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RMPAK FP Capping machine

Year: 2024

Capacity units/hour 1800 u/h
Max container Ø 200 mm
Type Automatic
Type of caps
Max container height 400 mm

Zalkin CA5 / 360 NG Capping machine

Year: 2004

Capacity units/hour 8700 u/h
Max container Ø 35 mm
Type of caps screw in plastic
Max container height 24.5 mm

Bertolaso delta 609 R Corker for natural corks

Year: 2001

Capacity units/hour 6000 u/h
Type Automatic
Type of caps natural

Adelphi Masterfil Mastercap Capping machine

Year: 2014

Capacity units/hour 3600 u/h
Max container Ø 42 mm
Type Manual
Type of caps 27mm diameter caps
Max container height 110 mm

Automatic line for clipping guns onto Posimat / Tirelli vials

Year: 2022

Capacity units/hour 3900 u/h
Max container height 300 mm
Type of caps
Type Automatic

Semi-automatic crimping machine - QUENARD TSB VP aluminium olive oil cap

Year: 2022

Capacity units/hour 600 u/h
Max container Ø 32 mm
Type of caps alu

Strunck / Zalkin FKR G 12 / CA5 / 360 NG Capping machine

Year: 2004

Capacity units/hour 8400 u/h
Max container Ø 35 mm
Type of caps screwed plastic or aluminium crimped
Type Automatic

Bausch+Ströbel AFV6015 Capping machine

Year: 1998

Capacity units/hour 18000 u/h
Max container Ø 12.75 mm
Type of caps
Max container height 75 mm

Zalkin CA4 PM Capping machine

Year: 1996

Capacity units/hour 7000 u/h
Max container Ø 35.8 mm
Type of caps 0

PS Angelus CB50F canning machine

Year: 2020

Capacity units/hour 3000 u/h
Type of caps 202 CDL

AYRTAC MC-50 TWIST-OFF Capping machine

Year: 2022

Capacity units/hour 4200 u/h
Type Automatic
Type of caps

Mssilly Microcap Capping machine Low working hours

Year: 2021

Capacity units/hour 600 u/h
Max container Ø 90 mm
Type of caps
Max container height 120 mm


Year: 2002

Type of caps

Capping machines are essential industrial equipment used to seal containers, such as bottles, jars, and tubes, ensuring product safety and freshness. Various types of capping machines, including screw cappers, snap cappers, and press-on cappers, cater to specific cap types and applications.

Each capping machine operates on a unique principle. For instance, a screw capper uses a rotating head with spindles to screw caps onto containers, while a snap capper employs a similar mechanism to snap caps on. Some machines apply pressure to secure caps or lids. Regardless of their design, capping machines efficiently seal containers, making them ideal for high-volume production lines.

Capping machines are widely used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household chemicals. They seal water, juice, or soda bottles in the food sector and close pill containers in the pharmaceutical industry. In cosmetics, they cap bottles of shampoo, lotion, or perfume. These machines have become indispensable in many sectors due to their quick and effective sealing capabilities.

When selecting a capping machine, consider the type of machine, production capacity, condition, compatibility with caps or lids, adjustable settings, ease of use, space requirements, and price. These factors ensure the machine meets project needs, operates efficiently, and offers a strong return on investment.

Leading manufacturers like Krones AG, Arol Group, Bosch Packaging Technology, Tecnocap Group, Bertolaso, Zalkin, Marchesini, Comaco, and King dominate the industry, providing reliable and efficient sealing solutions.

Understanding the difference between capping and crimping machines is crucial. Capping machines apply caps to containers using screwing or pressing mechanisms, suitable for various cap types and container materials. Crimping machines, often used in pharmaceuticals and food sectors, crimp metal caps onto small containers like vials and ampoules, ensuring a tamper-evident seal.

Considering logistics is vital when moving a second-hand capping machine. Plan for the machine's size and weight, transportation distance, and suitable equipment. Proper disassembly, packing, labeling, and reassembly at the new location are essential to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Careful planning ensures safe transportation and optimal functionality in its new setting.