment provides distinct advantages. Our platform boasts a robust network that connects sellers with targeted buyers worldwide, ensuring optimal market reach and visibility. Each listed product undergoes meticulous vetting, assuring buyers of quality and authenticity.

Economic Viability

With prices typically ranging from €6,000 to €19,000, purchasing used equipment through Kitmondo represents significant cost savings compared to new purchases. Whether you're expanding operations, upgrading equipment, or launching a new venture, Kitmondo offers cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Key Considerations for Buyers and Sellers

Understanding critical machine parameters such as Capacity/Size, Energy Source, Temperature Range, Control Features, and Safety ensures informed decision-making. Detailed listings on Kitmondo empower buyers to select equipment that aligns precisely with operational requirements while providing sellers with tools to accurately showcase their offerings.

Applications Across Industries

Multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens find applications across diverse sectors:

  • Bakeries and Patisseries: Crucial for bulk production of baked goods.
  • Restaurants and Hotels: Enhancing kitchen efficiency and culinary consistency.
  • Catering and Industrial Food Production: Meeting high-output demands with reliability.
  • Specialized Food Outlets: Supporting specific production needs with tailored solutions.
  • Research and Development: Facilitating product testing and innovation in culinary technology.

Renowned Manufacturers

Kitmondo features equipment from esteemed manufacturers renowned for quality and innovation:

  • Bongard: French manufacturer specializing in baking equipment.
  • Rational: Global leader in advanced cooking systems.
  • MIWE: Provider of reliable and efficient baking solutions.
  • Polin, Revent, and More: Each contributing specialized expertise to the culinary industry.


Kitmondo's collection of used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens offers a gateway to enhanced operational efficiency and profitability in the food processing sector. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to optimize production capabilities or an entrepreneur venturing into culinary arts, Kitmondo provides a seamless platform to realize your goals. Join Kitmondo today and embark on a journey of culinary excellence with our comprehensive range of industrial machinery solutions.